Gone Fishing!

4 Dec

Last weekend James and I went salmon fishing with some of the Amazon guys (plus one Microsofty). Our previous fishing experience has been limited to those fishing farms where they stock the lake with gullible fish so we were pretty excited to try real fishing.

First of all we had to buy fishing gear. James bought some waders (they didn’t have any even remotely my size, boo!), a fishing rod and reel plus our fishing licenses. But no big deal, we figured we would make that money back with our sweet, sweet salmon haul.

Chi Kai picked us up and we drove for 30-40 minutes to Carnation. The guys assembled their rods and scoped out the area.

It was really cold. I was wearing compression leggings under my pants and on top I had a singlet, long-sleeved shirt, hardfleece jacket plus another jacket and was on the cooler side of comfortable. Normally when we’re outside we’re walking or doing stuff, but fishing is just standing there so even though I initially thought it was overkill it was a good idea to go much warmer than I normally would have.

James was very pleased with his waders though. They were made from neoprene and he said in conjunction with his fleece pants they kept him very warm. And dry – he waded to almost waist-height in them.

Luke and I went on an expedition to the bridge where he said last time he was able to see a lot of fish. But on Sunday it was windy and the water was too choppy to see into.

The bridge was nice (although it swayed disturbingly in the wind). Luke seemed pessimistic about our fish chances because he hadn’t seen any salmon tail flaps or something along those lines.

Me: But Chi Kai told James that he had a good feeling about this trip!
Luke: Chi Kai says that every time.
Me: =(

We upped our salmon-catching chances by finding two worms on the way back.

But unfortunately it was for naught. The guys changed locations a few times because nobody was getting any bites.

This is James at what I think was the third or fourth location they tried. His fishing line was shorter than it should have been because he’d tangled it earlier and had to cut part of it off. So he wasn’t able to cast into the deeper water where he suspected the salmon were lurking. But he didn’t mind – he said he would only be sad if everyone but him caught a fish.

At one point James’ line got tangled with Chi Kai’s and James was like “I caught a Chi Kai!”

Here is Chi Kai patiently untangling their lines. But if I hadn’t told you that though you would totally have though he was about to spear a fish.

Also, James has a very weird casting action (or maybe he’s doing it right and I’m doing it wrong). We’re both right handed and when I cast the motion is similar to throwing a ball with my right hand. But when James casts the motion is similar to him backhanding someone with his left hand. He was complaining that his left arm was getting tired and I was like “what??!”

You can see it in this photo actually. Look, his right hand isn’t even touching the rod!

One of us is doing it very, very wrong. Possibly both of us.

Oh, and we saw an eagle, which was pretty cool. I got a blurry photo of it (it was really far away and really fast – we thought maybe it was scoping out salmon).

Although the most exciting part was actually when we were in the car at the start of the day waiting for Luke, because we saw a squirrel that was – wait for it – holding an acorn! I didn’t know that was actually a thing – I thought it was just in cartoons! Forget the eagle; squirrel holding an acorn was everything I had dreamed America would be.

But anyway, after a few hours of unsuccessful fishing the guys gave up. To add insult to injury I made them do a failure pose.

But here, I drew them a more successful alternate reality.

Well done guys!



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