Disaster at the Amazon Post Holiday Party!

19 Jan

Amazon doesn’t have a Christmas party because December is a really busy time, but in January they have a post holiday party. This year was our first one – we didn’t go last year because we were sick and James was so bummed because Imagine Dragons were playing. They also had casino games for charity and international buffets, so it sounded pretty cool.

This year’s party was held at the event center at CenturyLink Field. Each hall had different kinds of entertainment – pinball machines, foosball/air hockey/shuffleboard tables, dueling pianos, palm readers, karaoke, a band (Vampire Weekend), magicians, and a laser game (more on that later).

Here people were shooting marshmallows into buckets for charity – look at PeculiarPus finding love with a snowman!

It was surprisingly difficult. James was taking photos and captured my childlike glee.

There were also multiple stations where you could get food (unlimited) and drinks (2 per person). The food was varied and nothing really stood out as being particularly good or bad.

All of Seattle is football crazy at the moment, so of course they had 12th man cookies.

We also got to see an Amazon drone prototype.

We wandered around with friends for awhile and then we saw it: the laser game.

It was a corridor that you had to run through as fast as possible while avoiding the static green lasers. You pressed a big button at the start, then another one at the end when you finished to time how fast you went – every time you touched a laser it added 5 seconds to your time. You can’t see all the lasers in my photo but it was very intimidating standing at the start of the room (James said it was like being in a spy movie).

The fastest time was 1.62 seconds but most people were getting 15+ seconds with the occasional person getting 5 seconds. Mike went through and did this amazing flip in mid air that had everyone cheering! His time was something like 2.6 seconds.

The line wasn’t very long so you could go through multiple times and there was a big crowd of people watching. Here is James on his first run-through:

I failed pretty hard on my first go but on my second try managed to get 1.92 seconds!

I got too competitive and decided to go again. The second run looked a lot like the first (marginally slower – 2.3 seconds I think) but I cracked my chin on the concrete floor. =(

You can’t even tell the moment of impact in the video and I didn’t even notice except afterwards when randoms were coming up to congratulate me (James at the hospital later:  it was especially impressive because you went after a couple of really shit people) I realised that something warm and wet was dripping. I left this giant pool of blood on the ground so James, Mike and one of the staff took me to the first aid station.

James and Mike kept looking horrified, and eventually James took a photo to show me what they were seeing.

I have a second mouth!

James said it was even worse when the medics moved my chin cos it flapped open. There was a dull ache but it didn’t hurt that much. The first aid guys patched me up as best they could, took an accident report and called me a cab to go to the hospital (which took awhile because all the taxis kept rejecting them because they assumed we were drunk).

I figured we’d be waiting at the hospital all night (which was our experience at the Box Hill hospital when James had to get his appendix out) but it was actually really fast – we were in and out in under an hour.

They asked what happened, cleaned the wound, gave me a tetanus shot and stitched me up. Here I am hooked up to one of those machines you always see on TV.

Everyone at the hospital (Swedish in First Hill) was very nice. The doctor and nurses were friendly and joking around with me. One of the nurses let me check how the lines changed when I held my breath. =) They also gave me an ice pack for my knee. I was starting to ache and feeling pretty stupid at this point – I mean, I threw myself onto concrete for no real reason. That is not a smart thing to do.

But anyway, I got seven stitches and here is the final result (the doctor was very pleased with his work):

I have to get them taken out in 5 days. A friend said the hospital bill should be pretty cheap since we’ve already met our insurance deductible this year.

So yeah, that was the Amazon post holiday party. It was a bummer cos I couldn’t go snowboarding today (the Seahawks are playing for a place in the Superbowl so it would have been nice and empty at the snow).

Lying in bed last night I was feeling sore – my poor knee was super bruised – but popped a couple of ibuprofen and this morning I woke up feeling great. My chin doesn’t even hurt – I thought that when the adrenaline and painkillers wore off the stitches would be painful, but nope. So yeah, I have learned not to be competitive over stupid things. Actually I don’t even know if I’ve learned that; unless we get a massive hospital bill or the organisers got in trouble for my stupidity I’d say that the night was pretty fun. The cheering … the cheering!

(Also James took me to get consolation salmonella buns today)


4 Responses to “Disaster at the Amazon Post Holiday Party!”

  1. Rhonda McRae January 19, 2014 at 8:26 pm #

    Just found this blog and love reading through it. We are recent transplants to Seattle for my husband’s job at Amazon as well. Always fun to see how others are adjusting (it’s only been a few months for us and I feel like we are still adjusting to this new life). Yikes on the holiday party injury!

  2. Shiva January 20, 2014 at 10:28 pm #

    Hi, hope you feel better soon.

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