H is for Happy!

27 Feb

I’ve been healing quite well from my bulged disc. Last week the physio told me to engage my core (suck in my stomach) while I moved to take the stress off my lower back, which has worked wonders.

The physio was talking to a work placement student and said that patients like me are a mixed blessing. =D We actually do our rehab which gives them a good idea of whether the treatment is working (apparently they normally count on people doing just 30% of the exercises) but we can also hamper our own recovery by doing too much too soon.

At least I can still snowboard. I’m still at the stage where I’m improving each trip and I don’t want to give that up. Poor James is out for the season – his knees were getting more and more painful until he couldn’t go the whole day last time we went. He finally went to the doctor and it turns out he has bursitis and tendonitis. Also his patellar doesn’t track properly, which is commonly associated with poor leg strength, but the doctor prodded his legs and said that obviously wasn’t the case (James was quite proud when he told me that part).

Something else that the physio did was he taped my lower back to support my spine. It’s in the shape of an H. Earlier this evening James was looking at it.

James: It’s like you’re a superhero. What does the H stand for?
Me: Happy!
James: Oh. I thought it stood for H-Girl. (WTF?)
Me: Hey Jamesy, guess what?
James: What?
Me: *farts*
James: (quietly) The H stands for Horrible.


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