Various Tasty Treats for Christmas

23 Dec

We’re having a low-key Christmas this year – the original plan was to go snowboarding but it’s looking like conditions will be pretty crap, so it looks like we’ll be having a potluck dinner with friends. But a low-key Christmas doesn’t stop me from ordering some December-only food!

Virginia Ham

Chuck introduced us to Virginia ham last year and we love it! It’s so full of flavour and James keeps slicing and slicing but the ham never seems to get smaller.

We learned from last year’s Ham That Lasted A Thousand Years so we ordered a smaller, boneless one this year that takes up less room in the fridge. We’ve been enjoying many salty ham sandwiches.

James: (half-talking to himself) Kaye, you are worth more to me than all the hams in the world.


Christmas Desserts

I picked up some Christmas pudding from a fancy food store in Queen Anne. Apparently this is not a traditional Christmas dessert here, so you can’t buy them in Safeway like you can back home.

I also impulse bought some stollen (one loaf for us and one loaf for potluck). I prefer the Aldi one I used to buy in Melbourne, maybe because it had a stronger marzipan flavour.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Rachel’s Ginger Beer is one of the best things about living in Seattle. This is the only thing on my list that isn’t only for the holiday season – every month we go and re-fill our growler of ginger beer. I can’t remember how much the 64oz refills are … I think $21 or $23.

They have lots of amazing flavours like blood orange, hibiscus and white peach. My favourite is the original, though this month we got the new guava flavour which is also delicious – it’s like a slightly sweeter version of the regular ginger beer.

It’s the best drink I’ve ever hard – sharp, refreshing and with a definite ginger kick that sears your throat. Chuck also loves RGB and I told him that it actually ends up being pretty good value for us because a little goes a long way, but Chuck said he can’t stop at one and keeps drinking until the back of his throat is all raw.

I was a little bummed out because we hadn’t discovered RGB in time to show it to Cat, Scott, James’ parents and my parents when they visited. But also, it’s so good that maybe it’s for the best that they never tasted it because then they’d know what they were missing. They would know how empty their lives were.

So anyway, those are my little Christmas food indulgences. =) James has taken the rest of the year off (personal leave in the US is use it or lose it! Eek!) so we’re spending a lot of time bumming around and eating. We also went snowboarding on Saturday and are sooo sore. Mike isn’t sore at all! Why are James and I in so much pain?!


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