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Just purchased from Etsy …

14 Nov

I bought some craft supplies from Etsy in preparation for the gift giving season. I’m going to try and wrap my presents attractively this year, so I got:

Alphabet stamps from kawaiithings.

A lot of the Korean sellers have the same stock, so it’s a matter of hunting around to find who has the lowest combined item and shipping prices. There were slightly cheaper stamp sets, but this is the style that I liked the best, and kawaiithings had the cheapest price ($20.90 USD + $5 shipping).

image from kawaiithings

I’m going to use the stamps on my other Etsy purchase, which was Manila gift tags from Wistful Supplies.

image from Wistful Supplies

Once again there were lots of sellers with the same stock, and Wistful Supplies had the cheapest overall price ($8 USD for 100 + $6.50 shipping). I thought I could also use these tags to label my baked goods. When I made the chocolate, caramel and peanut slice to share at BJJ I had to rush around to find a label and eventually settled for using the back of an envelope.

I can start with just stamping letters on the tags, and maybe I’ll get fancier later. We’ll see!

Cousin Christmas

10 Nov

The time of year where the weather warms up, stores bring out their decorations, and I start thinking about Christmas. I love Christmas. I love the carols, the food, and the constant sales. I love going to the Vic Market and buying oysters (which always sell out early) and strawberries for Christmas lunch. I love lazy afternoons at the beach, and turkey sandwiches for Christmas dinner.

And presents. Oh how I love presents!

This card from Etsy seller Sycamore Street Press makes me smile. Actually I like a whole bunch of their cards, but this one is Christmas-themed.

image from Sycamore Street Press

Every year my cousins and I do a Kris Kringle. It’s so much fun seeing what everyone buys for each other. Everyone has their own lives now, and partners/jobs to take up their time, but on Christmas Eve it’s like nothing has changed. We get together for dinner, everyone plays mahjong, and we laugh and talk all night.

Cat and I are exchanging gifts for the first time this year. I have a couple of things in mind for her, which I would totally post, except I know she reads this blog (hi Cat!)

My family celebrates on Christmas Eve and James’ family celebrates on Christmas Day, so I get two Christmases! James’ mum goes all-out for lunch and we have smoked salmon, olive bread, sometimes ham, sometimes turkey with stuffing, but always Christmas pudding with brandy butter. Since James’ parents have sold their East Malvern house we’ll be having the holiday at Shoreham for the first time. It’s good for beach proximity, but it does mean there will be a 1.5 hour drive after Cousin Christmas. James hasn’t decided whether he wants to chug a Red Bull and drive straight down, or whether he’d prefer to make the trip in the morning. We’ll see how we go on the night.

James might be starting at his new job earlier than anticipated, so he’s trying to get all his shopping done early. He has ordered me to start thinking about what I want for Christmas – such are the burdens of being a pampered housewife.

Savor soaps

2 Nov

My current bathtime obsession is soaps from Etsy seller, Savor. The scents are so vivid, unlike other soaps I’ve tried, which smell like soap with a little bit of fragrance. The ones I’ve tried so far:

Courtesan – lightly floral
Creme Brulee – smells like it sounds. Very creamy and delicate
Japanese Mango
– smells like wasabi and mango, which sounds weird, but really works
Matcha – green bubble tea!
Pear – just like an overripe pear.

This is Savor’s photo of the pear soap – even the picture looks juicy.


image from Savor


I just made a purchase of some body mists, and bought Japanese Mango and Pear again because they were so utterly delicious. Shipping for 5 sample fragrances was a very reasonable $1. =) The other 3 scents I got were Filthy Cute (white peach, red raspberry with lily and magnolia), Fresh Fig and Almond, and Ginger Crumb Cake (warm and spicy ginger paired with crumbly, buttery crumb cake batter). Yum!

The seller is very professional and quick to reply to convos, which is always a plus. And the soaps aren’t drying, last for ages, and smell delicious. I am seriously swooning at the memory of the pear soap – so luscious, the smell of pears and honey combining with the shower steam to create this incredible pear fog that envelops the bathroom.

I have high hopes for the body mists and will update again when they arrive. =)

Peshtamals from Turkey

1 Nov

A couple of weeks ago I was inspired by the high Australian dollar and bought some peshtamals from Turkey. Peshtamals are traditional Turkish towels used in Turkish baths. They are lighter than regular towels, but just as absorbent and dry much faster. They’re so thin that James mistook them for tea towels when they were in their folded state.

I bought them from BeautyAndSpa since they were having an opening sale ($19 USD instead of the usual $23), which made their towels slightly cheaper than the rest of the peshtamal sellers on Etsy.

They were also the only sellers who had lime green, which is one of my favourite colours.

I liked some of the other colours too, like striped blue, grey, and a lovely vivid coral. James opted for the much manlier olive green.

When my package arrived today, the seller had also included a tiny soap (packaged with a bay leaf?) and a Turkish bead that you use to ward off the evil eye. The soap smells medicinal and the little pamphlet that came with it says it’s very moisturizing.

The peshtamals need to be washed in 30C water before use. Then they will be our new beach towels, and there will be far less bulk in the beach bag.


20 Oct

I’m sitting here at my computer feeling quite sorry for myself. My upper back was feeling a bit sore after Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training on the weekend, but Saturday classes are more intense than normal – our warm-up was 120 burpees, crunches and push-ups (toes, not knees). So yeah, hard class. I was feeling tired-but-good, and still managed to go to the gym on Sunday and do BJJ training on Monday, but on Monday night I arched my back in my sleep and twang!

So instead of training on Tuesday morning like I’d planned, I headed to the physio where I was told that the joints between my ribs and spine had locked up. He worked the area a bit and I’ve been popping ibuprofen and applying heat packs as necessary. Fortunately this morning I woke up feeling a bit better, and I have another physio session on Thursday, after which I should be close to 100%.

I can’t train for most of this week (or do any heavy housework – I tried to open a pickle jar yesterday and owowowow!) so I’ve mainly been reading and browsing the net. This has given me ample opportunity to trawl online for stuff that I want to buy.

Kitchenaid apple green Artisan mixer: $632 + $11 shipping. I’ve also wanted one of these for awhile, but I’ve never found it particularly difficult to mix by hand or use the electric beater. Plus there is the lack of benchspace in my kitchen. But recently I’ve been coming across a lot of recipes where the Kitchenaid would come in quite handy. So maybe. One day. In the future. We’ll see.

image from Google image search, I can't remember which website - everyone was using this pic!

Herman Miller Aeron chair: $1300. I spend so much time at my computer that I should probably invest in an ergonomic chair. This one has actually been on the list for awhile, but it keeps getting superseded by fun stuff like cameras and barbecues.

image from Herman Miller

Bourke Street Bakery cookbook: $34. I promised James I wouldn’t order this until I’d tried a couple of the Bourke Street Bakery recipes that are floating around online. I’m going to go with the pork and fennel sausage rolls and also the raspberry chocolate muffins.

Momofuku cookbook: $30. Once again, I’m going to give some recipes a test run before purchasing. I’ve had the ginger scallion noodles recipe bookmarked for months. Cat made me the crack pie recipe (is that in the cookbook?) which was delicious, but I’ve seen the recipe and I know how much butter and sugar went into it!

Ilemi leather clutch purse: $450USD + $25USD shipping (from memory) I love the sumptuous, butter-soft bags from Etsy seller Ilemi but this is in the “after the mortgage is paid off” pile.

image from Ilemi

I also want to try balcony gardening again. I have some herbs and vegetables growing from seed (hopefully! At the moment it’s all still dirt), but I read online that unless you want the seed-growing experience, it’s much better to buy seedlings. I have some parsley, mint, chives, rosemary and strawberries that survived my benign neglect over winter, and maybe I’ll hit Bunnings at some point. I also need a new watering can because my old plastic one got weak from the sun, and then its watering bit (spout?) got smashed by hail. I’ve decided the next watering can will be sturdy and made of metal.