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New York, New York: Day 6

13 May

Sorry I haven’t been posting in awhile! Julian came to visit us in Seattle and then a week later it was Cat and Scott’s turn! But anyway, this was our last (half) day in New York. We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is just crazy enormous. You could spend a week in there! We quickly realised that the 2-3 hours we’d allocated wouldn’t be enough to see everything so we split up and looked at the stuff we were interested in (it still wasn’t enough time!)

The highlights for me were the Egyptian, Asian and Middle Eastern art exhibits. They also had a bunch of modern art on display. James’ favourite was an exhibit on weapons throughout the ages. When we go back I want to visit the Met again so I can see the things I missed out on. The museum had this massive section with a lot of historically accurate rooms. I saw the Frank Lloyd Wright one and a bunch of French period rooms but had to breeze by most of them. =(

Afterwards we went to Shake Shack.

I can’t remember how much they were but they were pretty much fast food-ish prices. They were really great burgers – not too greasy or overloaded. I got the ice cream (I think they called it concrete?) in a rhubarb and strawberry flavour and it was great as well. Overall they were great, cheap burgers and I can definitely see why the chain is so popular!

We took the subway back to our apartments because Julian needed to pack for his flight. James and I had already packed so we headed to Momofuku Milk Bar.

We bought an assortment of cookies in a cute pack as a thank you gift to a friend who was keeping an eye on the cats for us. We also got some compost cookies and a slice of crack pie (delicious! It was basically caramelized butter) to snack on during our flight.

And that was pretty much our last day in New York. As sad as we were to leave I think we were all pretty exhausted! The constant walking around had caused my bulged disc to play up and by the end I was hobbling around and holding my back like an old lady.

So anyway that was our first trip to New York. It definitely lived up to expectations and I can’t wait to go back – there’s so much to do (and eat!). James and I daydreamed about possibly moving there in the future but to maintain the same standard of living you need to earn twice as much. Eep! We decided it was much better value to spend a couple of thousand dollars visiting every so often. =)