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Squat, Squat, Squat

6 Jun

Squats are pretty much my main exercise right now. I can’t do any upper body stuff. I can do deadlifts, though I suck at them, but squats are my compound lift of choice.

A couple of weeks ago I got a lovely unintentional compliment from James. After he had his form corrected by Nic (he was hunching over a bit at the bottom), James was watching me squat, and he said “the way you squat is how I always imagined I looked when I squatted”.


I do a high bar squat, which I found out from Squat Guy at the gym (his name is Wei, but he will always be Squat Guy to me – when we finally got around to exchanging names, I found out that he’s always thought of me as Squat Girl).

Some casual research online indicates that you can move more weight with a low bar squat, though the photos of it look extremely uncomfortable to me.

There are some tweaks I want to make – I’m pretty sure that I lose my neutral spine slightly at the bottom of the squat. And when I fail a squat, instead of failing it normally, I come off my heels and actually pitch forward a bit. Actually, come to think of it, when I find the weight challenging I pitch forward a bit for front squats too. This is something I definitely want to fix.

I still hate front squats, though they have been strongly recommended since I eventually want to do cleans. Front squats hurt, and the bar leaves giant red welts where it rests on me. =( I think to an extent it’s inexperience with positioning the bar, since there are times when the bar hurts less (though it’s always uncomfortable). Daniel had a theory that guys have more muscle at the front of their chest to cushion the weight.

  • Front squats – 1x a week (max set: 55kg – any heavier than that and I have trouble keeping my forearms in the correct position)
  • Pistol squats – 2x a week (one doing 3×6 at 10kg, and one trying to increase the weight, currently 3×3 at 12kg)
  • Back squats – 1-2x a week (I got 70kg once with a tiny boost, but stuffed it up the following week. I’ve done 65kg as a 1RM for a couple of sessions now, so I might see if I can push it to 67.6kg without assistance)

I miss doing overhead squats. I was at a 30kg overhead squat when I stopped, and my goal was to get to 40kg. Apparently it’s a good exercise to do if you want to do snatches, but really I just loved overhead squats for themselves.

Before my rotator cuff is fixed, I’d like to get to a 72.5kg back squat, a 20kg pistol squat, and I’d like to be more confident with the bar positioning for front squats. Hooray for goals!

At Least I’ll Always Have Squats

24 Feb


Injuries suck. I was doing my rotator cuff rehab wrong and (I think) that messed up my lower back. I don’t have much range of motion through my back now, and certain movements really hurt it.

Tonight at BJJ there was a near-scare. I was rolling with a big white belt, and not really attacking, letting him take the initiative, but he was putting his weight on me and doing that thing that white belts do where they just grab your wrists and won’t let go. So I escaped, re-guarded and started choking him. He was making that cool sound where you know the choke is on, but then he stacked me to escape and my back was like aaaarrrgh!

Normally I’m flexible enough that stacking isn’t a big deal, but since I can’t move my back properly at the moment it was painful and I ended up yelling out. And then Rob didn’t let me roll with him anymore. I hope the guy doesn’t feel like he injured me – it was my fault for trying to roll like I was at 100%. My neck is feeling pretty stiff now too – the way it does before it seizes up for a couple of days (dear neck jelly, please don’t be injured! I’m supposed to go crabbing this weekend!).

This is bad – this should be my prep time for the Vics, but I’m not spending it grappling like I should be.


In some good news though, I’m finally back up to a 62.5kg x 3 squat. After my final set (50kg x 8), Gregor, one of the gym instructors was like “great squats!”¬†Then I heard him and Tom (enormous gym regular) arguing, and Tom was like “I can squat more than my bodyweight too!” ¬†Gregor sort of gestured at me and was like “yeah, but with that depth?”

So, so pleased.

Yesterday I followed back squats with pistol squats where I jump out of the bottom. Well at the moment it’s a teeny tiny bunny hop, but eventually I’ll be leaping out of it.

I miss doing upper body work, but Tim the physio has promised me that with my new improved shoulder I’ll be able to lift more.


Diet is getting better. This is what I’m having for breakfast and lunch:

Mountain bread with smoked salmon, baby spinach, cucumber, carrot, and greek yoghurt. Omnomnom.

That looks less vegetably than it is – the smoked salmon is actually sitting on a big pile of spinach. Also you can see my oven mitt in the background. Hello oven mitt!