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4 Jun

Ugh, jetlag has really hit me hard this time round. I’ve spent all week getting up at totally random times and feeling totally useless. I haven’t sorted through my photos and videos yet (but I will!)

So in the meantime here is some stuff I bought recently that I love.

Lululemon All Tied Up Tank
c1b6db0eaea3f708c9bab4a0690d6c7dIt sold out on the same day so I’m really glad I impulse bought this while I was in Australia, even though I had to wait almost a month to get back and pick it up! I kind of regret not getting it in the grey as well.

I also bought that sports bra because it looks so cute with the top. =D

Gorman Basic Leather Tote

James hardly ever has opinions on things but he hates this bag – “it’s gaudy”. Unfortunately for him that’s the reason I love it.
Gap Panama Hat
cn11024080I wore this hat almost every day Indonesia and it was perfect – kept the sun off my neck/face/shoulders and went with pretty much everything. Plus I crushed it in my bag a couple of times and it sprung back into shape.

Manolo Blahnik Peach Heels
s-l1600I’m slowly easing myself into them in anticipation of the next time I need to wear heels (probably the next Christmas party!) Even my guy friends admit these are super cute and they never notice shoes.

Dell Chromebook
Chromebook 13 NotebookThis was a birthday present to replace my old laptop. The keyboard is a dream, it has an incredibly long battery life, and I’m surprised at how much I can do just using web apps (though I would really like something that could properly edit GoPro videos).

I have also gotten mildly obsessed with frangipani since the hotel we stayed at in Bali on our last day had them all over the place and they smelled heavenly. The best candidate seems to be Ormonde Jayne’s Frangipani but I hesitate to buy a full bottle based solely on reviews.

I’m now sleeping 2-11am so I reckon by Monday I’ll be functional again. I’ll aim to get my blog post up by next week because next Saturday Nixi is coming to visit! Yaaay! =)

A Rick Owens Splurge …

10 Feb

I’ve wanted this jacket for aaaages (proof – and check out that foreshadowing: “I thought maybe I could save it up for an important birthday. Or maybe if we ever move to a cold climate“).

I’d describe Seattle as a cooler climate, not cold. Though we had snow a couple of days ago! This was outside my building at 6:30am (I don’t normally wake up that early – Mike was picking me up to go snowboarding)

But anyway I was prepared buy the jacket when we went to NY – it would have been an awesome souvenir – but I didn’t like the blistered lamb, which felt like very flimsy suede. On the bright side, at least I figured out my jacket size. The majority online opinion is that it runs small but it ran true to size for me.

About a week ago I found exactly what I’d been looking for on eBay. It was still expensive, but significantly cheaper than retail and, more importantly, silky lamb instead of blistered lamb and in my size. Jackpot!

Me: Would you mind if I bought this jacket that I’ve wanted for a really long time?
James: *frowns* Why do you have to phrase it like that?

Sorry James – that was accidentally manipulative of me! But he said he remembered me dragging him to the Rick Owens and Bergdorf Goodman flagship stores in NY and grudgingly agreed that my story checked out.

It arrived today and is soooo buttery soft and wonderful. It’s the perfect compromise between the drapey-ness of the blistered lamb and the leathery-ness of the calfskin. It’s pretty satisfying to finally own something I’ve been wanting for years. Now I can retire the search for my perfect leather jacket. =)

Hoo Boy – Big Shopping Splurge!

20 Jul

We spent a shitload of money in June. We went to a few nice restaurants (James’ parents were visiting, yay!) but mainly it was that we bought a lot. I swear we normally don’t buy anything and then suddenly in June we bought all the things. Fortunately the first batch of James’ stock arrived to ease the pain! I had a list of our purchases but it was getting embarrassingly long so here are some of my favourites:

Gentle Souls Opal Sandals ($180 -20% + tax)

image from Nordstrom

The footbed is super plush and the sandal are comfortable yet slightly dressier than thongs (which they call flip flops here). I get a lot of compliments on them and have been practically living in them the past few weeks so when the dark blue version went on sale (for around $90 + tax) I bought another pair. Seattle gets like 3 months of non-drizzly weather so I probably don’t need so many sandals, but they’re so cute that I have no regrets.

You can see the blue sandals in the picture below, along with a few of my other favourite buys from June.

Balenciaga Town Bag ($1495 + tax)

I love the Town I don’t tend to carry much with me (phone, wallet, keys) so it’s a great “everyday” size. I added a notepad, pen, tissues and tiny sunscreen since there was more than enough room.

I tried the City but it was way too big and I think the Town worn crossbody looks better on a petite frame. The bag was a total splurge but I wear it all the time and it goes with (almost) everything.

Gap Leather Flip Flops ($24.95 – 30% + tax)

These were cheap and cute. Plus rose gold is my favourite shade of gold – now I feel fancy when taking stuff to the recycling and garbage chutes. =)

Sam Edelman Petty ($89.50 -20% + tax)

These shoes have insanely good reviews and the Smokey Praline colour was on sale (normally $130) so I snapped them up. OMG these are awesome. They’re so comfortable and go with dresses, jeans, shorts, everything! They have a slight heel but feel like flats when I’m walking. I’m trying to figure out whether I can get away with wearing them with my Balenciaga Town or if I should pick up a pair in black.

So yeah, that’s like … 10% of what I bought last month. I blame the great sales (on top of already cheap prices), free shipping and free returns. It means I can buy clothes online, try them on at home, then return them if I don’t like them. I don’t even need to find a mailbox – I can just drop the package off downstairs for the front desk staff to give to the USPS guy. 

Also FYI I’m not the only one who went on a big shopping spree. James bought almost as many clothes as I did, plus a few big-ticket items (admittedly not Balenciaga big) like a wetsuit, a bunch of clothes and snowboard bag. Also a limited edition Skyrim board from Never Summer. Here it is mounted in the study.

You can see in the bottom left Mouse has some teeny tiny artwork hanging in his little nook. That’s because he’s a classy cat. Here, have a blurry photo of Mouse where he looks like he’s seen shit go down.

Updated to add a photo of Mouse being intrigued by the longboard:

Bikini Shopping!

2 Nov

On Cup Day, James and I took the opportunity to do some shopping. We went to Zara and he bought two basic fitted t-shirts in navy blue and off-white, and a long sleeved top in grey-blue. He is gradually phasing out his baggy t-shirts, which is great because fitted shirts are more grown-up and also they look really good on him.

I wasn’t that impressed with the Zara Basics for women, but the men’s basics were fantastic and pretty good value – I think James’ 3 tops came to about $65.

James mocked me because I spent almost three times that amount for 5% of the fabric. I bought a bikini from the Mash Up range at Seafolly ($69.95 for the bottoms and $99.95 for the top):

image from Seafolly

He also pointed out that he would wear the t-shirts regularly, whereas I would only wear the bikini a few times a year. Shut up James.

I’m quite picky so I was actually really happy to find what I wanted at all. I wanted the bottoms in a boy-leg cut, and I don’t like triangle or strapless bikini tops. It wasn’t a dealbreaker, but I also wanted it to be a solid colour, not patterned.

But then Cat was like “it looks like a bra” so I got worried and went back to Seafolly to try on the triangle bikini top in the same range (which I think was $49.95), just in case it looked better. Nope, the bustier top looked so much better. It wasn’t even close.

The bustier feels really secure, and it’s comforting to know that my boobs won’t fall out if I get knocked around by a wave. I’m also a big fan of the padding (which the triangle bikini also had) because it means your nipples don’t poke through the fabric when you’re out of the water and suddenly there’s a breeze. I know it sounds stupid, but these are the little things that make a difference!

When I was trying everything on I noticed that my stomach is really pale compared to the rest of me (my face used to be that shade, and James called it “internet white”). That will be rectified after 20 minutes in the sun, but it still looked really weird.

Some friends from England are visiting over the Christmas season, and hopefully we’ll spend some time at the beach together so I can even out my tan and also get my money’s worth with the bikini. =)

Shopping Spree at H&M

2 Oct

James and I have been watching Chuck, and he wears this jacket a lot:

image from Chucktv.net

One day I was like “you know, I really like that jacket”, and it turned out that James did too! We don’t often like the same men’s clothes, so I quickly set out trying to find it for him. Also he’s been trying to buy clothes that are a bit more grown-up (except he calls it “smarter” because he’s a little bit English) instead of wearing jeans, cargoes and baggy t-shirts.

But anyway, this lightweight jacket from H&M (£39.99) seemed pretty dead-on:

image from H&M

James didn’t actually end up getting the jacket, but I posted it anyway because I was so pleased at the similarity and wanted you all to admire my shopping skills.

He ended up going for another one (£69.99) – also found by me at H&M – I ended up browsing through the whole men’s line because I loved their stuff so much. There are a lot of similarities with this jacket and the Chuck jacket, but I think James preferred this one because of the collar. It also looks a bit thicker and a little bit … smarter. =D

image from H&M

He also got this hoodie (£19.99). He has a lot of hoodies, but they’re all really casual and baggy because he always buys oversized clothes. The problem is that he always buys stuff to fit his long arms, but then the shoulders are too far down and the torso is too loose. We’re anticipating the same problem with the jacket and hoodie – probably worse because he bought them in Medium instead of Large or Extra Large like he normally does – but hopefully our seamstress can work something out with the sleeves.

image from H&M

I also picked up this top (£19.99) because I need more dressy-ish tops. Luckily my sizing is always much easier to figure out.

image from H&M

The only flaw in my careful plan was that H&M doesn’t ship outside of the UK. But James’ grandma did us a huge favour and agreed to carry our purchases over when she travels here next month. It was really awesome of her because I was prepared to pay for a UK mail forwarding service (and probably will next time when the dates don’t work out so conveniently).

And then double bonus – I was also able to find an online code for 25% off the most expensive item that also stacked with a voucher for £5 off the total order. So I just made three separate orders, and even after shipping that saved something like £40 off their already-reasonable prices. =)

Also each time I made an order the credit card company panicked and called us to check whether our cards had been stolen. I was surprised that the purchases were flagged as suspicious given how much I buy online, but it’s nice that they are vigilant!

Lulu Loot!

11 Jun

So my Lululemon order arrived on Friday. I was impressed with the shipping – $30 isn’t even that expensive (especially if you buy a lot), and it arrived from the US within a week, so the shipping was well worth it.

The things I thought I would order that I did:

  • Cool Racerback ( in heathered coal wee stripe, which is kind of a light grey with subtle horizontal stripes)
  • Scuba hoodie

Waiting actually worked out quite well  because nothing I wanted sold out, and in the meantime Lululemon came out with a non-special edition (read: cheaper) Scuba that was in the colour I wanted without the stupid ruffles.

image from Lululemon

Unfortunately the sleeves are way too long – like 10 inches past my fingers long. Everything else fits perfectly, but the sleeves look ridiculous all bunched up. Thankfully my regular alterations lady can shorten the sleeves, but that is $28 I’m annoyed that I have to spend. When I pick it up next Friday it will be perfect! I love having a warm jacket that is fitted instead of bulky.

I didn’t end up getting the Energy bra because I don’t have any tops that will go with it. I got the Flow Y bra in Violicious instead. I would have bought this colour even at full price, but it was only $29 USD (down from $42 USD). I ordered the morning they came out, and by that evening they were down to only 2 sizes. I have the Flow Y in a size 4 and the 2 is a much better fit.

image from Lululemon

For my nogi pants I got some Groove Shorts. I have short legs so it fits slightly longer on me than it does the model. There were short shorts, 3/4 length crops and full length leggings, but I think a few inches above the knees is the best compromise between modesty and maximizing nogi slipperiness.

image from Lululemon

Also I grabbed some Run: Response shorts for James, since he needs an extra pair of shorts. He wore them to the gym last night and has no complaints.

image from Lululemon

I’ll probably make another order in a few months. James is not entirely uninterested in the Pacific Beach Hoodie, which seems to be the male version of the Scuba. He always has to size up in shirts and jackets (due to his long arms), so they’re always too large around the chest. He needs a warm, relatively fitted hoodie with long arms.

I kind of wish I’d bought some more full-length pants, since I’m heavily reliant on my Nike pants. Maybe some of the Wunder Unders, so I can slip trackies over them to wear to training. Also I forgot to order socks. Dammit. =(

More Lululove

27 May

Retail therapy!

The weather is getting colder and none of my hoodies and jackets are warm enough for walking to the gym during some of the super chilly evenings we’ve been getting. I tried on the Scuba hoodie at Lululemon, and it was so warm. I like that it’s thick yet fitted, and I love the slits in the sleeve cuffs which create built-in fingerless gloves! And it zips up extra high to shield your neck, plus the hood stays on really well. That is the problem with my existing hoodies – they blow off if I’m walking too fast, let alone if it’s a windy day.

I didn’t like any of the colours at the Bourke St store, so I looked at some of the ones on the US site. As a bonus, they’re cheaper! $148 for the limited edition hoodie in Australia, and $108 USD (plus $30 USD flat rate shipping).

image from Lululemon

I prefer a grey hoodie I’ve seen where the Lululemon logo on the hood is in bright lime green (you can’t see it in the photos, but it’s just a dark grey on this hoodie), and I’m not crazy about the ruffles on the body, but I like the colour. Unless an awesome colour comes out in the next week or so I’ll probably buy this one to see me through the Winter. Then when I find one I like better I’ll buy that jacket and sell the old one (I can just picture James reading that part and frowning. Don’t worry James, Lululemon holds its value well on eBay!).

But anyway, since the shipping is flat rate, I decided that I may as well stock up.

I also want to pick up some more of the Cool Racerbacks, because the one that I currently own is my go-to workout top, and I’m always disappointed when it’s in the wash. They are $58 in the Australian stores and $38 USD online.

image from Lululemon

I also want to pick up one or two pairs of the crops to do nogi grappling in when I get better, but I haven’t decided which one(s).

I’m also lusting after the Energy bra ($48 USD, and I couldn’t find it at the Bourke St store). I love the straps at the back, but I think they may look a bit busy with the straps of most tops.

image from Lululemon

I’d actually prefer a coloured bra, since a lot of my workout clothes are black or grey, but I didn’t like any of the options, so I guess I’m going with black again.

Maybe I will have to satisfy my colour cravings with bright socks!

image from Lululemon

Nah, just kidding. I’m getting them in boring black and white. Easier to wash. The socks are actually pretty pricey – $14 USD, and I didn’t look for them in store so I don’t know how much they are in Australia.

New workout clothes always help me get pumped for training. Nothing has tweaked my shoulder recently (except when I swung my arms a bit too hard during box jumps) so I am optimistic about recovery. It should be another month or so before I am good as new.