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Cat Life

17 May

A few weeks ago James and I were in bed with Kyoto was sitting at our feet. Then Mouse jumped up and started bothering Kyoto, so Kyoto got pissed and left and Mouse chased after him.

James: (sounding annoyed) Well now we have no cats

Also have a bonus selfie of James and Mouse.

Cat Musings From James

20 Sep

James: Would you go to a cat convention?
Me: What?! No! What would there even be at a cat convention?
James: Lots of things. New catnip technologies. New laser pointer technologies. Combination catnip and laser pointers. Information about cat food. Cat food trends, like raw meat in little boxes. See? There’s a lot of scope.
James: (still thinking) Scratching post trends …

Asian or Hispanic?

27 Jan

San Francisco has a much larger Hispanic population than Seattle (and Seattle in turn has more than Melbourne, where we have like, none). So to my chagrin, a lot of the time I have a hard time figuring out whether someone is Hispanic or Asian.

Not all Asians and Hispanics, obviously, but there is definitely an overlapping area where I can’t tell if people are Hispanic or maybe Filipino or half-Asian. Anyway, a couple of months ago I discovered that James has the same blind spot.

James: There’s a Chinese guy in my office who lives near us.
Me: Oh cool. What’s his name?
James: Rodrigo.

“Pretty Woman” According to James

23 Dec

Last night we were in the car and a song I recognised from the Pretty Woman soundtrack started playing. James said that he had seen the movie but I didn’t believe him and challenged him on his Pretty Woman knowledge.

Picture James starting off quite tentative, looking at me for confirmation because he wasn’t 100% sure he was on the right track. Then when I didn’t correct him he got more and more confident, finishing his last sentence loudly and victoriously.

James: She’s a hooker and he’s a rich guy. They fall in love for no reason and she goes shopping a lot. And the hotel staff are mean to her except one guy. Also the shop people. And she buys a lot of stuff and shows them her credit cards and is like “look at all this shit I bought! You fuckers!”

I hate it when James is right even when he’s bluffing like I’m pretty sure he is now. I still don’t think he’s watched Pretty Woman. I think he absorbed plot knowledge through pop culture.

Just So I Don’t Forget!

23 Jun

James was watching the new RoboCop the other night. Afterwards he was telling me about the movie and said:

James: You know, the real heroes were the software engineers who wrote the program that detected who the bad guys were. Even though RoboCop was the one shooting everyone, all the real work had already been done by then.

The more I smirked the more indignant he got.

I also remember aaaages ago when he finished watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes he was like:

James: (in a really thoughtful tone) That was a really inspiring monkey.

And every time I bring that up he’s always super defensive – “well he was an inspiring monkey!”

James has odd movie heroes.

Just A Boring Update

14 Nov

James picked up one of these when Amazon re-stocked on launch day:

image from Amazon

He even forked out for 1-day shipping so he could get it in time for the weekend. Until then he’ll be playing the new X-Com expansion. He plays in iron man mode where you can’t reload and always names his most promising female character after me – he gave me a medal to prevent me from panicking (“Kyoto’s Medal of Bravery”). He also gave himself a sniper medal (“Mouse’s Cross-Furs”), which totally makes me smirk cos it reminds me of his fake cat-themed golf game, Putt Putt Purr.

Also I’m conscious that I haven’t been doing a lot of blog updating! I’ve been writing a lot and also trying a lot of new recipes. Last night I made a salad with pomegranate seeds (de-seeding the pomegranate made me look like I’d been in a knife fight). This week I also marinated some pork shoulder to make lechon asado for a bastardised cuban sandwich.

(I took a bite before I remembered to take a photo) I had to juice so many frigging lemons, limes and oranges for the marinade that tomorrow I’m going to buy some more pork and re-use it. If there are no more blog updates I have died from salmonella.

Hmm, what else is new? I got my hair cut really short for the first time like … ever! Here is a quick photo I took in my bum clothes for Cat when she wanted to see my new hair – sorry about the crazy-eyes, I always feel awkward looking straight into the iPhone camera:

I think it will look super cute with winter scarves and now I don’t need to do plaited pigtails when I go snowboarding. 

Speaking of snowboarding, I’m optimistic that the Washington season will start before Thanksgiving. James has temporarily given up running so his knee will be in good shape, but that dedication is nothing compared to Mike, who traded in his car for a more snow-friendly model.

It feels like the year has gone by so fast. It’s been getting dark really early now – the sun sets at 4:30pm! We’re definitely getting into stew and soup weather. James has been working longer than usual hours in the ramp-up to Christmas. Oh, and he got promoted to team lead. =) He’s also been doing a lot of interview loops to try and get priority for international recruiting trips (goal: Australia!)

We’ve both been super busy and I’m sure it’s just going to get even more jam-packed when snowboard season starts. Who am I kidding – it’s going to start this weekend once the PS4 arrives. =)


The Fauxnut Strikes!

21 Oct

When we were in San Francisco there was a souvenir store at Pier 39 that sold magnets. James was mesmerized by the magnets that looked like realistic donuts.

They were some ridiculous price like $13 but he was so intrigued by them that we couldn’t not buy one – and then we spent like 5 minutes picking out the most realistic looking donut.

We called it a fauxnut (well I called it that and James marvelled at my cleverness). He kept it wrapped carefully in its packaging until someone brought donuts into work. FYI it’s the one in the middle.

And finally the fauxnut paid dividends. Two! Two people tried to cut into it with a knife!

It even looks realistic on the inside.

But anyway, having fulfilled its $13 gag the fauxnut now lives on the work fridge. I told James he should try again – maybe disguise the fauxnut with a cunning mustache.

As gags go it was fairly lame, but sometimes I think about the fauxnut and I just laugh and laugh.