A Mysterious Microsoft Box Appears! Dispenses Free Stuff!

18 May

This afternoon something weird appeared near Amazon.

James described it as a “free stuff dispenser”. It was at Harrison and Boren (one of the guys refused to use it on principle because it had displaced the Thai truck’s regular spot). You can see little squares on the front of the box and if you opened the doors there would be a random freebie inside.

I had an appointment and by the time I made it out there at 2:30pm it was gone (or else I was unco and couldn’t find it). Sadness!

James got a t-shirt advertising Bing jobs. Probably not really the sort of thing he can wear around the office. =P He likes to wear baggy t-shirts at home though.

AJ got a hoodie with the same logo so here is the back.

Chi Kai got a ping pong ball gun (he didn’t want it so James appropriated it for the cats) and some sort of torch/USB thingy.

The cats are quite fond of the ping pong balls – their favourite is the yellow one for some reason – but I’m scared we’re going to step on one of them in the middle of the night and die. The gun thingy is pretty lame – it’s maybe 5 times the effort of actually throwing the ball so I just chucked it out.

So yeah, that was the Microsoft free stuff dispenser. The loot wasn’t great, but it was so exciting when James was SMSing me with updates about what each person got. I’m a sucker for mysterious present-giving boxes!


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