Our First Time Snowboarding!

9 Dec

Man I am exhausted. We had a huge weekend – on Saturday Chuck picked us up at 6:45am so we could get to Stevens Pass around 9am. Or that was supposed to be the plan – but because it was opening weekend and also because there had been like 30″ of snow there was a traffic jam going up the mountain and we only got there 2 hours later than expected. At least it was nice and scenic – I was freaking out over how pretty the snow was. I found out later from Mike that in his car AJ (another Aussie) was also going nuts and taking photos out the window.

We were directed into one of the overflow parking lots and had to wait in a long line for the shuttle bus.

The shuttle was really slow because it could only take a limited number of people and was also getting stuck in the traffic jam. One guy had a pickup truck and was piling 15 people at a time into the back and ferrying them up the mountain.

So it was a bit of an ordeal actually getting there. But OMG the snow was incredible. It looked solid but if you barely poked it with your finger it would disintegrate. Check out how powdery it was – and this was just the garbage snow near all the buildings.

(The snow only got into my pants because I’d forgotten to zip my jacket and pants together yet – more on that later!)

James and I did a snowboard class with some friends (Stevens Pass has a really great deal – $159 for 3 days of lessons, lift tickets and rentals) and then we went to try out the green run.

It was bloody terrifying. Well OK not as terrifying as the black run that I saw from a distance – that thing was near vertical! But I had always imagined that a green run would be mostly flat and it wasn’t.

Also the chairlift didn’t have a safety bar. It fit 3 people – I would not want to be the person in the middle. And then when we were about to land we realised that we had no idea how to get off the chairlift. So we tried to imitate the guys in front of us (who were of no use because they all fell over).

The instructor said that to force myself to turn I should reach one hand over to touch my opposite shoulder, which came in very handy except I kept forgetting which shoulder made me turn in which direction.

Although I was really intimidated by the green run I was glad we did it because it gave me an opportunity to put what I had learned into practice. James and I stacked a massive number of times but it was all part of the learning! There were definitely a couple of tumbles that could have been nasty if they hadn’t been into a cloud of snow.

A lot of the stuff I learned was very unintuitive (like keeping my weight off my back foot!) but I think I have an idea of how it works and feel that if I go another couple of times everything will make more sense.

Caroline said that she saw a girl wearing the same colours as me being all pro and was like “wow Kaye is a really fast learner!” If only.

James and I both had trouble controlling our speed, and because of the fluffy powder we developed a terrible habit of flinging ourselves into the snow to stop when we started going too fast. Since we stacked so many times (and I also got trapped in powder more than once) a 5-10 minute run turned into maybe 30 minutes. Luckily we had these sorts of views to entertain us.

I didn’t want to waste time going to the bathroom at Stevens (plus it’s awkward going into the stall in my bulky snow gear, unzipping my pants and jacket from each other and peeling my compression bottoms off) so I deliberately didn’t hydrate as much as I should have. Also because my compression gear was so good at wicking sweat away I never really felt like I was sweating. James had the same strategy and we both had huge dehydration headaches today.

James and I both brought fleece midlayers but ditched them at the start of the day because it wasn’t that cold – we were both very warm in just our base layers and shells. James told me that he was really jealous of my Ziptech jacket and pants because his jacket kept riding up when he fell over. And later on Elisha showed me how her back was all red from the snow that went up her top. So I am hugely pleased with my pants and jacket (both Volcom goretex from last season at around 60% off online) I hadn’t thought about my clothes all day, which obviously meant that they were doing their job.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed snowboarding given that I hated skiing (the boots hurt and I kept crossing my stupidly long skis). I’m itching to buy my own gear so that I don’t waste half an hour at the start of the day getting rental stuff. Ideally it would be better to wait until March for the sales but maybe it’s worth it buying at full price if I save a season’s worth of rental fees? We’ll see.

The guys are planning on going next weekend and I am super eager to try again!

2 Responses to “Our First Time Snowboarding!”

  1. Kaylene December 10, 2012 at 3:35 am #

    YAY!!!!!! YOU DID IT! Snowboarding is THE BEST!!!!!!!! I love it!! I love it more now because I have all of my own gear! So it’ll be really exciting when you get all your gear!!! =D Remember how you felt when you were carrying my board to the post office? LOL! =P You didn’t post any photos of yourselves!!

    Man… the mountains look SOOOO beautiful and so spacious, and the POWDERRRRRRRR, I’m so jealous!!!! It’s funny how you said that you had to force yourselves to fall down when you lost control, that’s EXACTLY what Julia (Ray’s friend) had to do too, but she was headed for a CLIFF, so that would’ve been SCARY!

    It’s scary that the chairlifts don’t have a safety bar!!!! Also, I hated the getting off bit for AGES, and I kept knocking everyone down with me, hahahahahaha!! I finally realised that I wasn’t bending my knees, and then it was all GOOD! =P~~~

    Anyway… you should definitely go again when you get the chance, cause I’ve never seen snow so beautiful before! =D

    PS. LOL at your video, so cute!

    • pamperedhousewife December 10, 2012 at 9:10 am #

      Yeah we have everything except our boots, boards and bindings! I’m looking at this board:


      I’m not too fussed about the bindings but I want to get really well-fitting boots so I’m comfortable.

      There was one photo of us but cos of the way my hood is sitting I look really hunched so I didn’t include it. You can see my ouftit in the video but not James’ so I’ll take another one next weekend if we go! =D

      And yeah I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was! It was really the perfect day to learn and I’m so glad we tried it out.

      How long did it take before you were linking turns? I want to go like … EVERY DAY until I start not sucking!

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