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Oh Book Depository, how you lure me in …

16 Nov

You know how I wanted Momofuku and Bourke Street Bakery? Well Book Depository is offering 10% off vouchers, so that pretty much made the decision for me.

Except I ended up buying 5 books in total. /shameface

In preparation for my Book Depository purchase I was looking up cookbook reviews, and I told James about a couple of them. Some reviews complained that Momofuku had too much swearing in it, and also a review for Barefoot Contessa: How Easy Is That? pointed out that there were some unrealistic suggestions in the book, such as owning two dishwashers. But anyway, I told James I was going to buy some books:

James: Oh yeah. The book about swearing at two dishwashers.
Kaye: You’ve conflated the reviews for two different books.
James: Conflated isn’t even a real word!
Kaye: Yes it is. It means to combine.
James: I find it highly unlikely there would be two words for “combine”.

Anyway, here are the books I ended up buying.

image from Book Depository

image from Book Depository

image from Book Depository

image from Book Depository

image from Book Depository

After the discount it came to $136.53 for the lot. Hopefully they will keep me occupied for awhile.

Things I Covet

15 Nov

A couple of years ago:

James: Let’s not do Christmas presents this year.
Me: OK.
Me: (suspiciously) Wait. Is this one of those things where we agree not to give presents, but you buy me something anyway, and then I look really bad?
*awkward pause*
James: OK yeah, you should probably get me something.

James has said that I can have the Aeron if I want it. I’ve pretty much decided that I’ll get it if he starts work in December instead of January (thus providing an unexpected cash influx). I spend so much time at my computer that it’s really worth having a comfortable chair.

Otherwise I’m also lusting after this spike duffel from Etsy seller Warsaw. The photo here is of the small size, ($125 USD + $26 shipping) but I think the larger size ($135 USD + $26 shipping) would get more use.

image from Warsaw

I like the shiny aggression of the spikes contrasted with the beaten look of the duffle. It seems simple enough to put together yourself – buy a suitable black bag, then sew(?) on the necessary hardware (or maybe it uses rivets?), but I’m a bit too unco for all that. I don’t have a machine and can’t sew, so I’d probably glue on the spikes and they would fall off at the first opportunity.

I also still want that gorgeous clutch from Ilemi that I posted awhile back, but she hasn’t put up any new bags in awhile.

I must be in a leather mood because I also love these Moleskine leather covers from Beastly Leather on Etsy. $58.50 USD (or $36 for the pocket sized one) + $15 shipping.

image from Beastly Leather

I don’t know how much the individual plates and bowls from Mud Australia cost – $30? I’ve been meaning to check out the new store on Gertrude street in Fitzroy – maybe James and I will jog down sometime this month so I can decide which of the pretty colours I want. James and I have broken one bowl and one plate between us in the past month, and I’m considering gradually replacing my crockery with something luxurious that is still designed for everyday use.

image from Mud Australia

And these Super Hero shoe attachments are just so fun (and maybe they’ll make me run faster). They’re $24 USD + $2.50 shipping from Small Fly on Etsy. I like the silver!

image from Small Fry

I’m crossing some cookbooks off my wishlist – I’m going on a bit of a spending spree since Book Depository have 10% off their already low prices. Time to stock up!