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Things Are Looking Up!

25 Sep

Sorry for deserting the blog again! This time I had a much cheerier excuse – one of my high school friends came to visit for five days so we pretty much spent the whole week exploring San Francisco (plus Google, Muir Woods and Napa).

Do I love San Francisco as much as Seattle? Not yet, but now I’m much more optimistic than I was a week ago. My favourite parts are Russian Hill, Telegraph Hill and the Mission Dolores area. This is a photo that James took from Dolores Park a couple of weekends ago.

It looks like there was some sort of festival on, but nope. As far as I can tell this is just how busy it gets on a sunny weekend.

We’ve actually made an offer on a condo like … a minute’s walk from the park. It’s such a beautiful place and we both loved it as soon as we saw it, but I’m 99% sure we won’t win. We bid right up to our max (>10% over list price) but our broker told us that other people will be bidding based on the potential to expand into the attic.

Oh, and there’s a super weird thing that buyers do here, where they write “love letters” (seriously that’s what they’re called) to the seller. So our broker got me to write one telling the seller about us and why we loved the house. I wonder if that’s something that will catch on in Australia?

Offers are due today at 5pm so I’ll have news about that soon. Though like I said earlier it’s unlikely to be good news.

Another possibility that James and I are considering is, instead of stretching to buy a home we love, maybe just buying a condo in Mountain View because it makes sense financially. I’ve been playing around with the NYT Buy or Rent Calculator and it looks like if we buy a crappy 2BR condo for ~550k we’d only be ahead renting if we could find a place for under 1k (HA!). We would never love it like we loved our North Melbourne apartment, the condo we’re bidding on now, or even Rollin Street … but it does seem to be the most financially prudent move.

I did a couple of hill sprints in Mission Dolores the other day (/sigh … there’s a hill right outside the home we’re bidding on that would be perfect for hill sprints). I also need to stop being lazy and start eating vegetables again. Maybe I’ll buy a bag of frozen kale that I can mix into my smoothies (I miss my Vitamix!).

James is still enjoying work at Google. He was told that he’s been exceeding expectations, so that’s pretty awesome. =)

Oh also, we’re going to Vegas in October! =D