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Another Lunch At Cat’s

7 Sep

Last Saturday, before James and I headed out for dinner with our friends, we popped by Cat’s place for a barbecue lunch. Cat wanted to show the our cousins her new place, though we were missing Klene and Ray (who are in Sydney) and Haruka (who is holidaying in Japan).

The weather was nice and sunny (though a little windy) and everyone loved the backyard, especially the chickens.¬†Henry said he was glad Haruka wasn’t there because she would have been super jealous.

As always, the food was great. From memory there were a mixture of marinated chicken ribs (tandoori, honey soy, and barbecue), lamb skewers, grilled vegetables, grilled corn (Cat had thoughtfully provided some un-buttered corn for me!), a herb pull-apart bread, two kinds of potato salad, and green salad.

This was my plate – look at all the pretty colours.

Scott was a bit worried at barbecuing because apparently his previous attempts have ended in meat sticking to the grill, but he did a great job with the meat. Apparently they got their (nearly unused) barbecue and a full gas bottle for $60.

Cat was also kind enough to let James sample her Laphroaig scotch whisky (I’m vaguely remembering quarter cask?) and James is keen to add it to his scotch wars lineup.

Congratulations Cat!

23 Mar

My little sister just bought her forever house. =)

She and Scott fell in love with it as soon as they saw it, but there was another couple interested in it too. Cat couldn’t pay much more than the asking price, and she was hardcore stressing out about it. Then inexplicably the other couple backed out, and the house was Cat’s!

It’s in Pascoe Vale, right near the station, and it has everything she wanted – a big backyard, 3 bedrooms, a deck (in fact it has 2 decks!), and a good kitchen. She wants to renovate the bathroom eventually (it’s a shower over a spa, so not the greatest) but it’s useable as-is.

Two fridges! Two ovens! Clearly somebody in this house liked to cook.

Cat said she doesn’t think the house needs to be painted, which is good.

This is the backyard. She wants a herb garden in that tanbark area against the house, some vegie beds to grow tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini, and a chook enclosure (probably where that cubby house is right now).

Personally I would consider putting some vegie beds in the middle of the lawn to cut down on mowing, but maybe Cat wants to keep it intact for her future kids to play on.

She will rent out 2 of the bedrooms to her friends to help pay the mortgage, but once they are more comfortable financially the plan is to live there just the two of them.

I’m looking forward to naming my chicken! I was keen on Lady Cluck, but I think Scott was going to give his chicken a similar name. I have 4 months to decide (it’s a long settlement period because the owners need time to buy another house).

But anyway, yay Cat! =)