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Jogging to Glen Park and Billy Goat Hill

6 Oct

On the weekend James and I went to a house inspection near the border of Noe Valley and Glen Park. I checked it out on Google Maps and it was a straight line there so I figured why not jog there.

Reasons Why Not

  • It was like 30C
  • So many hills

This photo flattens the hills a lot but you get the general up and down gist of it. This was at about the halfway mark.

photo (7)

It was almost so hard that it was fun. It definitely would have been fun if it hadn’t been so hot. James was a superstar and ran the whole thing nonstop (he was waiting for me at the end).

The house that we were inspecting was cool – up a flight of stairs and hidden with no street frontage. This area was a little too residential (and the house will likely end up over our budget), but I still love the idea of secret houses.

Afterwards we went to Billy Goat Park, which has killer views over San Francisco. Apparently there’s normally a swing but someone had cut it down and there was just a rope.

This is James retrieving the rope before we realised it was too short for swinging Tarzan-style.


I think James maaaybe could have managed it (I had to get on my tippy-toes and could only hold on to the very end of the rope) but he’s scared of heights. At least we had plenty of time to enjoy the view!
I didn’t have it in me to jog home so we just kind of meandered and admired the different houses. We passed two lemonade stands and a bunch of elaborately decorated houses for Halloween. I can see why Noe Valley and Glen Park are popular with families!

Oh yeah, and the promised update about the Dolores Park condo. As predicted we weren’t the highest offer. I don’t know what it ended up selling for because it’s still pending but apparently we were equal 4th out of 6 (and there was a big gap between us and 3rd place).

James and I are inspecting a rental property in Mountain View on Wednesday so we’ll see how that goes.


13 Apr

It used to be that when I saw a guy and a girl jogging side by side I’d think “aww that’s nice, they’re exercising together”. And one day I commented on a jogging couple to James and he was like “when you see a guy and a girl running together you know the guy is slacking off”.

Now I can’t look at jogging couples without thinking that the guy is being slack. Stupid James, now it’s ruined.

But anyway, I’ve started running a bit these past few days – though sometimes I have to stop early because my arm starts aching. I hate running. But it’s one of the few exercises I’m allowed to do for the next 3 weeks. No BJJ, no deadlifts, no squats (Tim doesn’t want my arms supporting the weight on my back), no upper body, no nothing. My shoulder improved with rest, so no magical steroid injection, but for the next month I’m sitting around not doing anything. I tried filling the fitness void by baking, but that was just a double whammy – not exercising and eating terribly.

I’m trying to avoid shopping too much, since we have some big purchases in the near future ($1200 for my Aeron, and $2000 for a Miele dishwasher since our crappy Whirlpool is on its last legs).

I regret not buying a Miele right off the bat. The Whirlpool was $700 (or $900?) and we also spent about $500 fixing it a year ago. That’s $1200, not to mention the fact that we’re going to have to buy a Miele anyway. Buying cheap things is false economy. Unless it’s stuff you only use a couple of times, like evening dresses.

That’s how I’m trying to see training – doing upper body stuff and BJJ now would be like false training. I’m making the rotator cuff tear worse, and not fixing the underlying problem, which will just crop up again anyway. But if I take a couple of months, I can hopefully repair fully and rebuild my strength, and be better than I was before.

It just really sucks. One guy at the gym last night did like 100 “sit-ups” with the freaking ab-sizer. I was filled with irrational annoyance at the thought that he probably had a fully functional rotator cuff.

So yeah, I’m doing my rehab exercises and just trying to think of this as a rest week month.