Happy Hour at Elliott’s Oyster House

15 Mar

Elliott’s Oyster House
1201 Alaskan Way Pier 56, Seattle

I’ve been meaning to try Elliott’s Oyster House for months. They have a killer Happy Hour deal every weekday from 3-4pm where freshly shucked oysters are 75c each! It’s a progressive Happy Hour so from 4-5pm you pay $1.25 and 5-6pm you pay $1.75. James normally works weekdays but had this Friday off. 

75c oysters, yeeeaaaah!!

It was pretty busy when we got there at just past 3. There were a couple of large parties waiting for tables but couples could try their luck grabbing a seat at the bar. Luckily we snagged the last two bar stools. The view of the bar was pretty cool.

While we waited James ordered a martini ($6).

After maybe a 10-15 minute wait (understandable because everyone had ordered oysters) they arrived. People were getting their oysters in the order they sat down so we had a rough idea of when they would come.

And they were so worth the wait – they were huge. I’d expected 75c oysters to be tiny reject oysters but they were monster oysters – maybe twice the size I was expecting. I can’t remember what kind they were, just that they were from Washington (looking at the website now, I think they were the South Sound Kumamoto oysters). They were fresh, fat and juicy – I’m no oyster connoisseur but they were up there with the nicest oysters I’ve ever had. They were supposed to have a melon finish which honestly, I couldn’t detect. Oysters just kind of taste briny to me.

We got one lemon wedge (the people next to us got 3 so it seemed kind of arbitrary) and in the middle there was a weird tomato/hot pepper sorbet thing. James seemed to like it but I preferred mine plain.

You’re limited to a dozen oysters a person with a max of 3 dozen oysters per table but they have a bunch of other stuff on the menu like fried calamari (the people sitting next to us got it and it smelled really good), tequila lime mussels and fish tacos. I was sad that we didn’t get to try the other stuff on the menu but the oysters were the main reason we came.

We finished around 3:30 and there were lots of people waiting. We were the last to get there and the first to leave – not because we scarfed everything down, but because there were a lot of people who finished their oysters and then lingered over a $6 glass of wine, just dragging it out while people waited. Maybe it’s just me, but I reckon it’s kind of … dickishly oblivious to linger in a situation like that. There’s a limited window for dirt cheap oysters! It’s discount food or a leisurely dining experience, not both!

But anyway, rant over. =) It’s hard to be annoyed after such a great meal. I checked the menu and a dozen oysters normally costs $35. I reckon $70 for what we got would have been really overpriced but the bill was around $26 pre-tip which is crazy cheap.

If you get the chance during the week I’d highly recommend going – just make sure you get there early to guarantee a seat.

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