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Sony Vaio Z Sleeve From The Office of Minor Details

3 Jan

I thought I should update my previous post with actual photos since I’ve been getting a bunch of searches for Vaio Z sleeves. There isn’t much out there about the one from The Office of Minor Details, so here is a detailed review in case people want more information. There are pre-made sleeves for Kindles, iPads and Macbook Airs, but you can get custom sizes to fit any gadget.

The sleeve is made in New Zealand from New Zealand leather. It is completely handmade – the seller Iain cuts the leather from a pattern and hand stitches it (which apparently is the most laborious part). The process took about a week and a half from ordering to finish, and shipping to Australia was 4 business days during the Christmas season. The sleeve cost $155 USD and the monogramming was $10 extra ($5 for every 3 letters).

Here is a photo of the Z in its case. The laptop looks a different colour from the leather, but they’re actually very similar (go by the photo of the sleeve, not the Z in this photo).

The leather is about 1mm thick, and fells all plush and buttery.. Apparently it will develop a nice patina with use. The stitches are tight and the thread is substantial, so zero worries about it falling apart. It has a lovely leathery smell to it as well.

Awwww. =( Just then I was smelling the leather, and James looked at me suspiciously and said “are you hugging it and kissing it?”

The measurements we gave Iain were 33cm x 21.3cm x 1.9cm (instead of the official measurements of 33cm x 1.6-2.5cm x 21cm) and this is the fit we got. =) It’s snug enough that the laptop doesn’t move around, but not such a tight fit that you need to work to get it out. There is no lining, but the underside of the leather is gentle against the surface.

The only slightly loose measurement is the thickness of the sleeve – I was initially a little disappointed at the extra room (which you don’t get unless you pull it out like I am in the below photo) but now I’m quite pleased with it because I’m pretty sure it will fit the case with the sheet battery if I ever get that. Normally it just sits flat against the laptop.

Although the leather is quite thick, this is not a shock protection case. I have a padded laptop sleeve built into my backpack so I just wanted something that would protect the surface from scratches.

I had mine personalised for an extra $10, and I think it looks better in person than it did on the website (the photo of the leather is lighter than it is in real life).

I’m really thrilled with this sleeve  – when the store re-opens in the second half of January I’m going to buy a Kindle case too. There are minor imperfections, like the occasional stitch that is ever so slightly off-kilter, just enough so that you can tell it was done by hand. So much stuff is mass produced and crap, and it’s such a pleasure to hold something that is beautiful and luxurious.

I also like the idea of wrapping my Z in a sleeve that is opposite to the laptop in many ways. Made by hand, not at a factory; custom made, not mass produced; natural, not electronic; and it gets better with age instead of deteriorating! This is a sleeve that will not only outlast my Vaio Z, this is a sleeve that will outlast me. 

(Well ha! Nobody else can have it cos I got it personalised!)

A Sleeve For The Sony Vaio Z

20 Dec

I need a case for when I take my Z away from home – it seems a pity to buy an ultraportable laptop and not take it anywhere! So far I’ve just carried it from the study to the bedroom and also to the kitchen. I’m not really a fan of the official Sony sleeve – the high end one is $179.95 but I’ve heard reports that the leather feels quite cheap.

image from Sony

The 13″ Macbook Air and Pro cases are similar in diameter, but the cases don’t fit exactly right. I don’t need something with a lot of shock protection because my backpack has that built in, but I want something that provides some surface protection while being carried around.

I like the Nero from Hard Graft but they don’t do custom cases.

image from Hard Graft

Plus, the grey felt and leather look is a bit played out now that everyone is copying Hard Graft. And the Z is a laptop that deserves a case as awesome as it is. =)

I ended up going with an Etsy seller called The Office of Minor Details. It was $155 USD (including shipping) for a custom sleeve, so it’s still cheaper than the Sony Case. It’s handmade in New Zealand, and according to his feedback everything is really well made and the leather is great quality. I normally prefer natural coloured leather, but went with black to match the laptop.

image from The Office of Minor Details

Also when James and I measured the laptop it turned out the official measurements weren’t quite right. Sony’s measurements are 33cm x 1.6-2.5cm x 21cm, but our measurements (multiple times with different rulers) were 33cm x 21.3cm (to account for the pins at the back) x 1.9cm. Weird.

image from The Office of Minor Details

James: Nooooo you have to stop buying things.
Me: *shameface*
James: (accusingly) It’s almost Christmas! You have to leave something for the cats to get you!