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Pan Pacs 2011

19 Sep

The 2011 Pan Pacs were on this weekend (hence the paucity of blog posts this week). It was a great (though tiring) weekend, and it was awesome seeing my friends compete. I like supporting my friends much better than I like competing!

I won the straight finals for my division in nogi and gi. My opponent had a very tricky half guard, which was a bitch to get out of, but I never felt threatened during our matches. Hopefully Tish drops by to train with us sometimes and we can have a few more rolls together.

Unfortunately I lost in the first round of both opens, but I can’t be too disappointed because I lost the nogi to the 71kg nogi and gi division winner (who eventually won the open nogi), and the gi to the 67kg nogi and gi division winner (who went on to win the open gi). Everyone was so nice afterwards – complete strangers came up to me and told me they’d seen my fight, and I’d done really well. I feel a bit like I’m getting credit just for being small, but I’ll take it!

When I went to watch Kalo fight, some Brazilian guy apologised for getting in my way for taking photos, which was nice of him. Then he noticed my Maromba shirt, asked if Thiago was my coach, and said something about someone he knew training with Thiago. Then he said that he enjoyed watching my fights, that I was very technical, and he thought I’d lost the matches based on size not skill (which a guy nearby overhead and agreed with! *insert happy and bashful face*). The Brazilian guy asked my name, and then he said his name was Carlos, and that’s when I realised that Chad had pointed him out to me yesterday, and said he was Carlos Gracie Jnr. We chatted a little while longer, and he said he wished my friend luck in his fight. =) He was very kind, and it was cool being complimented by someone famous (even though I still don’t really know who he is!)

All of the days ran really late, which wasn’t unexpected but still kind of sucked. I’d go home all sticky and tired from standing around all day, go to sleep, then wake up and do it all over again. =) It was awesome seeing my friends compete (which I like much better than competing myself).

Oh yeah, and we won the trophy for the best women’s adult team, so yay!

I’m taking it easy training this week, eating whatever I want, and getting a well-deserved massage on Thursday.

Week 1: Made vanilla extract
Week 2: BJJ day camp
Week 3: Used Myki and went to Beatrix
Week 4: Tried new skincare
Week 5: Competed at the Pan Pacs

New Training Schedule

22 Aug

My shoulder is almost completely fixed – the only thing that seems to regularly hurt it is doing pull-up negatives (and only when my arms are almost fully extended).

Tim the physio has told me I need to start gradually strengthening the muscles around my rotator cuff, so I’m starting to do upper body workouts again. It is pretty humbling – I went from a 40kg bench down to 35kg, from doing 3 pull-ups to struggling with negatives, and from a 30kg overhead squat to 15kg.

This is my tentative training schedule. I managed everything except BJJ on Tuesday last week, and hopefully I can keep it up.

Kettlebell class (considering swapping this for yoga)
BJJ no gi and gi

BJJ gi

Kettlebell class

BJJ no gi and gi

Kettlebell class

Gym (it varies depending on whether James has uni that Saturday)

I need to re-do my gym exercises too. It was easy when all I could do was lower body stuff (even if it did earn me the nickname “Asian girl who squats a lot”) but now I’m going to have to be more strategic. I’m thinking lower body on the weekend, less important lower body and accessory exercises on Tuesday, and chest/back on Thursday. I’m not even sure if there’s a point to that since the kettlebell classes are a jumble of exercises anyway, but we’ll see how it goes.

Also for the past couple of weeks I have been non-stop sore. I need to book in for a massage or something.

Mathematic Surf Skeleton Rash Guard

18 Aug

I’m doing more nogi in BJJ now (and actually liking it more than gi!), so the single rash guard is no longer cutting it.

Logically I should have gotten a rash guard that I could wear for comps, but I couldn’t pass up this one by Mathematic Surf.

image from Mathematic Surf

Cat and James both think it is tacky, but they are wrong, wrong, wrong.

I used to have a skeleton rash guard from Volcom but the skeleton part rapidly peeled off, leaving me with a plain black rash guard which I threw out in disappointment. I think this skeleton is actually printed onto the material, so it should be OK.

The black rash guard also comes in pink and green, and there is a white rash guard with a red skeleton (which looks quite awesomely gory, but skintight white is not very flattering, it wouldn’t have matched my black leggings, and they were out of my size anyway).

Small is their smallest size, so I’m a little worried that it won’t fit. I’ve been emailing with Luke at Mathematic Surf, and he said I can send it back if it’s too big. Fingers crossed though, because I love it! The only thing I would change would be the placement of the print – you can see that the guy’s actual collarbone is a fair bit higher than where the print of the collarbone is. Never mind, it’s still awesome!

Update: Rash guard was too big, so back it goes. =( Also it was a print not a raised decal, so the skeleton part wouldn’t have rubbed off. Sadness.

Bodyfat Challenge: Weeks Four and Five

25 Jul

I’ve combined these two weeks because they’ve been pretty similar.

I was supposed to increase my training during the last half of the challenge, but was thwarted by illness and injury. In week four I was stuck in a guillotine that was uncomfortable but not painful, so I didn’t tap, but the next morning my neck was killing me. I kept thinking it would get better until I finally gave up a week later and got a massage. Then it felt heaps better and I felt like an idiot for waiting so long.

Diet-wise it could have been better too. Some new cookbooks arrived last week and I couldn’t resist trying out the recipes. But in general I’m very consistently eating lots of protein, getting lots of leafy greens in my diet, and I’ve reduced my non-vegetable carbs.

I’m not too fussed, since I’m taking a fairly long-term view on this. I’ll be surprised (and quite pleased!) if I’ve lost anything during this challenge, but in hindsight 6 weeks (most of which I was still injured) was probably a bit optimistic anyway.

My macronutrient breakdown is better than it was a month ago (though calorie-wise I’m still eating too much) and once I start training like I used to I’ll be back under 50kg.

Kalo is the only one who hasn’t given up on the Bodyfat Challenge, so he is quietly confident that he will be the winner.

Plans for the Final Week

There is still some pain with chin-ups, but I’ve started benching again. I started with a warm-up set at 20kg, then gradually went up, testing my chest strength and rotator cuff. I did

25kg x 8
30kg x 8
32.5kg x 5
35kg x 5

with no problems, so yay!

I’m going to keep my diet as-is and try to squeeze in a couple of extra workouts this week. I’m still shaking off a light cold so we’ll see how it goes. =)

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Bodyfat Challenge: Week Three

13 Jul

Oh man.

I fell off the wagon last week and actually gained weight. Cat gave us a bunch of cookies and snacks to take home after we helped them move – I knew it was a bad idea to accept them, because I’ve been snacking on them all week. My three main meals haven’t changed much, but the snacking is killing me. This is why I don’t buy processed snacks to keep at home – I don’t miss them if I don’t have them, but if I do have them then I eat them all at once.

Also I haven’t been given the all-clear by the physio like I expected. I’m OK to do BJJ but apparently I’m still a month away from doing upper-body weight training.

I was too ambitious with my exercise this week – I thought I’d be able to squeeze in a couple of extra BJJ sessions, but I’ve done two so far and been absolutely wrecked for days afterwards. I went on Monday night (got smashed by everyone!) – today is Wednesday and I’m shuffling around, putting on my clothes in tiny, painful movements, and just generally useless.

I’m a bit disappointed at how long it’s taking (not to mention how much my BJJ has slipped). It’s not like I was sedentary for the three months that I took off, but I guess it will take awhile before my body gets used to everything again.

So those are my possible reasons for gaining weight this week. It’s going to be super embarrassing at the end of my bodyfat challenge if I’m the only one who has actually gotten fatter!

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Freestyle Customs BJJ Children’s Gi

4 Jul

With the high AUD and my old gis looking a little worse for wear, I decided to splash out on a new gi. Being a small chick I get to buy children’s BJJ gis, which is sweet because they are cheaper than the adult ones.

Jess showed me the Freestyle Customs gis, which I thought looked pretty nice. And the children’s gis were only $75, score! (though shipping was $50, boo) This time though, I didn’t even buy the largest children’s gi.

M3 – Height 4’9″-5”, Weight 95-110lb (43-50kg)
M4 – Height 5′-5’3″, Weight 110-125lb (50-57kg)

My height (5’3″) and weight (110lb/50kg) fit into the M4, but in my (admittedly limited) experience, these things are always a bit generous. And since I have short legs I went for the M3. It was a bit of a leap of faith, so it was with some trepidation that I awaited the arrival of my gi.

Well I need not have worried. This thing is massive. I bet I could have fit into the M2 (Height 4’6″-4’9″, Weight 80-95lb (36-43kg)) except maybe the legs would have been too short.  The jacket is pretty baggy but the pants are perfect. I have to say, it freaks me out that there are children this size.

But anyway, onto the gi. My pimp black gi came with a pimp black gi bag.

I probably won’t use it, but it’s a nice touch, especially for a cheap $75 gi. My Koral cost more than that (though I bought it in Australia) and didn’t come with a cool bag.

This is the front view of the gi (you can see that Mouse decided to get in on a little of the photo action).  I like the reinforced knees – it makes me feel hardcore, instead of like someone who is always stuck on her back, trapped underneath other people.

Side view.

Back view. I like the Freestyle Customs logo – it looks radioactive! Though I’m not crazy about the placement on the back, since it’s going to get covered with my club patch anyway (and I really hope the patch is big enough to fully cover the logo, because otherwise it will look stupid). I don’t understand why manufacturers put their logo there – surely a huge proportion of the gi-buying public patches their gis?

Just the pants (my God, my head is huge).

Comparison with the Koral Light Children’s Gi

The gi is thicker than my Koral Light, which is to be expected. It doesn’t feel much  heavier though. Here is a comparison of the two thicknesses.

Collar (Koral is a bit frayed!)


Here are some crappy photos that give you a general indicator of how the sizing compares with my Koral. I lined everything up as much as I could, but you can see than the Freestyle is a much roomier cut.

And the pants.

I’m going to give it a vinegar bath and then run it through the washing machine. It’s already accumulated a bit of dust (and ambient fur from the cats), which really shows up against the black!

The pants are very comfortable on, but the jacket feels kind of bulky. It’s not too noticeable when belted up, but there really is a lot of excess material there. I’ll see how it feels when I roll, but I may have to investigate ways of shrinking it.

Bodyfat Challenge!

21 Jun

Some BJJ buddies and I are embarking on a 6 week challenge to cut some body fat. I don’t remember the specifics, but the person who cuts the most of their remaining bodyfat gets $25 from all of the losers. You can tell by my haphazard recollection of the challenge parameters that I’m not really expecting to win, but $25 is a small price to pay for 6 weeks of motivation. =)

We all got Lili from Absolute Mixed Martial Arts to test us with calipers, and I had a “before” photo taken. Ugh, moment of truth. This is what 3 months of slacking off will do:

Weight: 51.7kg
Bodyfat: 20.48%

I look really happy because Kalo said something that made me laugh (I can’t remember what though – I think he ordered me to stop sucking in my gut so the “after” photos would be more dramatic). He also took one where I was trying to look sad, but I looked weird, so I went with overly happy instead.

My diet these past few months has been relatively good, but I was less stringent than normal since I was only exercising 3x a week and I didn’t need to make weight for comps. It was a double whammy because I didn’t have those extra workouts to help soak up those extra calories. When I’m uninjured I sit around 50kg without much effort – as soon as I dropped back to just gym I shot up to 52kg and have hovered there ever since.

For about half of the Bodyfat Challenge I won’t be able to train upper body/BJJ so I’ll be doubly careful with what I eat, and I’ll add an extra session of yoga, and some HIIT sprints to help my cardio and give that fat-burning a kickstart.

I’ll post weekly updates on my exercise and diet progress, though I won’t know my body fat percentage until the end.

I’m sad to say goodbye to my frequent cheat meals, but I’m looking forward to getting back in shape!