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The Big Europe Trip: Geneva

16 Jul

I’ve been putting off this post for aaages because I was intimidated at the thought of how large my Switzerland post was going to be. So I’m going to write bite-sized individual posts about the cities we went to. Much less daunting!

Geneva wasn’t originally on our list of cities to visit, but we’d managed to book one of the CERN group tours, so we decided to fly in from London and do some sightseeing on our first day in Switzerland. We stashed our luggage at the train station and walked around¬†Old Town admiring the architecture.
IMG_20190429_111230I especially liked this building. So colourful!
All the Swiss cities we visited felt very affluent, but Geneva especially so. Also, we were like “ooh, Old Town, how historic” but it turns out that there’s an Old Town in every city in Switzerland.

It was quite windy that day and the Jet D’Eau (a big spray of water on Lake Geneva) wasn’t operating, so we just walked around the lake and took a photo with the Flower Clock.
MVIMG_20190429_112958(Behind those sunglasses are tired, tired eyes. We’d gotten up at like, 3am)

We took a tram to CERN for the tour. CERN is known for its research on particle physics and, of course, the Large Hadron Collider. The tour didn’t go to the underground part where the LHR was, but it was still pretty cool.

The Globe is a CERN-related museum across the street from the main building.
MVIMG_20190429_122428It looks bigger than it is – the museum is only one floor and the upper level is an event space. There’s a more interesting museum about the LHC in the CERN building.

I liked the art on this building. Very thematic!IMG_20190429_133904Inside was the control room for the particle collider (apparently it’s normally busier than this).
IMG_20190429_141712I think our tour guide told us this is part of the original LHC. MVIMG_20190429_142957And here are the enormous tools they used to work on it. James is in the photo for size comparison.
IMG_20190429_145425It was a pretty cool tour, even if we were dead tired and didn’t quite understand a lot of the details.

Afterwards we grabbed some lunch (I got to speak French!) and then took the train to Bern. We didn’t really spend that much time in Bern, but it was a great base for all the day trips we wanted to do. We were too exhausted to eat out, so just grabbed some convenience food from a supermarket, then crashed for the night. And the next day – Gruyere!