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Bodyfat Challenge: Week Three

13 Jul

Oh man.

I fell off the wagon last week and actually gained weight. Cat gave us a bunch of cookies and snacks to take home after we helped them move – I knew it was a bad idea to accept them, because I’ve been snacking on them all week. My three main meals haven’t changed much, but the snacking is killing me. This is why I don’t buy processed snacks to keep at home – I don’t miss them if I don’t have them, but if I do have them then I eat them all at once.

Also I haven’t been given the all-clear by the physio like I expected. I’m OK to do BJJ but apparently I’m still a month away from doing upper-body weight training.

I was too ambitious with my exercise this week – I thought I’d be able to squeeze in a couple of extra BJJ sessions, but I’ve done two so far and been absolutely wrecked for days afterwards. I went on Monday night (got smashed by everyone!) – today is Wednesday and I’m shuffling around, putting on my clothes in tiny, painful movements, and just generally useless.

I’m a bit disappointed at how long it’s taking (not to mention how much my BJJ has slipped). It’s not like I was sedentary for the three months that I took off, but I guess it will take awhile before my body gets used to everything again.

So those are my possible reasons for gaining weight this week.┬áIt’s going to be super embarrassing at the end of my bodyfat challenge if I’m the only one who has actually gotten fatter!

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