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Squat, Squat, Squat

6 Jun

Squats are pretty much my main exercise right now. I can’t do any upper body stuff. I can do deadlifts, though I suck at them, but squats are my compound lift of choice.

A couple of weeks ago I got a lovely unintentional compliment from James. After he had his form corrected by Nic (he was hunching over a bit at the bottom), James was watching me squat, and he said “the way you squat is how I always imagined I looked when I squatted”.


I do a high bar squat, which I found out from Squat Guy at the gym (his name is Wei, but he will always be Squat Guy to me – when we finally got around to exchanging names, I found out that he’s always thought of me as Squat Girl).

Some casual research online indicates that you can move more weight with a low bar squat, though the photos of it look extremely uncomfortable to me.

There are some tweaks I want to make – I’m pretty sure that I lose my neutral spine slightly at the bottom of the squat. And when I fail a squat, instead of failing it normally, I come off my heels and actually pitch forward a bit. Actually, come to think of it, when I find the weight challenging I pitch forward a bit for front squats too. This is something I definitely want to fix.

I still hate front squats, though they have been strongly recommended since I eventually want to do cleans. Front squats hurt, and the bar leaves giant red welts where it rests on me. =( I think to an extent it’s inexperience with positioning the bar, since there are times when the bar hurts less (though it’s always uncomfortable). Daniel had a theory that guys have more muscle at the front of their chest to cushion the weight.

  • Front squats – 1x a week (max set: 55kg – any heavier than that and I have trouble keeping my forearms in the correct position)
  • Pistol squats – 2x a week (one doing 3×6 at 10kg, and one trying to increase the weight, currently 3×3 at 12kg)
  • Back squats – 1-2x a week (I got 70kg once with a tiny boost, but stuffed it up the following week. I’ve done 65kg as a 1RM for a couple of sessions now, so I might see if I can push it to 67.6kg without assistance)

I miss doing overhead squats. I was at a 30kg overhead squat when I stopped, and my goal was to get to 40kg. Apparently it’s a good exercise to do if you want to do snatches, but really I just loved overhead squats for themselves.

Before my rotator cuff is fixed, I’d like to get to a 72.5kg back squat, a 20kg pistol squat, and I’d like to be more confident with the bar positioning for front squats. Hooray for goals!