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Bodyfat Challenge: Completed!

5 Aug

Well it’s not really completed – I’m going to keep going until I’m happy with how I look (and then I might get my bodyfat measured again just out of curiosity). I’ll post a photo then to compare with my before photo.

Bodyfat Start: 20.48%
Bodyfat Finish: 19.6%

So I lost almost 1%, yay!

I actually gained some fat in my stomach (boo!) but I lost fat in my legs and back.

I don’t think I’m going to win our challenge – especially since Kalo said he has lost 5kg! – but I’m just happy I lost anything at all given my injuries and diet slackness.

I’m starting to do chin-ups and bench again, and will also work on conditioning in preparation for the Pan Pacs. =)


Bodyfat Challenge: Weeks Four and Five
Bodyfat Challenge: Week Three
Bodyfat Challenge: Week Two
Bodyfat Challenge: Week One
Bodyfat Challenge!


Bodyfat Challenge: Weeks Four and Five

25 Jul

I’ve combined these two weeks because they’ve been pretty similar.

I was supposed to increase my training during the last half of the challenge, but was thwarted by illness and injury. In week four I was stuck in a guillotine that was uncomfortable but not painful, so I didn’t tap, but the next morning my neck was killing me. I kept thinking it would get better until I finally gave up a week later and got a massage. Then it felt heaps better and I felt like an idiot for waiting so long.

Diet-wise it could have been better too. Some new cookbooks arrived last week and I couldn’t resist trying out the recipes. But in general I’m very consistently eating lots of protein, getting lots of leafy greens in my diet, and I’ve reduced my non-vegetable carbs.

I’m not too fussed, since I’m taking a fairly long-term view on this. I’ll be surprised (and quite pleased!) if I’ve lost anything during this challenge, but in hindsight 6 weeks (most of which I was still injured) was probably a bit optimistic anyway.

My macronutrient breakdown is better than it was a month ago (though calorie-wise I’m still eating too much) and once I start training like I used to I’ll be back under 50kg.

Kalo is the only one who hasn’t given up on the Bodyfat Challenge, so he is quietly confident that he will be the winner.

Plans for the Final Week

There is still some pain with chin-ups, but I’ve started benching again. I started with a warm-up set at 20kg, then gradually went up, testing my chest strength and rotator cuff. I did

25kg x 8
30kg x 8
32.5kg x 5
35kg x 5

with no problems, so yay!

I’m going to keep my diet as-is and try to squeeze in a couple of extra workouts this week. I’m still shaking off a light cold so we’ll see how it goes. =)

Bodyfat Challenge: Week Three
Bodyfat Challenge: Week Two
Bodyfat Challenge: Week One
Bodyfat Challenge!

Bodyfat Challenge: Week Two

6 Jul

Unfortunately, the second week did not live up to my high hopes.


I did manage to improve my breakfasts – I had to resort to yoghurt a couple of days when I was in a rush, but largely managed to have vegetable and protein-packed breakfasts. My current favourite is cavolo nero (I think it’s also known as Tuscan cabbage or black kale) chopped finely and fried in some oil with garlic and/or onion, with two poached eggs on top and a dollop of sriracha. It works out well when James is home – we split a bunch of cavolo nero between us.

Lunch and Dinner

Breakfast was the only high point, and otherwise I got really slack. I would pat myself on the back for having such an awesome breakfast, then eat something carby for lunch, and then worry about what I had for lunch, which made me eat less than normal for dinner, which gave me awful headaches, which in turn made me skip my exercise sessions.

In hindsight I can’t believe I was so dumb. Even if I eat badly at lunch I should just carry on as normal – trying to “compensate” for my poor eating just leads to more poor eating and less energy to train.


I was freaking out a bit that my foolish eating and skipped gym sessions would stuff up my strength gains, but I managed a 70kg single back squat (138% bodyweight) on Sunday so all is good. Everything was a bit shakier than normal, so I will have to make sure I’m eating enough in the following weeks. Lesson learned.

My weight was pretty similar to last week, hovering around 50.8kg.

Diet/Exercise Improvements

I’m seeing the physio today so hopefully I’ll be able to ramp up my training. I’ll start by adding a couple of BJJ sessions back to my weekly schedule and hopefully I’ll be able to start incorporating some upper body exercises into my workouts too.

Bodyfat Challenge: Week One
Bodyfat Challenge!

Bodyfat Challenge: Week One

27 Jun

I was going to list what I ate every day, but that ended up being a very long, very boring list. I’m pretty consistently eating about 50-60% fat, 30% protein, and 10-20% carbs (most from fruit/veg, but occasionally from steel cut oats). I get about 1200 calories on rest days, and 1300-400 calories on days where I exercise.

Breakfast: I usually had poached eggs with bacon, mushrooms and spinach. A couple of days I had steel cut oats with peanut butter or baked cabbage and sausage.

Lunch: This was usually chicken with salad or steamed vegies. I get James to barbecue extra chicken thighs so I can just reheat them during the week.

Snacks: Usually some papaya, full fat yoghurt, or steel cut oats with peanut butter.

Dinner: This was similar to lunch – a protein with lots of vegetables. I try to have fish once a week, and beef once or twice a week.

Exercise: Yoga x 1, Weight lifting x 3, HIIT x 1, Walk x 1, Jogging x 2

I haven’t lost that much weight-wise. I was under 51kg when I weighed myself last time, but I probably just didn’t drink enough that day.

Diet/Exercise Improvements:

This coming week I am going to try and tweak breakfast so it always includes a lean protein and a vegetable. I might also try to increase the size of my lunches, or have some hard-boiled eggs on hand as a high-protein snack alternative in the late afternoon. I bet I can cram some more vegetables into my diet too. I also need to figure out my post-workout nutrition since it’s higher in fat than I would like.

Exercise-wise I’m cutting out the jogging and walking and adding an extra session of yoga, sprints, and Body Attack (my aerobic guilty pleasure).

Sunday was a wreck nutrition-wise. I didn’t have breakfast or lunch because Cat and I were selling our old clothes at the Take 2 Markets, so when I got back to Cat’s place I had chocolate wafer cigars and burger rings. So even if I don’t change anything from last week, as long as I don’t have another day like that, the second week will be an improvement on the first.

Bodyfat Challenge!

Bodyfat Challenge!

21 Jun

Some BJJ buddies and I are embarking on a 6 week challenge to cut some body fat. I don’t remember the specifics, but the person who cuts the most of their remaining bodyfat gets $25 from all of the losers. You can tell by my haphazard recollection of the challenge parameters that I’m not really expecting to win, but $25 is a small price to pay for 6 weeks of motivation. =)

We all got Lili from Absolute Mixed Martial Arts to test us with calipers, and I had a “before” photo taken. Ugh, moment of truth. This is what 3 months of slacking off will do:

Weight: 51.7kg
Bodyfat: 20.48%

I look really happy because Kalo said something that made me laugh (I can’t remember what though – I think he ordered me to stop sucking in my gut so the “after” photos would be more dramatic). He also took one where I was trying to look sad, but I looked weird, so I went with overly happy instead.

My diet these past few months has been relatively good, but I was less stringent than normal since I was only exercising 3x a week and I didn’t need to make weight for comps. It was a double whammy because I didn’t have those extra workouts to help soak up those extra calories. When I’m uninjured I sit around 50kg without much effort – as soon as I dropped back to just gym I shot up to 52kg and have hovered there ever since.

For about half of the Bodyfat Challenge I won’t be able to train upper body/BJJ so I’ll be doubly careful with what I eat, and I’ll add an extra session of yoga, and some HIIT sprints to help my cardio and give that fat-burning a kickstart.

I’ll post weekly updates on my exercise and diet progress, though I won’t know my body fat percentage until the end.

I’m sad to say goodbye to my frequent cheat meals, but I’m looking forward to getting back in shape!