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My New Sony Vaio Z! Squee!

8 Dec

I am typing this blog entry on my lovely new laptop, the Sony Vaio Z227.

image from Sony

Originally I was going to get a desktop computer for performance and a netbook for portability, but as soon as I realised you could get both in the Z2 I was hooked (or as James phrased it, “you imprinted on it like a duck”).

I wavered, because I could get a good desktop for $1000 and a good netbook for $500, so I was basically paying a lot extra to have everything in one (gorgeous) package. Sony wanted $4000 for this, and I’m sorry, but that’s ridiculous. Luckily I picked mine up for $2800 on eBay – earning 5600 Virgin Velocity points and 4200 Citibank rewards points in the meantime. I know $2800 is still expensive, but at least it’s no longer crazy.

The laptop is pretty much brand spanking new. It’s 2 weeks into its warranty, comes with the original receipt, and basically the owner just changed his mind and sold it for what he paid. He bought it from Hong Kong, which is the cheapest place you can buy the Z2 and still have it covered under Australian warranty. James checked out the laptop and it’s fine, and even if anything goes wrong we can get it fixed locally.

I can’t believe how hard we get ripped by some companies. How can Sony justify selling the same laptop for $1200 more in Australia? Even New Zealand got the Zs for $700 cheaper than we did.

The Important Stuff

  • Intel i7-2640M Processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD storage
  • 13.1″ full HD screen

It’s 33cm x 2.5cm x 21cm and weighs just under 1.2kg. =)

It comes with a docking station that contains a blu-ray disc drive and a Radeon 6650M graphics card. I can plug it in at home when I want some extra graphics power (like when I play Diablo 3 when it comes out, wheee!) but I have the option to just leave it and carry the laptop around. Since the dock is separate I do wish they’d included a graphics card with a bit more oomph – maybe that’s something they’re saving for the next generation.

image from Sony

First Impressions

This thing is tiny. Too tiny? Possibly for most, but not for me (although I did have to increase the text size because the resolution is so high and the screen is so small). I was originally going to get a 10″ netbook, and now I’m really glad I didn’t because it would have been way too tiny for everyday use.

The keyboard is island style and the keys are quite shallow, which takes a bit of getting used to. They feel softer, less “clicky” than I’m used to. At the start I was skipping some keys, but now I’m typing properly. =)

I read some reviews complaining about the size of the touchpad, but it didn’t bother me – it was so responsive and smooth that I didn’t care it was small. What was annoying was that I kept accidentally brushing the touchpad with my hand while I was typing, which caused me to finish typing in the middle of a previous sentence. Since I use a mouse anyway, I just disabled the touchpad.

I say “I”, but it was James who did all the work. The Z had a whole bunch of bloatware installed and we got rid of most of it, which was several hours of backing up, downloading drivers, and looking up advice on the internet. James is such a computer hero! Pretty much the only thing I did was remove the stickers on the laptop, and even James had to help with that. Sony mustn’t want you to remove them because those stickers were stuck tight. Seriously, we had to use tweezers.

It’s also incredibly fast. Everything is instantaneous. I used to put my old laptop to sleep instead of shutting it down at night because it took way too long to boot up. This one boots up much faster than James’ Macbook Pro. Maybe 10 seconds? I haven’t timed it – maybe I should!

Oh, one thing that does seem a bit crap – when the screen is black you can see a band of pink at the top and bottom of the screen. I only see it when the Z is booting up (soooooo fast) but still!

I haven’t played games or anything on it yet, but my old laptop used to get hot just web browsing (sometimes so hot it would be painful to hold my hand there), whereas the Z gets only mildly warm. If I put my hand to the vent on the left I can feel lots of hot air blowing, which is oddly reassuring – I guess it’s like what they say about diarrhea; better out than in!

The biggest con has to be the audio quality. I’m someone who is OK with the crappy earbuds that come packaged with mp3 players, and hadn’t expected much of the Z, but as soon as I heard the sound from the speakers I actually laughed they were that bad. They’re not just bad for a high-end laptop  – they are possibly the worst speakers I have ever heard. The noise-cancelling headphones are supposed to help, but they were the one thing that the seller couldn’t find (though I’m not too fussed cos I have the laptop plugged into some speakers, and also they threw in a free mouse and are trying to locate the earbuds).

That’s all my nitpicks done. =) Overall I’m thrilled to have everything I want in one tiny, powerful, portable machine.

This is a photo that James took of me transferring some files from my old laptop (background) to the new one (foreground) and trying to look clever. Look how huge my hand is compared to the Z.

(Also check out pillow on my lap)

I’m very carefully installing everything onto the Z – it’s like moving into a new house, I want everything to be pristine forever!

Incidentally, I can’t believe I didn’t start using Evernote earlier – before I would have 30 tabs open in Chrome and a whole bunch of bookmarks and random notes everywhere – now everything is streamlined and together in one neat program. Love! It will be even better once I get an iPhone and can sync it across everything.

I’m so excited. I love this laptop so much! =)


4 Mar

Embarrassing confession time! I really love my pillow. It’s a childhood thing that I never really grew out of. If I’m at my computer, reading a book, or watching TV, I’m holding pillow. The people who know about my pillow love: James, Cat, my parents, and my cousins.

I take pillow with me everywhere. I refer to him as pillow. Even James refers to him as pillow. Other pillows are “the pillow” or “your pillow” but pillow is always just pillow. Also pillow is one of those words where if you write it out a lot, it looks wrong.

I had my childhood pillow for an embarrassingly long time – 20+ years, so he was probably more dust mite than pillow. =(

Also to confirm, I do wash my pillow cases. I’m not a grot! It’s just as soon as I put a new pillow case on, I work on making it smell familiar – acceptable scents: my shampoo, my scented moisturiser, my perfume.

James: On How I Met Your Mother Lily had a body pillow.
Kaye: It’s not a body pillow!
James: It is when you’re small.

I remember I left pillow at Shoreham once and was freaking out. Not only cos I didn’t have pillow, but once I got it back it would have lost its pillow smell. I had another pillow at home, but that’s my sleeping pillow, and it’s a Dunlopillo so it smells a bit rubbery.

And James said the most wonderful thing. He was like “why don’t you put a pillow cover on a cushion, and work on getting it to smell right, then when you get pillow back you can put the case straight on”.

Perfect. What a clever, wonderful man!

Of course, I looked even stupider than normal. At least pillow fully fills out the case – a cushion is half the size of a pillow so for a week I was dragging around what looked like a hobo’s sack of crap.

To this day I’m all starry-eyed at how well James knows me to have suggested such a perfect solution. How he stayed calm in the face of disaster. My hero!

But anyway, a few days ago I got trigger point massage for my neck (OMG such a lifesaver. I went to feeling at 40% to about 90%). Matt the massage therapist asked me about my pillow. And I got really excited, like Tobias finding another nevernude, and started babbling about how soft and huggable pillow was, and how I would hug it to watch TV or browse the net, and then it registered and I was like “oh. You meant the pillow I sleep on, don’t you?”

And Matt sounded a bit frightened when he said “yes …”

When I told James he laughed until he cried.