The Crab Pot: Surprisingly Fun!

19 Sep

The Crab Pot
1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle

James and I saw The Crab Pot ages ago on Man vs Food and it looked totally fun but we never got around to trying it out. So when my parents came to visit it was the perfect excuse to go!

It was actually a little difficult to find the entrance. The signage is on Alaskan Way but the restaurant in the photo above isn’t actually The Crab Pot – confusing huh? There was a hall of shops to the right that we had to walk down and that’s where the actual entrance was.

I’d heard there could be a bit of a wait (they don’t take reservations) but we arrived around 6:15pm on a Friday night and were seated straight away. We left at around 7:45pm and there were a few people waiting but nothing crazy.

They gave us some sourdough to snack on while we waited for our crabs to arrive.

We ordered one of their seafests, which is apparently their specialty. We got The Alaskan ($38.95 per person) – king crab, dungeness crab, snow crab, shrimp in the shell, steamed clams, Pacific mussels, andouille sausage, corn on the cob & red potatoes in their jackets. Mum and dad aren’t big eaters so we ordered The Alaskan x 3 instead of 4.

Our bibs arrived, which was a cause for celebration. I found them very exciting, especially when combined with the mallets, but mum and dad were in no mood for my shenanigans.

The food arrived pretty dramatically: a waiter came with two giant bowls full of our seafests and upended them on the white paper on top of our tablecloth.

Soooo much food!

The king crab (the spiky one) was the clear table favourite. They were giant – way bigger than anything we ever had in Melbourne (which is part of the reason we wanted to take mum and dad here).

Also, Dad and James were much better at the mallet strategy than me and mum. They would tap the crab legs in strategic spots to reveal an impressively large chunk of crab. James vastly prefers the crabs here because they’re bigger and there’s more meat for the effort.

I had a lot of clams, shrimp and mussels because they were easier to eat, but the crabs were obviously the stars of the show. Corn and potatoes? Pft, we separated those off to the side. Actually I lie – I did have one corn and it was shit. We ended up (barely) polishing off the seafood, so we ordered the perfect amount!

Overall we had a lot of fun smashing the crab shells and James said he thinks the mallet method is superior to that crab cracker thing we normally use. It wasn’t super expensive – including a salad (which you can see in the earlier crabfest photo – ugh, the saddest looking salad in the world and not worth ordering), some drinks and the tip, it came to $180 which is pretty decent for a crab dinner.

Plus you get to do this:

We have a version where mum and dad were the two people, and mum barely cracked a smile. But check out how goddamn cheeky she looks as the crab! =P

So anyway, I’m not a seafood expert but I’ve read a lot of reviews that say there’s much better seafood in Seattle, which makes sense. But the crabs were sweet and succulent and nobody had any complaints (mum and dad aren’t shy about saying when they don’t think seafood is up to par). The Crab Pot isn’t fine dining by any stretch – I mean, you’re throwing your shells into a bowl on the ground – but it has a great gimmick and is a fun and tasty experience for when family comes to visit. And afterwards you get to stroll along the waterfront and look at the city lights and it’s all just super nice. =)

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9 Responses to “The Crab Pot: Surprisingly Fun!”

  1. Pradeep Rajkumar September 19, 2013 at 5:36 pm #

    Check out my crab masala recipe and its pretty easy to get from indian groceries whole ones and use the blender to make the spice and cook

    I am dying to eat ALASKAN crabs the big ones…!pollachi-crab-curry/ckje

  2. Pradeep Rajkumar September 19, 2013 at 5:37 pm #

    Pollachi Crab Curry
    Recipe Posted by: Pradeep on 12th May 2012
    Crab (Njandu)
    Bangalore tomatoes(ripe)
    Gingelly oil – 1 – 2 tbsp
    Thick coconut milk – 2 – 3 cups
    For grinding:-
    Curry Powder-4 table spoons
    Cumin seeds(Jeerakam)(powdered)
    Turmeric powder
    Poppy seeds(Khashakhasha)(powdereed)
    Curry leaves(powdered)
    Ginger paste
    Garlic paste
    Coconut paste
    Coriander powder
    Kashmiri chilly powder
    (preferably Everest)
    Onion paste
    Black Pepper(powdered)
    Black Salt – As reqd
    (Note use the ingredients according to the crab quantity)
    Grind together all ingredients in a mixer grinder(except tomatoes).
    Heat the gingelly oil in a pan or a kadai.
    Fry the curry leaves and the masala paste.
    Add tomatoes and fry, till it gets cooked.
    Add the cleaned crab and mix well with the masala.
    Add hot water and fry well.
    Add thick coconut milk and cook again.
    Cook, till it becomes dry.​
    :- Can be had dry or semi-dry.
    :- Serve with rice or bread.

  3. Pradeep Rajkumar September 20, 2013 at 8:30 pm #

    Kerala Beef curry..

    Beef – 1/2 kg, cut into small pieces
    For Masala
    Ginger – 1 tbsp
    Garlic – 10 cloves
    Pepper – 1/2 tsp
    Chili powder – 1/2 tbsp
    Coriander powder – 1 tbsp
    Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
    Fennel (perumjeerakam) -1/2 tsp
    Cardamom – 2
    Star anise (thakolam) – 1
    Cinnamon – 1 small piece
    Cloves – 2
    Onion – 2, sliced finely
    Ginger – 1 small piece
    Green chili – 2
    Curry leaves
    Coconut oil
    Grind together number 2 ingredients. Heat the oil in a pan/pressure cooker. Add number 3 ingredients and saute. When the onions become soft add ground masala & fry till the oil starts appearing. Add the beef and 1 cup of water. Cook the beef till it becomes tender and the gravy is thick.

  4. Shiva September 27, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

    Hi, we finally got our visa, still not in our hand but issued:) this visa process was a nightmare. Do you need anything from here? Please let me know if u want something,

    • pamperedhousewife September 27, 2013 at 6:33 pm #

      Congrats! Hopefully it’s smooth sailing from here. =)

      It’s so sweet of you to offer, but we’re stocked on Tim Tams and random Aussie goods, thanks!

      • Pradeep Rajkumar October 31, 2013 at 8:27 pm #

        Welcome back DOwn Under.. Melbourne…

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