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Overheard Conversations

10 Dec

Sometimes in the mornings I’m half-asleep but vaguely aware that James is getting ready for work. Apparently he and Kyoto have a ritual where Kyoto sits on the vanity while James shaves and … they talk to each other? One morning this is what I heard:

James: Do you love Kaye?
James: (in a “duh” voice) We all love Kaye.

I’m so pleased that they talk so kindly about me when they don’t know that I’m listening! ❤

(But also, James – why do you mock the cats for words that you make up for them??)

The Most Important Item In Your Home

30 Nov

I was going through some old Livejournal posts and came across this. I had totally forgotten this memory but I love it – it’s so James.

I was reading a magazine and it had this line:

“Aside from your TV remote, your cutlery is probably the most important item in your home.”

And I thought … bwah? Neither cutlery nor the TV remote even make it into my top 100 most important things. But I figured that maybe I was undervaluing cutlery (and TV remotes) so I asked James for a second opinion.

Me: Hey, what do you think is the most important item in our apartment?
James: (suspiciously) …… You?
Me: No seriously.
James: (hesitantly) ….. You?
Me: James!!
James: (more hesitantly) …. The washing machine? You always say that you love the washing machine.
Me: It’s not a trick question! I honestly want to know!
James: Oh. My computer then.

James Lays Down the Cold, Hard Truth

18 Oct

A couple of weeks ago I was lying in bed with Mouse on my lap. I lifted up his front half to admire his cuteness, and while I was doing so he reached out really slowly with one of his back feet until it rested on my bottom lip.

I was so shocked that I just stayed there, with Mouse and I staring at each other while I was holding his front paws and he had his back paw on my mouth.

Anyway, a little while after that I was talking to Mouse (with James in the room).

Me: Do you remember that time you put your poo-digging foot on my mouth?
James: (very gently) Kaye … they’re all poo-digging feet.

Wishful Thinking

11 Sep

We have a cat sitter who sends us updates and photos of the cats whenever we’re away. James calls them her “proof of life” photos.

This is one of our favourites from awhile back:

Anyway, James showed me a drawing he did of Mouse on the iPad:
IMG_0031Me: Is that your shitty version of proof of life?
James: (taking the picture proudly back to his parents) Kaye said it looks just like the photos we get from the cat sitter!

Cat Life

17 May

A few weeks ago James and I were in bed with Kyoto was sitting at our feet. Then Mouse jumped up and started bothering Kyoto, so Kyoto got pissed and left and Mouse chased after him.

James: (sounding annoyed) Well now we have no cats

Also have a bonus selfie of James and Mouse.

Cat Musings From James

20 Sep

James: Would you go to a cat convention?
Me: What?! No! What would there even be at a cat convention?
James: Lots of things. New catnip technologies. New laser pointer technologies. Combination catnip and laser pointers. Information about cat food. Cat food trends, like raw meat in little boxes. See? There’s a lot of scope.
James: (still thinking) Scratching post trends …

Asian or Hispanic?

27 Jan

San Francisco has a much larger Hispanic population than Seattle (and Seattle in turn has more than Melbourne, where we have like, none). So to my chagrin, a lot of the time I have a hard time figuring out whether someone is Hispanic or Asian.

Not all Asians and Hispanics, obviously, but there is definitely an overlapping area where I can’t tell if people are Hispanic or maybe Filipino or half-Asian. Anyway, a couple of months ago I discovered that James has the same blind spot.

James: There’s a Chinese guy in my office who lives near us.
Me: Oh cool. What’s his name?
James: Rodrigo.