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Random Memory

23 May

I remember when James and I first started dating (almost 11 years ago – eek!) I was really nervous about introducing him to Marguerite, my best friend in high school. I really wanted her to like him, so I was a bit nervous about that first meeting.

The three of us were at a food court in Southbank and Margs had chocolate ice cream. I remember this very clearly, because:

James: (helpfully) You have some ice cream on the tip of your nose.
*horrible silence*
Margs: That’s my mole.

The silence after that was even more horrible because then there were three people sitting there awkwardly, which is worse than two people feeling awkward and one being oblivious. (A lot worse.)


17 Mar

Yesterday at Big W I bought a giant tennis ball. I can use it for my shoulder rehab since the 1kg medicine ball at the gym is too heavy.

The ball didn’t have a bar code so I had to sit down and wait for someone to come by with the right code. The cashier served other people, and I just sort of sat there and absent-mindedly tossed the ball around.

Old Guy: (to the male cashier) Is she playing with your ball?
Cashier: I wish!
*really, really awkward silence*
Casher: I mean, I wish I had a ball like that. I should go buy one for myself after work.