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Post Christmas Wrap-Up

28 Dec

Merry Christmas everyone!

We had a bunch of Christmas orphans over to our place for a pot-luck meal (hot-pot, roast, ham, mashed potatoes, stollen, Tim Tams, cookies, stuffing and other stuff that I’m probably forgetting). No snowboarding, unfortunately – no fresh snow for a few days so we didn’t think it was worth going up.

Present-wise I got a dress from James’ grandma, a silk scarf from James’ parents and a snowboard binding multitool from Cat (with the other half of her Christmas present to arrive in the new year). James got a wallet from his grandmother and some scotch glasses from his parents.

We also did some self-gifting (which, according to several articles I’ve read, is a Christmas trend). I bought a trench so I have a non-bummy coat option:

image from Banana Republic

Also a belt, merino wool scarf and noise-cancelling earbuds (that James steals whenever I run the Roomba or Vitamix).

James decided to go back to skiing because even though he prefers snowboarding it was hurting his knee too much. He got Atomic Savage TIs packaged with some bindings on sale and Lange ski boots:

image from Evo

Man, ski gear costs sooooo much more! But we figured it was worth it so he could still come out with the group and not completely wreck his knee. We got his snowboard stuff pretty cheap last year, so only paid a little bit more than a season’s rental, and it was worth it for the convenience and money saved. Now we have a spare in case a friend needs it and he still has the option to take his snowboard out for powder days.

Hmm what else has been happening? We’ve been going out a lot since everyone seems to be in a social mood. James is enjoying his week off – lots of Playstation, computer games, TV and bumming around. We’ve been eating a lot (mmm Christmas pudding with brandy butter …) and skipping gym so will have to tighten up on that next week. Though it doesn’t seem like the worst thing in the world to have a lazy end to the year. =)

Christmas in Seattle

1 Jan

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been super slack and have only recently gotten around to blogging about our first Christmas in Seattle.

First of all we opened Greg and Harin’s Christmas present. We’d actually thought it was food because neither of the cats would leave it alone but it actually turned out to be a catnip body pillow. Seriously that’s what it was called. Mouse went nuts over it.

James was delighted because he’d been feeling guilty that we hadn’t gotten the cats anything for Christmas. But they have no cause for complaint because they’re getting this in the new year.

Image from Feline Furniture

Look at Mouse. He’s all like “What’s that? A cat gym and a sweet body pillow?”

Cat and I sent presents to each other so that we would each have stuff to open on Christmas. I discovered later that James can actually mail stuff from work at Amazon rates so I would have saved a lot of postage that way. Oh well, next year! I got her some Oakley Necessity Asian Fit sunglasses because I knew she wanted a pair of Asian Fits and Oakleys are heaps more expensive in Australia.

Image from Oakley

Oh and you know how in Australia we use “heaps” interchangeably with “a lot”? As in “there are heaps (a lot) of people”. That is not a thing here.

James kept Cat’s present for me at work so I wouldn’t accidentally find it and, I dunno, rip it open in a frenzy of presentwant. She’d gotten one of Scott’s drawings and had it made in a decal for me to put on my snowboard and helmet! Apparently James and Cat collaborated to match the sticker colour to my pants and helmet strap colour.

These were actually one sticker but James had the idea to cut it in half and put one sticker on each half of my helmet which I think works really well.

I’m so happy with how it turned out! I’ve gone snowboarding once since Christmas and although I fell a few times the stickers remained intact. Boo for falling but yay for sticker integrity. I’m keeping the other set for a future helmet because I think it would be a waste to put them on my board since it’s always covered with snow.

Cat also got me a Rumble Roller that I’ve been coveting for awhile (and which came in very handy post-snowboarding).

Image from Amazon

Also a smaller massage ball for me to roll my feet over. =)

I should add that the way James got me to open the presents was he’d get me to close my eyes while he put the present in my hand (because they weren’t wrapped). After the massage roller he was like “close your eyes – there’s more!” and I was all “ooOOoooh!”

And then he put the little massage ball in my palm and was like “Hm. I probably should have done those in the opposite order.”

Also it turned out that James had sneakily gotten me a Christmas gift even though we had agreed that our snowboards would be our mutual gifts! I think James was worried I would miss Cousin Christmas too much so he wanted there to be more presents. He got me this awesome beanie which is like the perfect slouch beanie.

Image from Eternal Snow

I’ve been looking for a good beanie for ages! So that was pretty awesome. =D

James’ parents got us white and red wine glasses and also some champagne flutes which was handy because we had been gradually breaking our cheap Ikea wine glasses. We arrived in America with 5 wine glasses and were down to 2!

We actually got to use them for Christmas dinner because the day before we invited Mike and Angie to come over for Christmas dinner and this way we didn’t have to serve champagne in water glasses. We had a pretty low-key Christmas dinner – champagne with cheese and biscuits before the meal along with some devilled eggs that Angie had made. For the main we had Virginia ham, dinner rolls, stuffing, roast potatoes and green beans with some mulled wine from Angie as well. Then for dessert we had Christmas pudding with brandy butter and Mike’s eggnog.

Soooo full.

So even though we didn’t get to spend Christmas with our families it was still a really nice holiday. I know that James was worried I would miss our family traditions (which I did) but it was also nice starting to make our own traditions.

Christmas Loot!

27 Dec

This year for Christmas I got …

Two books on breadmaking from Ivanna for my Cousin KK gift.

Cat bought me The Homesick Texan Cookbook, a wooden recipe book holder, and a salt cellar.

My $10 lucky dip gift was a USB fan.

And some Bundaberg Reserve rum from mum and dad that I didn’t take a photo of. James will likely drink some and I may attempt a Christmas pudding with it for next year.

Then on Boxing Day we did Christmas with James’ family. Liz and Andrew bought me a deep exfoliating mask from Dr Sebagh, which I’ve wanted ever since I tried a sample. They found it on my Amazon wish list and bought it for me. =)

James’ grandma got me a pretty necklace.

And James’ uncle Sandy got us each $25 Dymocks gift vouchers. It’s a bit of a tradition now for me and James to go to the Dymocks boxing day sale (20% off storewide) so I can buy a cookbook with the voucher. =) This year I narrowed it down to 3 books and James picked the one he liked the best – we got the Gingerboy cookbook.

It has just occurred to me that I am going to have to clear out some shelf room for my ever-growing collection of cookbooks. But anyway, those were the lovely, lovely presents I got for Christmas this year! =)

Pretty, Dainty Necklaces

23 Nov

I don’t really have an everyday necklace, but I have my eye on a few from Etsy. These ones from locallibrary are adorable. I have some other necklaces from Etsy bookmarked, but hers are by far my favourites.

This one is $36 USD + $3.75 shipping.

image from locallibrary

I also love this necklace from the same seller. $34 USD + $3.75 shipping.

image from locallibrary

I can’t decide which of the two I prefer – I think maybe the second, but if I could get the first necklace in wood (with the darker chain) I think that would win out.

And just for fun, here are some necklaces I’ve already bought from Etsy that I love. This one is from bbel. The concept of a fox stole as a necklace is so cute and quirky.

image from bbel

I wore this necklace from Precious Meshes for my wedding.

image from Precious Meshes

I get heaps of compliments on this necklace from ejanine.

image from eninaj

I think I’d also like something bright and chunky for a splash of colour when I’m wearing black and white. Maybe early next year if the AUD goes over parity again I might buy something to celebrate. =)

Things I Covet

15 Nov

A couple of years ago:

James: Let’s not do Christmas presents this year.
Me: OK.
Me: (suspiciously) Wait. Is this one of those things where we agree not to give presents, but you buy me something anyway, and then I look really bad?
*awkward pause*
James: OK yeah, you should probably get me something.

James has said that I can have the Aeron if I want it. I’ve pretty much decided that I’ll get it if he starts work in December instead of January (thus providing an unexpected cash influx). I spend so much time at my computer that it’s really worth having a comfortable chair.

Otherwise I’m also lusting after this spike duffel from Etsy seller Warsaw. The photo here is of the small size, ($125 USD + $26 shipping) but I think the larger size ($135 USD + $26 shipping) would get more use.

image from Warsaw

I like the shiny aggression of the spikes contrasted with the beaten look of the duffle. It seems simple enough to put together yourself – buy a suitable black bag, then sew(?) on the necessary hardware (or maybe it uses rivets?), but I’m a bit too unco for all that. I don’t have a machine and can’t sew, so I’d probably glue on the spikes and they would fall off at the first opportunity.

I also still want that gorgeous clutch from Ilemi that I posted awhile back, but she hasn’t put up any new bags in awhile.

I must be in a leather mood because I also love these Moleskine leather covers from Beastly Leather on Etsy. $58.50 USD (or $36 for the pocket sized one) + $15 shipping.

image from Beastly Leather

I don’t know how much the individual plates and bowls from Mud Australia cost – $30? I’ve been meaning to check out the new store on Gertrude street in Fitzroy – maybe James and I will jog down sometime this month so I can decide which of the pretty colours I want. James and I have broken one bowl and one plate between us in the past month, and I’m considering gradually replacing my crockery with something luxurious that is still designed for everyday use.

image from Mud Australia

And these Super Hero shoe attachments are just so fun (and maybe they’ll make me run faster). They’re $24 USD + $2.50 shipping from Small Fly on Etsy. I like the silver!

image from Small Fry

I’m crossing some cookbooks off my wishlist – I’m going on a bit of a spending spree since Book Depository have 10% off their already low prices. Time to stock up!

Just purchased from Etsy …

14 Nov

I bought some craft supplies from Etsy in preparation for the gift giving season. I’m going to try and wrap my presents attractively this year, so I got:

Alphabet stamps from kawaiithings.

A lot of the Korean sellers have the same stock, so it’s a matter of hunting around to find who has the lowest combined item and shipping prices. There were slightly cheaper stamp sets, but this is the style that I liked the best, and kawaiithings had the cheapest price ($20.90 USD + $5 shipping).

image from kawaiithings

I’m going to use the stamps on my other Etsy purchase, which was Manila gift tags from Wistful Supplies.

image from Wistful Supplies

Once again there were lots of sellers with the same stock, and Wistful Supplies had the cheapest overall price ($8 USD for 100 + $6.50 shipping). I thought I could also use these tags to label my baked goods. When I made the chocolate, caramel and peanut slice to share at BJJ I had to rush around to find a label and eventually settled for using the back of an envelope.

I can start with just stamping letters on the tags, and maybe I’ll get fancier later. We’ll see!