Mounting Our Snowboards on the Wall

18 Jan

I had originally planned on storing our snowboards inside our couch but James’ board didn’t fit with the bindings (and I currently have like … a year’s worth of toilet paper in there instead). So we figured we’d mount them on the wall and fill up some blank wall space. James did some stuff with a pencil, measuring tape and spirit level, and voila!

It’s an awesome way to store your board if you’re low on storage. I got Burton ones cos they were the cheapest. I’m a little peeved that I bought them from the same online store and they sent me one set with a white logo and one set with a silver logo. =/

One of our friends pointed out that our light shines directly onto the boards so it actually looks like we deliberately lit them up. Completely unintentional though. Or maybe James did it on purpose – he can be crafty sometimes.

We also waxed our boards for the first time! It costs $15 per board at the store and apparently you’re supposed to wax every 3-4 trips. I figured that would add up pretty quickly and it’s supposed to be easy, so I bought a bunch of waxing equipment and we did it ourselves. Well we actually invited a bunch of friends over, ordered some pizza and had a waxing party. 

In other snowboarding news James wants me to mention that he went in the half pipe at Stevens. No jumps but he did go all the way to the lip which is what most people were doing, and he’s pretty pleased that he didn’t embarrass himself.

It hasn’t snowed for about a week, plus there’s some weird temperature inversion stuff going on, so our group is skipping Stevens this weekend. Last Sunday we were complaining about how icy the snow was and one of the Aussies pointed out that we’re all spoiled because it’s much better quality than we got back home. He was like “ice? This is luxury!

A couple of nights ago we went night snowboarding at Snoqualmie, which is closer to Seattle and much mellower – the blue we did was like a green at Stevens. I worked on linking my turns within a narrow corridor and getting more comfortable with speed and James tried to do 360 degree spins flat in the snow. I remember going by him a few times and thinking it was weird that he had fallen on such an easy blue but it was just cos he was trying to spin for fun.

I just want to get better at going down hills! Stupid James, skewing the bell curve. 


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