Happy Halloween: Pumpkin Picking and an Amazon Halloween Party!

31 Oct

A couple of weeks before Halloween we went to a pumpkin farm with some friends. Damo was visiting so we figured it would be a uniquely American experience for him.

We did the corn maze, which was quite muddy. There was a wooden bridge in the middle so you could try and get your bearings – here is a photo James took standing on the bridge looking out over rows and rows of corn.

There were different stations scattered around the corn maze and you had to solve a kiddy mystery based on the pictures. We all split up – which was a bad idea because at some point James went corn crazy.

We got this sweet sticker as a reward.

Everyone solved the mystery except James who, like I said, went corn crazy.

Afterwards we went to choose our pumpkins. I found this awesome one for James, which he rejected in favour of another pumpkin (FYI that pumpkin turned out to be rotten on the inside. What a noob).

I took the longest to choose mine because I wanted the “pumpkiniest pumpkin.” The others mocked me but admitted that mine was indeed the pumpkiniest. Here is everyone with their bounty. Look how proud James is of his stupid rotten pumpkin.

Before putting them in the car we had to give them a good scrub.

A plastic tarp for easy clean-up! It’s like the pumpkin version of Dexter’s murder room. Also note the drawing of Dewey on the whiteboard.

Speaking of Dewey, check out his Halloween costume this year!

He even had a little lollipop holster sewn on the back. =D

But anyway, it was our first time carving pumpkins and I think we did OK. We had to cut off the top, gut it, scrape the inside, then trace the stencil. As an Australian I always thought they just randomly carved – but stencils make more sense.

Damo used a Snoopy stencil on his:

James wanted to do Iron Man but his pumpkin wasn’t the right size so he used a cat/bat stencil instead:

I free handed it and did a pumpkin eating a smaller pumpkin:

Unfortunately our pumpkins lasted about a week before they got soft. James’ was gone even earlier – when I picked it up to throw out it basically disintegrated in my hands. =/

But anyway, today on actual Halloween the digital platform services people threw a party. There was food, beer, snacks, various Halloween decorations, including dry ice in the punch bowl. Spooky! This was definitely the scariest costume of the night:

When he walked his arms and legs were all jerky and legitimately terrifying – I’m sad I didn’t get a video of it. I was talking to his wife and apparently he wore it to their son’s Halloween party at school, and it was so creepy it made some of the parents angry!

Gilbert’s costume was cuter … that adorable triangle mouth!

You look at that box robot and just know he’s friendly. He’d fashioned it from a bunch of Amazon boxes. =D

Then when we got home I made James put the little Halloween hat on Mouse. Mouse did not like it.

He did not like it one bit. =(

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