Surfing in Santa Cruz

19 Mar

A few months back Luke came to visit his team in Mountain View and stayed with us over the weekend. We made the drive down to Santa Cruz so he and James could go surfing (I don’t like surfing so I jogged along the cliffs).

We had a fairly unmemorable breakfast at one of the diners in the area and then James and Luke rented surfing gear at the newbie surf beach.

Apparently the surf conditions weren’t very good but it was still a beautiful day. And you know, photos can be massaged a little.

Here they are waiting for a wave:

0147c0cae9106b430e5aa6aa9f00e132c11d523166And James coming to greet me after my jog:
01e9637a91d8b198a0442e887ad2b8ba0c21882b5eThen at the end of the day.
01dc2d1df2a53fa2f372487e1ec82e0330233f7af0After they got changed we checked out the boardwalk amusement park. James waited in line for 20 minutes for an elaborate potato twisty thing that you could put different seasonings on (it was delicious).

While he waited, Luke and I walked around and looked at the rides. I told Luke I’d go on one ride with him and he carefully gauged my reaction to all of them until he found the one I was the most terrified of:
IMG_20141019_160341I screamed my head off. Luke spent the whole ride laughing at me and showing off by like, lifting his arms in the air.

Afterwards we dropped Luke off at the airport and headed back home. I’m glad that he’s able to visit every few months for work. We are making new friends here but it’s always good seeing old ones. =)

2 Responses to “Surfing in Santa Cruz”

  1. abiotechieslife March 20, 2015 at 9:27 am #

    Just looking at the potato twisty makes me want to have one right now!

    • pamperedhousewife March 20, 2015 at 9:40 am #

      Awkward to eat (especially towards the middle) but so delicious! And big, so you feel like you’re getting value for money, even though you know you’ve just paid like … $5 for a potato.

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