Our Very First Thanksgiving

28 Nov

Last week Bo and Christine came to visit us in Seattle for Thanksgiving. It was great because the last time we saw them was last year (or was it earlier this year?) when they were in Melbourne.

James and I aren’t huge fans of turkey but we figured we’d give the traditional Thanksgiving meal a try, and if we didn’t like it we’d do something different next year. I bought a huge (14lb) heritage turkey from Whole Foods because if we were only going to do turkey for one year we should get the fancy kind! It was about $78 which is pretty good compared to the turkey prices back in Australia.

Our feast consisted of:

  • Turkey and gravy (Alton Brown’s recipes)
  • Stuffing (from Allrecipes)
  • Cranberry sauce (Trader Joe’s)
  • Green beans (steamed)
  • Dinner rolls (Safeway)
  • Mashed potatoes (from Allrecipes)
  • Caramel pecan pie (from Allrecipes)
  • Champagne

James watched a video on how to carve the turkey and did a pretty pro job. He even separated it into dark and light meat – how considerate! Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the whole turkey because there was a mild panic getting everything to the table.

Oh yeah, do you remember my table indecision from earlier this year? I ended up going with the Hiroshima table from Maruni, which arrived before Thanksgiving with 2 days to spare.

You can see that Kyoto has claimed the chair at the head of the table. The table is a good size for board games and easily sits 6. We could possibly stretch it to 8 but we won’t because we only have 6 plates. And come to think of it, 4 water glasses, 3 wine glasses and 2 champagne flutes. The flutes were an engagement gift from my cousins and Cat, and it broke my heart when they shattered. =(

But anyway, without too many problems (the biggest was that I forgot to turn the oven down after half an hour of roasting, but also we had trouble getting the probe thermometer in the correct spot) we all sat down to a nice Thanksgiving meal. =)

We didn’t get to do the TV thing where everyone says what they’re thankful for. James asked Bo about it but Bo said that people don’t actually do that. I think James was a little disappointed.

Despite the turkey setbacks it did turn out very moist. It wasn’t a bad effort for our first Thanksgiving! But James and I agreed that we’ll skip the turkey next year. Since we haven’t grown up with the tradition it seems a bit pointless to go to so much trouble for a meat that we don’t love. And since we got at 14lb bird we are both thoroughly turkeyed out with the leftovers!

Next year we have decided to order a ham, because Chuck introduced us to Virginia ham and it totally blew our minds. Although we might not even get to cook for Thanksgiving next year because we had like 3 or 4 invitations to different dinners this year that we couldn’t accept because we were hosting. It seems to be a very inclusive holiday.

And now we have Christmas to look forward to! I’ve ordered one of Chuck’s hams to arrive the week before and then I will be able to show you the majestic ham that you are unable to get in Australia. Like seriously, I researched it and I’m not even able to bring the ham when I come to visit! You guys will just have to come visit us for a taste of lifechanging ham. I can also cook a turkey if you’d prefer, but seriously you should go for the ham.


4 Responses to “Our Very First Thanksgiving”

  1. Kalo November 28, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    pls post 1kg of life changing ham to level 2, 31 Queen st… kthx

    • pamperedhousewife November 28, 2012 at 6:16 pm #

      I don’t think it’s postable either. =( Come visit Seattle and we can have ham and then more ham for dessert!

  2. Christine December 2, 2012 at 12:57 am #

    Thanks so much for hosting us! The meal was wonderful, still can’t believe you did all those on your own. Btw I did take a picture of the turkey (though not a very good one). Just tagged you on facebook 🙂

    • pamperedhousewife December 3, 2012 at 9:09 am #

      Haha awesome! And thanks for coming to visit us. =D Hopefully we can make it down to SF sometime in the near future!

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