An Eventful Weekend: Bite of Seattle and Go Karting

25 Jul

Last weekend we went to Bite of Seattle – this time we went with John and Ashley and two of their friends from Boston. We did the tasting plate again and all agreed it was awesome value. I did find this pretty tempting though:

Maybe I’ll see it at one of the other food festivals …

The tasting plate line was shorter this year because we went at 2pm. Here you can see them BBQing the brisket.

And the plate! Seriously, what great value for $10.

From the bottom and going anti-clockwise and ending in the middle:

Palace Kitchen
Slow cooked brisket, blueberry BBQ, sweet corn pudding and blueberry pickles

Local 360
Root beer glazed pork belly slider

Barbeque pork pastry

Salty’s on Alki
Shrimp cocktail with vegetable slaw

Roast eggplant, squash and tomatoes on crispy flatbread

Pinkabella Cupcakes
Root beer float cupcake

Din Tai Fung
Pork/vegetable wonton 

The brisket, pork bun, barbeque pork and wonton were pretty much the universal favourites. I don’t really like root beer so wasn’t a fan of the cupcake. Greg and Harin went on Friday and had bourbon peach pie – so jealous!

Afterwards we passed by the Science Diet stand where they were giving out pretty generous samples of pet food. And badges!

We headed to the craft beer hall where we sampled some beers and ciders. We found some hemp beer but it tasted just like any other beer. Then the beer made James hungry so he and John got some fried chicken from the Ezell’s food truck.

Then on Sunday we went Go Karting to celebrate Lachlan’s birthday. The guys were super competitive about it but I was happy just driving slowly around the course. Or maybe that’s what I tell myself because in the first race I came 2nd last and in the second race I came 3rd last.

Also my feet didn’t even reach the pedals so they gave me some foam cushions to push me forwards. =(

image stolen from Roula’s facebook

In the second race James hit the barrier and was pulled out for reckless driving. Though when he saw me type that he said “not reckless – just too fast for them to handle”.

They gave us lap by lap charts of our times and how we did relative to everyone else, which was pretty cool. After the race James looked at his printout and worked out that he’d been removed from the race for 43 seconds. He was obsessing over the statistics and said he felt robbed of a podium finish.

Then we went back to Lachlan and Roula’s place where Roula cooked everyone a giant feast and then we went home, exhausted from our busy weekend.

The next day James had bruises on his ribs from being thrown around his go kart. The same thing happened the last time he went go karting and I think he just drives really violently and that nobody else got bruises.

James: How would you know? You had a foam cushion.

Why you have to be like that, Jamesy? =(


2 Responses to “An Eventful Weekend: Bite of Seattle and Go Karting”

  1. Wen July 27, 2013 at 6:43 pm #

    ahaha…foam cushion!!! oh dear…I know what you mean;-( I mean are they serious?? We are AVERAGE height OK!;)

    • pamperedhousewife July 27, 2013 at 9:09 pm #

      I know, right??? Whenever I try to tell James that I’m average sized he’s like:

      James: What size clothes do you wear?
      Me: … Extra small. =(

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