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James and the Winter Pineapple Classic 5k

11 Nov

Yesterday James and some friends did the Winter Pineapple Classic at North Bend. It’s basically a 5k race with some obstacles in the way and you have to carry a pineapple around with you.

I think it was something like 4C that morning and everyone was freezing! James was still cold wearing his Under Armour cold gear, a hoodie and a beanie.

This was everyone before the race:

They staggered the start times so the course didn’t get clogged up (which is apparently what happened last year). It didn’t seem like a super competitive event – lots of people walked the course with their friends, and I saw a group of guys who were having fun sabotaging their teammates. One guy was climbing a wall and balanced his pineapple on top – then when he was straddling the wall, his friend jumped up and smacked the pineapple back over so he had to drop down and grab it. His friend ran off laughing because apparently it was the 5th time he’d gotten him that race.

James’ team was a bit nicer. Here is James babysitting a couple of the pineapples while the others climb the wall.

Somewhere in between this wall and the next obstacle there was a beer stop that made everyone feel sick.  

This obstacle was an over-under thing – people had to go over the hay and under the hurdles. I was like “oh OK this one is easy” but people had a surprisingly hard time with it, maybe because they were too big to comfortably fit underneath.

James, Hector and Angie were the fastest in their group and would wait at the obstacles for the rest of the group to catch up. I’m really impressed by Angie’s speed because she’s about my size and can almost run as fast as James! James said that now I have no excuse. =(

But anyway here is James taking the monkey bars here 2 or 3 at a time.

I was basically cutting across the course trying to get to the obstacles first so I could take photos. At one point I stepped in the muddy trail left by a giant tractor and for the rest of the morning my right foot was freezing!

This obstacle involved some shipping container and you could choose to either climb up the crates or climb up the ropes. Most people seemed to be going for the ropes.

James, of course, went over the shipping container. So did the rest of the team – that option seemed to take a little longer but was offset by the fact that you didn’t have to wait in line as long to do it.

Even though it was cold it hadn’t rained for a few days so the ground wasn’t super muddy (except for the muddy patch that I stepped in). They did have this slip’n’slide going down a hill that they were hosing for maximum slipperiness. Since it was one of the last obstacles everyone decided to throw themselves down, resulting in this:


And then they just had to climb up and down this plywood structure. There was an optional smaller one that people could do instead but most people did the big one.

Then they were home free!

And here was the team, victorious afterwards with their pineapples.

Afterwards everyone drank their post-race celebratory beers, ate some food and got cold again. Though James wasn’t running very fast so he never really got warmed up.

He did say that it was fun, and I think he’s quite keen on doing Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder for more of a challenge. A few of the guys are interested in doing it too, so I guess it’s as good an excuse as any for me to start running. Maybe. We’ll see. =P