House News!

19 Nov

Lots has been happening on the homebuying front. We’ve been emailing back and forth with our broker, bank and contractors and are finally set to close this Friday!

We won’t be able to move in immediately since we’re getting the floors refinished. They’re currently a dark walnut colour, and I have strong preferences for light wood floors. Plus it’s a north-facing house, so I feel like the dark floors swallow up what little light there is. If all goes well we’ll move in the 1st of December. I soooo can’t wait to get all our stuff back. James misses the TV and our mattress and I miss my Vitamix, our mattress and my ergonomic desk set-up. 3 months in corporate housing is nice but it’s also a really long time to not have roots. Seriously. It’s 1/4 of a year.

I’m looking forward to picking out paints but not looking forward to actually painting. I’ll probably live with paint swatches for way too long while I procrastinate. Luckily we already have most of the furniture we need and most of renovations we want to do aren’t time-sensitive.

The other big thing I want to change is the kitchen. The layout is fine but I basically don’t like anything else (wait no, the sink, tap and range are OK). Eventually want to get a new hood and vent it to outside, a new fridge and a new dishwasher. Also new cupboards. It’s not urgent though, so I’m going to live with the kitchen for awhile before deciding what changes I want to make. Once we’ve closed on the house I’ll have lots of photos so you can see what it looks like.

Now that we aren’t inspecting properties every weekend we’ve been busy meeting new people and catching up with old friends. Everyone lives so far apart though – I really miss having a friendship group where everyone lives within 30 minutes walk of each other. But I’m definitely not as homesick as I was before. I think it’s because I get to see how much James loves his new job and also we’re being more social.

Last Sunday we did an Escape the Room with Bo and Christine and a couple of friends of theirs, and the day before that we saw Interstellar with Elliot and Michelle and a friend of theirs. And the weekend before that we had dinner with James’ former coworker and his wife. This weekend we’re meeting up with some other Google employees and I’ve joined a couple of Meetup groups. Plus Mike is visiting family in the area over Thanksgiving and John is in Oakland for work early December. And Duncan and Buzz might be coming to visit in January. Busy busy!


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