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4 Mar

Embarrassing confession time! I really love my pillow. It’s a childhood thing that I never really grew out of. If I’m at my computer, reading a book, or watching TV, I’m holding pillow. The people who know about my pillow love: James, Cat, my parents, and my cousins.

I take pillow with me everywhere. I refer to him as pillow. Even James refers to him as pillow. Other pillows are “the pillow” or “your pillow” but pillow is always just pillow. Also pillow is one of those words where if you write it out a lot, it looks wrong.

I had my childhood pillow for an embarrassingly long time – 20+ years, so he was probably more dust mite than pillow. =(

Also to confirm, I do wash my pillow cases. I’m not a grot! It’s just as soon as I put a new pillow case on, I work on making it smell familiar – acceptable scents: my shampoo, my scented moisturiser, my perfume.

James: On How I Met Your Mother Lily had a body pillow.
Kaye: It’s not a body pillow!
James: It is when you’re small.

I remember I left pillow at Shoreham once and was freaking out. Not only cos I didn’t have pillow, but once I got it back it would have lost its pillow smell. I had another pillow at home, but that’s my sleeping pillow, and it’s a Dunlopillo so it smells a bit rubbery.

And James said the most wonderful thing. He was like “why don’t you put a pillow cover on a cushion, and work on getting it to smell right, then when you get pillow back you can put the case straight on”.

Perfect. What a clever, wonderful man!

Of course, I looked even stupider than normal. At least pillow fully fills out the case – a cushion is half the size of a pillow so for a week I was dragging around what looked like a hobo’s sack of crap.

To this day I’m all starry-eyed at how well James knows me to have suggested such a perfect solution. How he stayed calm in the face of disaster. My hero!

But anyway, a few days ago I got trigger point massage for my neck (OMG such a lifesaver. I went to feeling at 40% to about 90%). Matt the massage therapist asked me about my pillow. And I got really excited, like Tobias finding another nevernude, and started babbling about how soft and huggable pillow was, and how I would hug it to watch TV or browse the net, and then it registered and I was like “oh. You meant the pillow I sleep on, don’t you?”

And Matt sounded a bit frightened when he said “yes …”

When I told James he laughed until he cried.

Penguins (Again)

14 Jan

James has this neat little trick where he can talk quite lucidly in his sleep and doesn’t remember it the next morning.

One time he’d been asleep for awhile, and then he sat bolt upright in bed and said “Oh yeah???” in this really loud, confrontational tone. I was quite curious about that one, but he didn’t remember it ever happening, let alone the thing that triggered it.

Impressively, he can also do multiplication in his sleep – I remember one time I was asking him to do maths problems (easy questions, cos they had to be ones that I knew the answer to), and he was getting them all right – and sometimes faster than me, the awake one.

Anyway, one time I was a asthmatic and wheezing a little. Having recently seen Toy Story 2, I was talking about the penguin in it, Wheezy.

Me: *wheezes* See? I can’t really breathe properly.
James: *mumbles sleepily*
Me: *wheezes again* I’m like that penguin in Toy Story.
James: *suddenly awake* Are you OK??
Me: Huh?
James: (already falling asleep again) It was a dream.
Me: What did you dream?
James: (sleepily) I dreamed you were covered in penguins.

Another Snippet of James

3 Jan

James and I were walking to Kieren’s place this afternoon, and this hot Asian chick with super long legs and tiny short shorts was across the road.

James: *looks at the other side of the street*
Me: (thinks) Fair enough, she’s pretty cute.
James: *keeps looking*
Me: (thinks) OK that’s longer than necessary. I’m right here.
James: (with delight) There’s a new computer store across the street!

Sometimes It’s Not Worth Having Cats

29 Dec

This is what I woke up to yesterday morning.

LOL James just looked at my screen and shrieked.

But anyway, it was a little worse than the picture depicts. I woke up to the feeling of something pushing against my face. Something … buttish.


Mouse was under the sheets and for some reason decided to walk backwards to get out. So he kept reversing until he hit something (my face) which didn’t move (because I was asleep). So that made him panic. And he started walking backwards even harder. Basically I woke up to Mouse repeatedly slamming his butt into my face.

It was the worst morning ever, and not helped by the fact that James seemed a lot more delighted at my misfortune than a loving husband should be.

James and the Venus Fly Trap

14 Dec

I bought a baby venus fly trap thingy earlier this year when Cat and I went to Bunnings. It was on the balcony while I was potting some other stuff I bought, and a GIANT fly landed next to it. The fly was probably the size of the VFT’s head. Anyway, James looked on with anticipation but nothing happened and the fly flew off, so James nudged it with a trowel and told it that it had to do better.

He repotted it with some better soil, and was like “this is enough for you to survive, but if you want to lead a good life you’re going to have to catch some flies.”

Also the VFT died like, a week later. As far as I know, it never caught a single fly.

Fishing Adventures, Continued

8 Dec

There was perfect weather again the next day at Shoreham. We were pretty lucky, because that weekend of perfect weather was bookended by cloudy, humid, wet days. As I mentioned in my previous post, the tide was too low for squid fishing so we went to Flinders the next day to hunt squid. Tide was too low for squid fishing so we went out again the next day. Though in all honesty there was more mucking around than there was actual fishing.

Here is James jumping off the pier into the water.

It looked fun, but he was cold for the rest of the day.

Also this little guy showed up. He was pretty tame, swimming around the scuba divers, and sunbathing on the steps.

Cat told me that there was a guy at the end of the pier who had caught a squid, so we all went down to peer at his bucket. While we were there we took silly photos.

I look quite pleased/surprised in the second photo because I used to not be able to piggy back him. So I was a bit worried when James hopped on, but it was actually really easy.

The original plan for lunch was to go to Red Hill Kitchen, but they changed their opening hours and are no longer open on Sunday. I’ll have to try and catch them next time we go down. Instead we went to the Red Hill Bakery where I had a beef and burgandy pie with salad and chips, and a raspberry and white chocolate strudel for dessert.

The chips were delicious salty and the pie was beefy, though I did covet Cat’s duck pie. The salad was a little perfunctory, but that’s pretty much always the case when you order a meal where it isn’t the main event.

So even though we didn’t catch any squid, it was a really great, lazy day.

Adventures in Shoreham

5 Dec

James and I went to his parents’ beach house last weekend and dragged Cat and Scott along with us. It had been raining all week so we were a bit worried, but it ended up being perfect beach house weather.

On Saturday morning we went to the Red Hill market, which was incredibly packed. There was a truly impressive array of local produce (none of which I got good photos of, sorry!), and heaps of baked goods. There were so many gorgeous-looking items that I got overwhelmed and ended up buying nothing! Actually that’s not true, I bought some yo-yos and they were awesome. But I wish I had bought more! Scott bought some sticky date puddings and butterscotch sauce, and Cat got some fancy cider. I played at the petting zoo.

Then in the afternoon went to a beach in (I think) Flinders to catch bait for squid fishing. There was a net (with a hole in it) that we basically used to chased fish around. I caught a fish that we named Charlie. We got to talking about how fishermen make their catch look big by holding it way in front of them.

Look at my giant fish!

Err, medium sized fish?

Oh alright, busted.

Duncan said the tide was too low for squid fishing, so we packed it in for that day. For dinner we had turkey, ham, green beans and salad, followed by chocolate cake. The cake tin was slightly smaller than the one I normally use, which resulted in this:

See the tray underneath? That’s cos I knew that would happen. See how I didn’t move the cake to a bigger tin? That’s cos I was hoping that it might not happen.

It worked out okay in the end – I used a bread knife to level it off and we all snacked on discarded cake bits.