Android Perks!

2 Apr

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile – James’ brother came to visit for a week and then we were in Mammoth for another week.

One of the nice perks of James working in Android is that he gets a lot of free stuff to play with. He has a Sonos, two Nexus tablets, two watches and a Nexus 5 phone. And today all the people in Android were given these:
2015-04-02From left to right: Nexus 6, a gamepad for the Nexus and a Nexus Player.

The best part (for me) is that he gets to keep his old Nexus 5 phone, so he just needs to change it from a developer phone to a normal one and then I get a free upgrade! I’m so sick of my iPhone – it sucks not knowing if a charge will last for 5 hours or for 30 minutes.

He’s been enjoying work a lot and apparently all his projects have been going well. So the swag is a cool perk on top of loving his job and getting to work on interesting stuff. Oh yeah, and he gets to go to New York at the end of this month. =)


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