Omakase at Shiro’s

8 Jan

Shiro’s Sushi Restaurant
2401 2nd Avenue, Seattle

So James turned the big 3-0 this year and to celebrate we went to Shiro’s, which is supposed to have the best sushi in Seattle.

Shiro’s doesn’t take reservations for seating at the counter so we went over at 6pm to try our luck. They were full (there were only 12 or so seats at the counter), but took down our names for 7:30pm and gave us a call when they were ready. We could have gotten a regular table but we really had our hearts set on omakase.

The chef asked us if we had any dietary preferences, which we didn’t, but we told him that we were keen to try geoduck since we’d never had it before. While we waited James ordered some sake. We began with a sashimi platter.

Though in the back corner they had sea urchin! I don’t think I’ve ever had sea urchin before – it was very soft and surprisingly sweet. They had some on the counter, and I got James to take a photo for me.

Funnily enough as soon as he took the photo everyone else at the counter also whipped out their cameras. I guess they were just waiting for someone to make the first move!

The platter was the only thing we shared and the rest were given to us in individual serves. Next up was some Albacore tuna. They are different colours because the one on the right is from the belly and the one on the left is from the tail of the fish.

Then we had some snapper.

Then some salmon prepared two ways. The one on the left was done with some kind of oniony glaze and the one on the right had a squeeze of lemon. James and I both preferred the lemon.

We were really excited at getting to try geoduck because it’s supposed to be a delicacy in Asia. Unfortunately like many weird Asian delicacies it was thoroughly underwhelming. =( It was kind of crunchy in texture and didn’t have any noticeable taste.

The Spanish mackerel was James’ favourite dish of the night. The one on the left was torched with a blow gun and I think the one on the right some sort of citrus glaze.

This next photo is actually from the guy next to us because we’d gotten a bit overexcited and started eating before remembering to take a photo. The guy was from LA and said that when he comes to Seattle he always makes sure he has a meal at Shiro’s. But anyway it’s 3 different kinds of tuna. I remember one of them was a fatty tuna but looking at the picture I can’t remember which one was which. I think they also came from different places – like one of them was from the Pacific Northwest and I think one was from Japan.

We also had some scallops. They were very tender and sweet.

And some crabs from the PNW. These were OK but we both preferred the crabs we had at Luke and Madeline’s. I thought the seaweed overpowered the crabby flavour a bit. One was Dungeness crab and I think the other was king crab.

The sweet shrimp was amazing and succulent.

Next up was herring with some sort of citrusy glaze.

I had to bow out at this point so from here on out James was my proxy eater. I really should have stopped awhile ago but I was curious what else would come out! He was given some sort of deep fried shrimp. I had a nibble but the mouthful I got was pretty much fried shell.

Then James got to try some octopus. We’d actually been staring at a giant tentacle in front of us all night. This:

turned into this:

Much less freaky no?

Incidentally we were charged for 2 octopuses (octopi?) but only had one. I only realised when I was checking the bill just then but it’s hard to know at the time unless you write stuff down at the time – which in hindsight I wish I’d done because it would have made writing this post a lot easier!

Next up was a Shiro’s wrap hand roll with bits of crab inside. It’s a bit of a cheesy thing to have as part of an omakase meal but daaaamn it was tasty. James said that the chef described it as a sushi ice cream cone.

There was also some flounder (I was always quite excited when there was a new fish).

James also got some more geoduck and said it was just as unpleasant as the first batch.

The next dish consisted of two parts of the squid – the left one is from the legs and I can’t remember what the right one was. James preferred the legs; he said they were crunchy.

This was sea eel.

We finished the meal with an egg dessert. It was soft and sweet – almost custardy in taste.

Our chef was on the right and you can see Shiro on the left. You can see James and the guy that let us take a photo of his food next to him.

It was fun getting to taste a bunch of stuff that I hadn’t tried before – even though the geoduck was a crushing disappointment. Our chef was telling us about the provenence of the various fish but I was having a bit of trouble understanding his accent and also I forgot a lot of stuff. I remember a lot of it came from the PNW though! I most likely got some of the fish wrong because I had to piece stuff together from memory and the partially inaccurate receipt.

Shiro’s been our favourite meal in Seattle by far, although at $211.61 before tip it’s definitely a special occasion thing! But Shiro’s makes me excited to go to Vancouver because one of our friends was like “the best sushi in Seattle is like the worst sushi in Vancouver” (I’m assuming he means proper sushi places and not like … Sushi Sushi) and I would definitely be up for that.

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4 Responses to “Omakase at Shiro’s”

  1. Howie January 8, 2013 at 10:53 pm #

    Silvia is a huge fan of Sea Urchin!

    • pamperedhousewife January 9, 2013 at 8:20 am #

      It’s a bit of a scary colour! But so sweet and tasty. I don’t think I could eat a lot of it though – it seems pretty rich.


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