A List of Things That I (Currently) Covet

6 Mar

Lots of stuff to blog about but I’ve been sick. =( I had a mild cold for like .. 2 days and then bronchitis for 2 weeks afterwards. The ensuing bronchitis is always so much worse than the cold. /sigh

White Oak Chopping Board by Jacob May.

Super expensive but I love buying deluxe versions of things I use every day (like my Mud Australia plates!) I can’t decide between the medium ($400 – regular chopping board size) or going for the large ($500).


image from Jacob May

In general I’m thinking of upgrading some of my kitchen stuff – getting a new non-stick pan (my current one is missing a lot of teflon which I know is really bad), a new chef’s knife and paring knife, some new mixing bowls, and maybe a cast iron pan.

TSA Compliant Liquids Bag

On the less extravagant side of things, this re-usable liquids bag ($11.95) from The Clear Bag Store is a nice upgrade from the ziploc bags I normally use (but unfortunately out of stock).


image from The Clear Bag Store

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag in Rosa


image from Barneys

It doesn’t look like much but this bag looks really cute on. I already have a lot of bags so I don’t know if I could justify buying it for the price ($610).

Dariya Tshirt


image from Amour Vert

This tshirt from Amour Vert – it’s nice and simple but with some detail that sets it apart from the other plain tshirts in my wardrobe. There was another shirt on the website I liked but it was dry clean only so I slowly backed away.

CB2 A Frame Shelf

image from CB2

Shelves ($89.95) that double as art! I think maybe I’ll put these in the living room or possibly the TV/guest room.


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