The Pampered Googlehusband

13 Apr

So a couple of weeks ago there was a shooting at YouTube. Luckily James was evacuated really quickly. He said at the time he thought it was a fire drill and when he saw some people running he thought to himself “that’s pretty immature”. He only found out it was a shooting after he was evacuated – I think finding out he was safe before he knew he was in danger was pretty much the best situation possible (I guess aside from physically not being there that day)

When he went back to work a couple of days later, Google being Google, had brought in some therapy dogs. Apparently it was a big hall just full of dogs they could hang out with for a couple of hours.
IMG_20180406_153930James: There were a lot of dogs and people didn’t realise the nice corgi was at the back. But I got the inside info from Michael.

(Also isn’t that the sweetest mental image?? A hall full of dogs and this earnest little corgi at the back, too short to be seen).

James said there are lots of balloons as well. These ones were from Facebook:
IMG_20180406_121113Despite the FB and the Facebook-coloured balloons on the left, James didn’t realise who they were from. He thought the FB stood for “Feel Better”.

There was also this cool balloon unicorn:
IMG_20180413_083710Also one of James’ former colleagues designed this logo, which Google had printed onto t-shirts for the employees:
2018-04-13 (1)OMG OMG OMG. James just messaged me as I was writing this post and said there is a therapy pig at work today!!! He didn’t get to see it but this is a photo his coworker sent him:
1230209427592596360 (1)James said he saw his coworker in the hall and she said “look at this photo of Pickles the pig.” She also told him Pickles could play the piano but James was skeptical.

He said was too busy at the gym to go see Pickles. OMG James.

2 Responses to “The Pampered Googlehusband”

  1. David April 22, 2018 at 3:15 am #

    Hi, I’m an Australian, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and found your ultimate guide for Aussies relocating to Seattle extremely helpful when I relocated to Seattle a few years back.

    I’m currently up to the team matching stage in Google’s hiring process and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions (privately) about San Francisco and James’ experience working at Google Mountain View?

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