Mount Baker + Five Guys = Awesomest Day Ever!

27 Jan

Today we went to Mount Baker which is roughly 3 hours north of Seattle, near the Canadian border. We normally stick to the closer mountains so it was the first time any of us had been to Baker.

It was legendary!

Mount Baker gets more snow than the other mountains in Washington, and the terrain there was gorgeous. We got 10″ of snow today (on top of an existing base of 147-180″) so the ground was soooo soft – on some of the less-tracked areas it was like bouncing along on a cloud. Sometimes I would be on my edge and I couldn’t feel any friction on the ground and I couldn’t hear my board touching the snow. It felt like I was flying!

Although I was doing better than previous times, I also fell a lot more than usual because I was taking more risks and trying new things. But it was the perfect environment to do so – fluffy snow and hardly any people around!

Cos it’s so far from Seattle, while all the other mountains are packed on weekends, Baker is nearly empty. The only congested area was a narrow track coming off a popular lift and a popular attraction – a natural halfpipe. It was higher than the one at Stevens and much longer and really fun! I felt less pressure than I would have on the halfpipe at Stevens because it was 20x as long so I could play around a bit and not feel pressure to go all the way up the edges.

Have a picture of James with some pretty trees in the background.

James and I got a lot better at linking turns down steep blues and James did some jumps on the ground and more spinning on the ground. Here is a video I took of him going down one of the hills. Sorry, I was holding the phone vertically and you can hear me sniffling a bit. But you can also hear me snort at the end. =D

That actually was not one of his better hill descents but it’s the only one I have on video. You can see Ange and Mike behind him.

The only part I didn’t like was the area near the top of the mountain where my goggles had trouble seeing the ground. The same thing happened with Mike and Ange (but not James) and we basically couldn’t see what the snow looked like underneath us. Which made it really hard cos it was like “am I on a hill? Is there a sharp drop-off coming? Oh I just went over a bump and am now in the air!”

Oh yeah, another downside is that they closed at 3:30. =( I wanted to keep going forever!

But really that’s a teeny price to pay for really, really fun, forgiving snow! I’m still boggled over how empty Baker was – I bet if you go on weekdays it’s incredible.

Afterwards we had dinner at Five Guys. OMG what a perfect end to a fantastic day. James and I both ordered bacon cheeseburgers (double patties). There was a large selection of free toppings; I got mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup and mustard.

It looks gross and squishy but it was a good basic burger. It’s not one of those fancy gourmet burgers but it was juicy and tasty and really hit the spot. We also got a big serve of fries (it’s a large cup full of fries – they put it in a paper bag and according to Mike they always add an additional scoop to the bag).

They also had unlimited peanuts! Which is super weird right? There was just a huge box of peanuts by the door and everyone helped themselves.

Which I thought was weird and gimmicky but after dinner we stuffed ourselves with peanuts. The table behind us, a lady and her husband ordered one drink, one serve of chips, and then filled a huge paper bag with peanuts to take home! Sooo tight.

But that wasn’t the exciting part. And you guys know how much I love free shit (though evidently not as much as Tightarse Asian Lady With Lifetime Supply of Peanuts).  I was totally blown away by the soft drink machine! On the menu Five Guys advertised that they had unlimited refills and 100 different drinks available. And we were like buh? But around the corner was this machine:

Welcome to the future!

There was a touchscreen with a whole bunch of options, and then when you picked which brand you wanted there was another screen where you picked which flavour you wanted. 

There were heaps of flavours that we don’t get in Australia and I was so excited! Plus the unlimited drinks went really well with the unlimited salty peanuts.

Flavours I tried:

  • Cherry diet fanta (James’ favourite)
  • Grape diet fanta (tastes like grape hubba bubba)
  • Lime diet fanta (tastes really green)
  • Raspberry diet fanta (didn’t really taste like raspberries, but nice)
  • Strawberry diet fanta (my favourite – kind of like those super sweet Asian drinks)
  • Orange diet coke (surprisingly nice)
  • Peach Sprite Zero (smelled peachier than it tasted)

And that was how I ended the day – stuffed full of peanuts and exotic flavours of soft drink. James was less than supportive; he was all “I do want to get home eventually you know” but he kept eating the peanuts and trying the different flavours I brought to the table.

So yeah, today was crazy fun and I’m still super bouncy from our epic snowboarding day. Also maybe the caffeine.


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