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And Now For Something Completely Different: Snowboarding at Crystal

19 Feb

Sorry, I know there have been a lot of snowboarding posts but that’s pretty much how we’ve been spending our weekends. We have some non-snowboarding stuff coming up in the next few months though, like a trip to New York with Julian (April) and Yosemite with Cat and Scott (May). We’ll finally start to explore the US!

But anyway, on Friday we went to Crystal Mountain with Chuck. Chuck hates crowds and only goes skiing on weekdays. He broke his cardinal rule when Stevens got like 34″ of snow earlier this year but afterwards he was like “never again!!!”

I probably shouldn’t have gone because I hurt my back awhile ago deadlifting (it turns out my glutes aren’t activating so I’ve been overusing my back for a long time), and then it got worse last week at Stevens. I decided to go for it on Friday and definitely paid for it afterwards! Funnily enough falling on steep hills didn’t hurt my back at all – it was stuff like sitting on the chairlift and doing up my bindings that really hurt.

Crystal was super fun though! It hadn’t snowed in awhile so the coverage was patchy (at one point James’ board scraped a rock) but it was a beautiful day. Everywhere we looked there were breathtaking views.

The last time we went to Crystal I thought the greens were harder than the greens at Stevens. It turns out that (some of) the blues were harder too, which actually worked out well because we’ve been doing the Stevens blues for awhile now so were ready for a step up.

Chuck took us to do the Green Valley at the start of the day. They were his warm-up before he went on to do blacks and double blacks. You can see him in the yellow going down the run.

I’ve noticed this in a few snowboarding photos, but the camera visually flattens the terrain. In that photo the hill looks like a gentle green but it was actually really steep. I remember getting off the lift, looking down and thinking “you’re shitting me.” (Is that a phrase in the US? I’m not sure. In Australia it’s a more emphatic way of saying “you’re kidding me.”)

Luckily we’d done a short black at Stevens that was about this steep so I knew that I could turn on it, but damn.

This is me about 3/4 down the hill looking up. Not looking so flat now, is it?

Chuck took James on a slightly steeper run but I decided to keep doing Green Valley to work on my dynamic turns. It’s very exciting to have goals that beyond “don’t fall”. I also need to get more confident straight lining it or I’ll always be the slowest. That’s something James is much better than me at – I get nervous going straight because I don’t like going fast.

Sitting down for lunch was actually when my back really started protesting. Afterwards I couldn’t bend over so James had strap and unstrap my bindings – I must have looked like a real diva. “Now remove the toe strap, peasant.”

That evening I could hardly move and it was even worse on Saturday! It took me several minutes to get in and out of bed and James kept fetching things for me and giving me worried looks. 

I went to the physio yesterday – he said now he thinks I have a bulged disc. He worked on my back, taped me up and gave me some exercises to do (I’m no longer allowed to do the previous exercises he assigned me). I also have to suck in my stomach whenever I move because that puts less strain on the spine. Magic! He laughed when I asked about my chances of snowboarding this weekend. He said he’s not worried about the actual snowboarding (which he is actually somewhat approving of because my core is engaged); it’s the drive up and the sitting on chairlifts that he doesn’t want me to do. Eventually he said 50/50. =D

Yesterday I thought that was super optimistic but today now that I’m all taped up and my back muscles are no longer spasming I feel amazing.

Stevens Pass I am coming for you on Sunday. I am going to slide on your face!

Bodyfat Challenge: Week Three

13 Jul

Oh man.

I fell off the wagon last week and actually gained weight. Cat gave us a bunch of cookies and snacks to take home after we helped them move – I knew it was a bad idea to accept them, because I’ve been snacking on them all week. My three main meals haven’t changed much, but the snacking is killing me. This is why I don’t buy processed snacks to keep at home – I don’t miss them if I don’t have them, but if I do have them then I eat them all at once.

Also I haven’t been given the all-clear by the physio like I expected. I’m OK to do BJJ but apparently I’m still a month away from doing upper-body weight training.

I was too ambitious with my exercise this week – I thought I’d be able to squeeze in a couple of extra BJJ sessions, but I’ve done two so far and been absolutely wrecked for days afterwards. I went on Monday night (got smashed by everyone!) – today is Wednesday and I’m shuffling around, putting on my clothes in tiny, painful movements, and just generally useless.

I’m a bit disappointed at how long it’s taking (not to mention how much my BJJ has slipped). It’s not like I was sedentary for the three months that I took off, but I guess it will take awhile before my body gets used to everything again.

So those are my possible reasons for gaining weight this week. It’s going to be super embarrassing at the end of my bodyfat challenge if I’m the only one who has actually gotten fatter!

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Bodyfat Challenge!

Roid Kaye

28 Apr

I went and saw the physio again today, and he said that I haven’t improved as much as he would like. I’ve been stagnant for awhile now, and he said if there’s no improvement by Monday I’m going to have to get a corticosteroid injection. The steroids will reduce the inflammation in my shoulder, which will reduce how much it hurts, and I’ll be able to do more rehab exercises. Tim said that I will have to be careful to not injure my shoulder further, so I have a feeling that even if he lets me go back to BJJ I’ll be stuck doing drills.

But at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Which is good because I’m getting so sick of squats. After a 2 week break from squats (Tim’s orders) I’m back down to 60kg, though I’m gradually making my way back up. There is a 9 year old girl who weighs 40kg and squats 85kg. That is insanely depressing.

So yeah, fingers crossed for the steroid injection!

Things That Have Been Keeping Me Sane: (this week)

  • eBay
  • Game of Thrones
  • researching our future trip to Peru (looking at 2013 or 2014)
  • playing with the balcony garden
  • Castle
  • peanut brittle


13 Apr

It used to be that when I saw a guy and a girl jogging side by side I’d think “aww that’s nice, they’re exercising together”. And one day I commented on a jogging couple to James and he was like “when you see a guy and a girl running together you know the guy is slacking off”.

Now I can’t look at jogging couples without thinking that the guy is being slack. Stupid James, now it’s ruined.

But anyway, I’ve started running a bit these past few days – though sometimes I have to stop early because my arm starts aching. I hate running. But it’s one of the few exercises I’m allowed to do for the next 3 weeks. No BJJ, no deadlifts, no squats (Tim doesn’t want my arms supporting the weight on my back), no upper body, no nothing. My shoulder improved with rest, so no magical steroid injection, but for the next month I’m sitting around not doing anything. I tried filling the fitness void by baking, but that was just a double whammy – not exercising and eating terribly.

I’m trying to avoid shopping too much, since we have some big purchases in the near future ($1200 for my Aeron, and $2000 for a Miele dishwasher since our crappy Whirlpool is on its last legs).

I regret not buying a Miele right off the bat. The Whirlpool was $700 (or $900?) and we also spent about $500 fixing it a year ago. That’s $1200, not to mention the fact that we’re going to have to buy a Miele anyway. Buying cheap things is false economy. Unless it’s stuff you only use a couple of times, like evening dresses.

That’s how I’m trying to see training – doing upper body stuff and BJJ now would be like false training. I’m making the rotator cuff tear worse, and not fixing the underlying problem, which will just crop up again anyway. But if I take a couple of months, I can hopefully repair fully and rebuild my strength, and be better than I was before.

It just really sucks. One guy at the gym last night did like 100 “sit-ups” with the freaking ab-sizer. I was filled with irrational annoyance at the thought that he probably had a fully functional rotator cuff.

So yeah, I’m doing my rehab exercises and just trying to think of this as a rest week month.

Rotator Cuff Stuff

1 Apr

Well the ultrasound results came in, and it turns out I have a “small focal partial thickness tear in the supraspinatus tendon”. Booooo.

I emailed the results to Tim, and he said:

Well there could’ve been better news, but then again, luckily the news could’ve been much much worse.

So from here:

Quick Pros: 1. You will recover 100% 2. no invasive treatment required (surgery etc) 3. We’ve already began treatment/exercises for it as I suspected this was the injury initially
Quick Cons: 1. You will need to tone down/stop most upper body work 2. BJJ break for a while 3. Possible but unlikely need for cortisone injection

Boooo! I’ll learn more when I see him next.

The shoulder got better for a few weeks, then plateaued, and now it’s been getting noticeably worse.

I trained hard on it in the afternoon (before I got the news), but in the evening just stuck to drills with Meagan, the other cripple. I don’t want to take a break from BJJ! I’m just starting to hit my stride again. When I see Tim next week I will try to negotiate – maybe I’ll try and trade bench for BJJ. I guess I’ll stay off it until then, just in case. Oh, except for tonight – I’m going to roll with a few girls from other clubs, and it’s so infrequent that I want to make the most of it.


17 Mar

Yesterday at Big W I bought a giant tennis ball. I can use it for my shoulder rehab since the 1kg medicine ball at the gym is too heavy.

The ball didn’t have a bar code so I had to sit down and wait for someone to come by with the right code. The cashier served other people, and I just sort of sat there and absent-mindedly tossed the ball around.

Old Guy: (to the male cashier) Is she playing with your ball?
Cashier: I wish!
*really, really awkward silence*
Casher: I mean, I wish I had a ball like that. I should go buy one for myself after work.

OMG … Still Injured!

7 Mar

This sucks so hard. My back has been pretty stiff for a few weeks now, and I must have injured it again on the weekend because I was in agony today. =( I don’t know what I could have done to cause it – I had gym on Friday (nailed my 62.5kg x 5 squat, and my 65kg x 5 deadlifts!), did an aerobics class late Saturday, and light gym on Sunday. I woke up at like 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep until 8am.

The muscles in my back keep spasming – it’s not painful or anything, but every so often I can feel my back kind of … flutter. Creepy.

I went to Mind Over Muscle for a massage. Matt wasn’t in today, but once Tim heard how desperate I was he offered to do the massage himself. During the massage he kept marveling at how stiff my back was. “Like a brick!” he said. =(

He wants me to rest it for at least a couple of days. But I keep reinjuring it, and he’s not sure about what’s causing this sudden onset of back crapness. It’s only a couple of weeks until the comp, and I am so frustrated at this run of injuries. I’m tossing up the idea of letting myself heal fully and then just focusing on the Pan Pacs. I mean, I love getting the opportunity to fight people my size, but I hate the idea of competing when I’m not ready (and continuing to injure myself to try and get ready), even though it’s just a silly white belt fight.

And since I’m injured and computer-bound, I’ve had a lot of time to browse the net. I love this leather jacket by Rick Owens but probably wouldn’t wear it enough to justify the fairly hefty price tag.

image from Net-A-Porter

image from Net-A-Porter

(oh dear God, those leggings.)

James: Do you want the jacket instead of the chair for your birthday?
Me: Nah, I’ll get more use out of the chair. Maybe for another present one day in the future.
James: Christmas?

Jamesy is so sweet. =D But no, I thought maybe I could save it up for an important birthday. Or maybe if we ever move to a cold climate.

Being injured is so shit. It makes me depressed, and when I’m sad I start shopping. I remember when Ben told me that I couldn’t do any lower body exercises for a few weeks I started crying a little (not like … sobbing, but I started tearing up). And I don’t think Tim could tell on the phone, but when I called a week ago to book a massage (this was after I got stacked in BJJ) I was also crying a little bit.

So much of my self-identity is wrapped up in being fit and strong and healthy, in being able to make my body do what I want it to (except cleans. Stupid technical lift) that when I’m injured I lapse into a bit of a funk. I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow – I managed to wheedle Tim into letting me go to the gym as long as I don’t do any lifts that target the lower back – but in the meantime … (imagine me looking at the computer screen and sighing pathetically).