Bay Area Holiday: Day 3 (Addis & Berkeley)

9 Aug

6100 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

In the morning we all helped with the post-party clean-up and James and I packed our clothes to move onto the next leg of our trip. We headed to Berkeley and stopped for some great Ethiopian food at Addis, which is a bit away from the main area.

I’m just going to say it now: Addis was the most unexpectedly good food we had while we were in the Bay Area. Not that everything else wasn’t great, but we had high expectations for them already. Addis was like “we’ll see how we go” and it was fantastic!

We doubled up on the combo platter (I think around $24 each) which were supposed to feed two each. When it came out, the food was freaking enormous.

Look at the size of it compared to Joel’s hands!

I can’t remember exactly what was there – there was yedoro wot (a chicken and hardboiled egg dish) and I think we also got yesega wot (spicy beef) and yesega alicha (less spicy beef), plus gomen (collared greens), yemeser wot (spicy lentils), alicha denich (carrots and potatoes), shiro wot (split peas), house-made cheese and a green salad.

Also some bread to eat it with.

Look at the texture! It was simultaneously flat and spongy, almost a bit like an airier un-sweet pancake.

I’ve never had Ethiopian food before so this was all a bit of an exciting mystery to me. We tore off bits of bread and used it to pinch off bits of meat from the communal platter. Everything was soooo good! OK I didn’t try the salad but everything else was good! We just kept pinching bits of meat and stuffing ourselves.

Nancy and I both really liked the cheese – it was a nice sour counterpoint to the meat. Surprisingly James was a big fan of the lentils (and you know it’s a big deal when James compliments lentils).

I reckon you easily go three to a platter – maybe even four if you’re light eaters. After we’d all desperately stuffed ourselves the plate still looked like it had hardly been touched:

James had what he termed a “taco hangover” so was unable to help his usual amount.

If you’re in the area I reckon Addis is definitely worth going to. I really need to stop blogging around lunchtime because looking at all that food is making me so wistful.

After we rolled ourselves out the door we had a poke around the Berkeley campus. American universities are so much more expensive than Aussie ones! There’s also a lot more school spirit – people actually walk around wearing their school logo. You can get bumper stickers, clothes, toys, flags, posters, etc. We went to the Berkeley store where Joel and Nancy picked out some gifts for Joel’s nieces and James got some pajama pants.

The Berkeley downtown area definitely had a hippie vibe to it – lots of record stores, used bookstores and headshops. Even the local Lululemon went tie-dye!

It was great seeing all these areas that we wouldn’t normally look at. After our wander around hippie Berkeley, we drove into San Francisco for our porn studio tour. Stay tuned!

Addis Ethiopian on Urbanspoon


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