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4 Jun

Ugh, jetlag has really hit me hard this time round. I’ve spent all week getting up at totally random times and feeling totally useless. I haven’t sorted through my photos and videos yet (but I will!)

So in the meantime here is some stuff I bought recently that I love.

Lululemon All Tied Up Tank
c1b6db0eaea3f708c9bab4a0690d6c7dIt sold out on the same day so I’m really glad I impulse bought this while I was in Australia, even though I had to wait almost a month to get back and pick it up! I kind of regret not getting it in the grey as well.

I also bought that sports bra because it looks so cute with the top. =D

Gorman Basic Leather Tote

James hardly ever has opinions on things but he hates this bag – “it’s gaudy”. Unfortunately for him that’s the reason I love it.
Gap Panama Hat
cn11024080I wore this hat almost every day Indonesia and it was perfect – kept the sun off my neck/face/shoulders and went with pretty much everything. Plus I crushed it in my bag a couple of times and it sprung back into shape.

Manolo Blahnik Peach Heels
s-l1600I’m slowly easing myself into them in anticipation of the next time I need to wear heels (probably the next Christmas party!) Even my guy friends admit these are super cute and they never notice shoes.

Dell Chromebook
Chromebook 13 NotebookThis was a birthday present to replace my old laptop. The keyboard is a dream, it has an incredibly long battery life, and I’m surprised at how much I can do just using web apps (though I would really like something that could properly edit GoPro videos).

I have also gotten mildly obsessed with frangipani since the hotel we stayed at in Bali on our last day had them all over the place and they smelled heavenly. The best candidate seems to be Ormonde Jayne’s Frangipani but I hesitate to buy a full bottle based solely on reviews.

I’m now sleeping 2-11am so I reckon by Monday I’ll be functional again. I’ll aim to get my blog post up by next week because next Saturday Nixi is coming to visit! Yaaay! =)

A Shopping Trip to Portland, Oregon

4 Nov

Last Saturday James and I went on a day trip to Portland for $28.

Return. For the two of us. How crazy is that?

It was super cheap because I booked early and scored one of the promotional $1 tickets each way. Instead of renting a Zipcar, driving for 3 hours to Portland, finding and then paying for parking, and driving back to Seattle, we got to nap and watch movies on the Bolt Bus.

Here is the Bolt Bus that we took from Seattle. I don’t know why the back half of the bus looks like it’s in some sort of alternate reality.

Bolt Bus, I love you!

Almost as much as I love Portland, tax-free shopping mecca. The trip happily coincided with the release of the iPad 4, so that was number one on our list of stores to hit. We more than saved the cost of our bus tickets on just the iPad. Check how busy the Portland Apple store was.

Which is actually an illusion. Because a lot of the people inside (all the ones in blue) were actually Apple staff.

James asked to buy an iPad but the sales person thought he was after the iPad Mini and told him they were sold out. James was so disappointed, but then he saw someone buy the one he wanted and realised they had lots in stock. So he figured he would be more specific this time.

James: I want to buy one of the large iPads please
Apple Lady: We don’t have large iPads

Poor James is not down with the hip Apple lingo.

After Apple we went to Nordstrom Rack where James got a pair of jeans, two pairs of shoes and a couple of long-sleeve tops. The big splurge here were the Magnanni shoes ($199.95). He tried them on and were like “these are really comfortable” but thought they were too expensive. Then all the other shoes he tried on were uncomfortable in comparison so I forced him to get them. Or maybe he played me, I’m not sure.

After Nordstrom we went and got some lunch. Portland has these little food truck villages, where a block will just be full of food trucks. They are awesome. I am so jealous, I wish Seattle had something similar.

We ate at La Jarochita, which was quite clearly one of the more popular food trucks at the 5th and Stark location. I felt quite sorry for the Mr Taco truck next to it. Not enough to eat there, but you know how it is.

We ordered a fajita ($4.99) which was enormous and so filling! James said they were better than the Seattle ones.

(LOL!! James just walked by, saw that photo on my screen and went “OMG now I want a burrito”)

We also got the huarache ($5.50) which took longer because they freshly grilled the tortilla.

It was a little tricky to eat and we both strongly preferred the fajita. But it was still good, especially when I put a bit of sriracha on it!

After our fortifying break we made a quick touristy stop at Powell’s Books. You can see James patiently waiting for me while I ran to the other side of the street to take the photo.

It was massive! But also super crowded and overheated. We wandered through marvelling at the scale of it and James stopped off for a quick coffee.

It was so terrible he didn’t finish it. =(

Then we went to Lululemon (which I had been looking forward to all day!). I had a long list of stuff I wanted but didn’t end up getting the reversible raspberry glo light/black swan wunder unders because the pink showed through the black swan side, which gave it a pseudo-sheer look. Checking the Lululemon website reviews I found that I wasn’t the only one who thought that was a bit crap.

I did get the cool racerback in raspberry glo light (I love the colour!), a brisk run headband to keep my ears warm, some marked-down discover crops (my absolute favourite gym crops because the pockets hold my phone), and a black swiftly long sleeve. James tried on the guy version of the swiftly but was sad that they didn’t have thumbholes like the girl version.

After Lululemon we headed to REI to pick up some stuff that we’d ordered online and had sent to the Portland store in anticipation of our trip. It was a pretty long walk and we amused ourselves by finding the streets that he characters from The Simpsons were named after:

At REI I got a Smith snowboarding helmet and we each got a pair of non-cotton socks for snowboarding. James bought one of those face masks for snowboarding as well.

Then it was time for more food! Several of James’ coworkers had told him to go to Voodoo Doughnuts, plus we remembered seeing it on Man vs Food so it was a no-brainer. This was the line outside:

You can’t really tell from the photo but those bricks were all sparkly, which was a nice touch. The guy in the green top and the beanie told us that this was a comparatively short line for Voodoo Doughnuts. Eep! We finally got to go indoors. Hooray!


At least the line gave us plenty of time to look at the menu and decide on what we wanted. And in the end we emerged with one of these:

Inside we had a voodoo doll ($1.95) and a miami vice berry ($1.60)

and from the top going clockwise, a raspberry romeo ($1.60), mexican hot chocolate ($1.15), bacon maple bar ($3) and an old dirty bastard ($1.95)

The voodoo guy was fun but I think the bacon maple was my favourite and James liked the miami vice berry. There’s a doughnut called the cock-n-balls which is shaped like how you would imagine (plus it’s cream-filled) but it was $5.25 and we didn’t want to pay that much for a gimmick when neither of us even likes cream.

The girl behind the counter said that the top 3 sellers are the voodoo man, the old dirty bastard and the bacon maple. She said that the Portland cream is also a big seller, but blergh, cream.

And then it was time to walk to the Bolt Bus and say goodbye to Portland. We took a slight detour to walk along the waterfront which was really nice at night. Overall we both really loved Portland and thought that the food was fantastic. Portland seems a bit quirkier than Seattle (which is nicer than the way James put it, which was “Portland has more weirdos”). There were fewer skyscrapers and it also seemed like everything wasn’t as spread out.

I thought the timing of everything worked out well (mainly because of the unexpected long line at Voodoo). I was worried that James would hate a long bus ride, followed by 6-7 hours of shopping, and then another long bus ride, but he was really pleased with his purchases and even on the bus he was quite content poking around on his (old) iPad.

This morning I tried to take a photo of our loot.

You bastard cats!

So anyway, that was our brief foray into Oregon. Based on the success of the trip, James now wants to take the Bolt Bus to Vancouver. =) I think we’d probably make that one a weekend or long weekend trip but it’s definitely on our radar. And I wouldn’t mind heading back to Portland to do some more touristy stuff and eat some more of their food.

I’m Kind of a Big Deal on the Internet

3 Oct

OK not really. But I had a happy, bizarre moment today where I was actually recognised from the blog! I follow a Seattle real estate blog called Urbnlivn and they advertised for a focus group about apartment living.

And I was all like … why I’m interested in apartment living! And I love surveys. I loooooove surveys.

Plus it didn’t hurt that it was a Tom Douglas (remember, he’s the Seattle Bill Granger) catered event and they gave everyone a $50 visa card for participating.

Why like eating food and buying things!

So I filled out their qualifying survey, shot them an email in case they needed an email RSVP, and the guy emailed me back saying that they definitely had a spot for me, and I remember thinking “coolio I must have gotten in early”.

Then tonight I toddled on over. The free food started at 6:00 and the survey questions at 6:30. I thought I’d arrive at 6:15, which would be the sweet spot between getting free food and not looking like I was too eager for free food. (For the record, dolmades, hand-made pita triangles, various dips – including a red pepper one I really liked – and chicken/dill skewers plus a figgy skewer). I totally wanted to take photos but I didn’t want to look like a weirdo blogger taking photos of food.

But. But!

It turns out that the guys from Red Propeller (the organisers of the evening) have read my blog! (Hello Red Propeller!) I’m not sure how they found it – possibly because of my Rollin St posts? I talked to an Asian chick who said that when she signed in they were like “pampered housewife?” and she was like “huh?” So yeah! Famous!

I actually do get a bunch of hits from people looking for information about the Amazon interview process. Including one guy who googled for “Amazon interview answers“. (For shame) I’ve also had a few Aussies contact me about living in Seattle – Amazon have been aggressively recruiting in Australia – so that’s pretty cool too.

But anyway the night was super fun! We all got to give our opinions about apartments (of which I have many). And it was interesting to hear what other people thought – for instance I don’t really care about stuff like parking cos we don’t have a car, but it’s important to other people. And I care about hardwood floors to the point that carpet anywhere is a dealbreaker, but other people strongly preferred carpet in the bedrooms. Oh, and it turned out that James and I aren’t the only ones bugged by the lack of ceiling lights!

So the first part of the evening we went through stuff that we liked and didn’t like in apartments and what we wanted in terms of amenities. Then we went into more detail about kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and bedrooms. And at the end we filled out a survey at the end that gave a ballpark figure for how much extra we’d pay for X feature. Which I thought was a really good idea because it’s easy to be all like “oh, it totally has to be Italian tile in the bathroom” but then when you think “would I actually pay more for this?” a lot of the time the answer is no. So it’s good that they have some way of calibrating my strong opinions with how much cash I’m willing to part with. Though it’s just hypothetical cash, which is a lot easier to spend than the real thing! Still, I tried to be as honest with myself as possible.

Some of the sample photos they showed us were of the Rollin St kitchens and my focus group did not like them! Which is funny because the kitchen is one of the main things that visitors to our place ooh and aah about. Though the ones they showed were the kitchens without islands, which are admittedly less impressive.

I’m interested in how the building turns out! A lot of apartments claim to be luxury apartments (and certainly charge rent like they are), but the only ones I’ve seen that actually felt high-end were Rollin St and The Olivian* so it will be nice to have some competition in case Rollin St decide to jack up our rent. =D

So anyway, that was my night. I warned James I wouldn’t be home so he stayed late at Amazon and it all worked out very well. And he was equally delighted that I’d been “recognised” from the blog. =) I have already decided to spend my $50 at Lululemon – I have my eye on the black swan cool racerback and also the black swan studio pant (and yes I realise that the total is significantly above $50, shoosh).


* In case anyone is interested, the reason is because those are the two that didn’t try to cram too much into the square footage. Maybe developers try to fit as many rooms as possible so people think it’s good value – then they add granite counters and brand name appliances and call themselves luxury apartments. But IMO what separates the really nice places (aside from a crapload of built-in storage) is not squeezing in that extra bedroom and bathroom.



Raw Food Event at the Collingwood Lululemon Outlet

22 Jun

Or as James titled it: Haha You Went To A Crazy Hippy Dinner.

Yesterday night the Lululemon outlet in Collingwood hosted a raw food event with Kemi Nekvapil (who incidentally, I recognised from a segment on Gardening Australia, which I watched back when I was garden-obsessed). I signed up because I like the idea of incorporating more raw vegies into my diet. I don’t know anything about the raw food movement, but in general I prefer to minimally cook my vegetables because I’ve always assumed that it helped retain most of the nutrients. Also because grey beans make me shudder.

In the spirit of being healthy, I walked from my place to Collingwood, which took about 30 minutes each way. I like to think it was a fairly heroic effort because it was a very cold night. I’ve never been to a Lululemon event before, and I wasn’t sure if everyone else was going to show up head to toe in Lulu. I didn’t want to jog there since I was bringing my camera, so I just wore normal clothes with my new Scuba hoodie since it’s one of the warmer jackets I own. Good call. Nobody (except the Lululemon staff) was dressed in Lululemon. I would have looked like some crazy fangirl (which I kind of am. But still. And yes, I know I worry about stupid things.)

It was definitely the sort of night where a nice big bowl of carbs would have hit the spot. And I confess, I did bring my wallet in case we were presented with a lettuce leaf and a radish, and I needed to make an emergency stop at Maccas afterwards.

But anyway, to the food! Check out the Vitamix. It was the first thing I noticed when I walked in.

Actually that’s not true, the first thing I noticed was how swish the Lululemon office is! Their kitchen is to die for, and the space is gorgeous (you can see part of their main office behind the kitchen in the first photo), and it’s all wooden floors, open space and exposed beams. There was also a meeting room filled with Lululemon clothes on hangers, and I kind of wanted to roll around in them like Scrooge McDuck.

OK, OK, now onto the food. Kemi started off with a couple of green smoothies. I make these in Summer a fair bit, so they weren’t that much of a revelation. A green smoothie is basically where you add greens like spinach and silverbeet to your smoothies. If you choose mild-flavoured greens you can’t taste them at all (especially if you use strong-flavoured fruits). The second smoothie had some ginger and parsley in it, along with pineapple and orange, and probably some other stuff I can’t remember. It had a bit of a kick that the first one didn’t, almost like a cold soup. Kemi said that ginger was a good addition for cold weather, since it has some heat to it.

We all got samples, but I was fiddling with my camera and spilled my smoothie on the floor. =( Luckily one of the lovely Lululemon girls gave me another smoothie. This is a photo of the replacement smoothie (I was a lot more careful with the contents this time).

Next we moved onto salads, which involved using the food processor to chop raw vegies. It has actually never occured to me to make salads that way, and it is definitely going into my repetoire. The beauty of it is that it’s not so much a recipe as a method – just add whatever is in season (or whatever you like).

From recollection, this salad had sweet potato, carrot, zucchini, red cabbage, parsley, coriander, spring onion, and corn. Maybe some cos lettuce too. There were also some seeds, dried fruit, and ground coriander. Similarly, the dressing is a mixture of  oil with something astringent/sour (lime juice, vinegar, mustard) and something sweet (maple syrup, pomegranate molasses). This dressing was thrown together with oil (a lot of oil – I don’t like too much oil in my salads, so I will probably use less), some apple cider vinegar, and an apple juice concentrate.

And for dessert we had chocolate balls, which was a mix of cacao, nuts, raisins, seeds and honey, with water to bind. It was pulsed in the food processor, and the Lululemon girls formed the mixture into rum balls.

It tasted like nutty dark chocolate. =) Obviously you can make it sweeter if you add extra honey or vanilla extract, but I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I liked it as-is.

So even though I entered with some trepidation (and my emergency Maccas money), it was a surprisingly tasty experiment. I’m not convinced by some of the more extravagant health claims, but that doesn’t really matter one way or the other. It’s kind of like yoga – I don’t believe that yoga flushes out my body’s toxins, but I do it because stretching is good for my body. The raw food night definitely gave me a few ideas on how to better incorporate raw vegetables into my diet without sacrificing flavour.

So thank you to Kemi and the Lululemon staff for a great night. It was the first event hosted by the Collingwood Lululemon, and hopefully there will be many more to follow.

Lulu Loot!

11 Jun

So my Lululemon order arrived on Friday. I was impressed with the shipping – $30 isn’t even that expensive (especially if you buy a lot), and it arrived from the US within a week, so the shipping was well worth it.

The things I thought I would order that I did:

  • Cool Racerback ( in heathered coal wee stripe, which is kind of a light grey with subtle horizontal stripes)
  • Scuba hoodie

Waiting actually worked out quite well  because nothing I wanted sold out, and in the meantime Lululemon came out with a non-special edition (read: cheaper) Scuba that was in the colour I wanted without the stupid ruffles.

image from Lululemon

Unfortunately the sleeves are way too long – like 10 inches past my fingers long. Everything else fits perfectly, but the sleeves look ridiculous all bunched up. Thankfully my regular alterations lady can shorten the sleeves, but that is $28 I’m annoyed that I have to spend. When I pick it up next Friday it will be perfect! I love having a warm jacket that is fitted instead of bulky.

I didn’t end up getting the Energy bra because I don’t have any tops that will go with it. I got the Flow Y bra in Violicious instead. I would have bought this colour even at full price, but it was only $29 USD (down from $42 USD). I ordered the morning they came out, and by that evening they were down to only 2 sizes. I have the Flow Y in a size 4 and the 2 is a much better fit.

image from Lululemon

For my nogi pants I got some Groove Shorts. I have short legs so it fits slightly longer on me than it does the model. There were short shorts, 3/4 length crops and full length leggings, but I think a few inches above the knees is the best compromise between modesty and maximizing nogi slipperiness.

image from Lululemon

Also I grabbed some Run: Response shorts for James, since he needs an extra pair of shorts. He wore them to the gym last night and has no complaints.

image from Lululemon

I’ll probably make another order in a few months. James is not entirely uninterested in the Pacific Beach Hoodie, which seems to be the male version of the Scuba. He always has to size up in shirts and jackets (due to his long arms), so they’re always too large around the chest. He needs a warm, relatively fitted hoodie with long arms.

I kind of wish I’d bought some more full-length pants, since I’m heavily reliant on my Nike pants. Maybe some of the Wunder Unders, so I can slip trackies over them to wear to training. Also I forgot to order socks. Dammit. =(

More Lululove

27 May

Retail therapy!

The weather is getting colder and none of my hoodies and jackets are warm enough for walking to the gym during some of the super chilly evenings we’ve been getting. I tried on the Scuba hoodie at Lululemon, and it was so warm. I like that it’s thick yet fitted, and I love the slits in the sleeve cuffs which create built-in fingerless gloves! And it zips up extra high to shield your neck, plus the hood stays on really well. That is the problem with my existing hoodies – they blow off if I’m walking too fast, let alone if it’s a windy day.

I didn’t like any of the colours at the Bourke St store, so I looked at some of the ones on the US site. As a bonus, they’re cheaper! $148 for the limited edition hoodie in Australia, and $108 USD (plus $30 USD flat rate shipping).

image from Lululemon

I prefer a grey hoodie I’ve seen where the Lululemon logo on the hood is in bright lime green (you can’t see it in the photos, but it’s just a dark grey on this hoodie), and I’m not crazy about the ruffles on the body, but I like the colour. Unless an awesome colour comes out in the next week or so I’ll probably buy this one to see me through the Winter. Then when I find one I like better I’ll buy that jacket and sell the old one (I can just picture James reading that part and frowning. Don’t worry James, Lululemon holds its value well on eBay!).

But anyway, since the shipping is flat rate, I decided that I may as well stock up.

I also want to pick up some more of the Cool Racerbacks, because the one that I currently own is my go-to workout top, and I’m always disappointed when it’s in the wash. They are $58 in the Australian stores and $38 USD online.

image from Lululemon

I also want to pick up one or two pairs of the crops to do nogi grappling in when I get better, but I haven’t decided which one(s).

I’m also lusting after the Energy bra ($48 USD, and I couldn’t find it at the Bourke St store). I love the straps at the back, but I think they may look a bit busy with the straps of most tops.

image from Lululemon

I’d actually prefer a coloured bra, since a lot of my workout clothes are black or grey, but I didn’t like any of the options, so I guess I’m going with black again.

Maybe I will have to satisfy my colour cravings with bright socks!

image from Lululemon

Nah, just kidding. I’m getting them in boring black and white. Easier to wash. The socks are actually pretty pricey – $14 USD, and I didn’t look for them in store so I don’t know how much they are in Australia.

New workout clothes always help me get pumped for training. Nothing has tweaked my shoulder recently (except when I swung my arms a bit too hard during box jumps) so I am optimistic about recovery. It should be another month or so before I am good as new.

I lololove Lululemon

6 Apr

On Monday went to the physio and he ordered a week of complete rest for my arm. I’m not even allowed to do back squats! Of all the exercises I normally do I’m restricted to glute-ham raises and pistol squats. My shoulder is actually worse than it was a few weeks ago, and Tim thinks it’s because he let me do too much too soon. So I have been demoted! No rehab exercises, nothing that even threatens to exert the arm. I’m like … one step above complete bed rest.

To cheer myself up I decided to go shopping at Lululemon since James’ parents bought me a voucher for my birthday. Most of my favourite workout clothes are from Lululemon (except a pair of Metalicus Move shorts). And when I see someone wearing stuff I like at the gym it’s usually Lululemon. Even after a year of washing they still look new.

Run Inspire Crop: $119

These are supposed to be a crop but they are full length on me – curse these stubby Chinese legs.

I love how they look – normally leggings just make me look I have big legs, but this material is really form-fitting so it actually clings to the muscle and is more flattering. Though I looked up reviews online and apparently the butt gets kind of see-through when you bend over, which means I’m not wearing these to do deadlifts. Maybe squats are OK though, since my butt points down?

image from Lululemon

Boogie Shorts: $58

I tried on the black in these, but ended up going for a colour called Coal. I have some similar Lululemon shorts that I picked up on eBay but they’re black with this horrible green stripe going down the leg. I really like the cut so I put up with the green stripe, but now I no longer have to!

image from Lululemon

I’ve stashed these away until next week when I’m allowed to exercise again (fingers crossed!) I’m not going to cheat and exercise this week because Tim said that if my arm hasn’t improved with rest, then the next step is cortisone injections. I think it has been improving though – as much as I hate to admit it, my arm does get sorer the more exercise I do with it. Hopefully this rest will do it good. =)