I’m Kind of a Big Deal on the Internet

3 Oct

OK not really. But I had a happy, bizarre moment today where I was actually recognised from the blog! I follow a Seattle real estate blog called Urbnlivn and they advertised for a focus group about apartment living.

And I was all like … why I’m interested in apartment living! And I love surveys. I loooooove surveys.

Plus it didn’t hurt that it was a Tom Douglas (remember, he’s the Seattle Bill Granger) catered event and they gave everyone a $50 visa card for participating.

Why like eating food and buying things!

So I filled out their qualifying survey, shot them an email in case they needed an email RSVP, and the guy emailed me back saying that they definitely had a spot for me, and I remember thinking “coolio I must have gotten in early”.

Then tonight I toddled on over. The free food started at 6:00 and the survey questions at 6:30. I thought I’d arrive at 6:15, which would be the sweet spot between getting free food and not looking like I was too eager for free food. (For the record, dolmades, hand-made pita triangles, various dips – including a red pepper one I really liked – and chicken/dill skewers plus a figgy skewer). I totally wanted to take photos but I didn’t want to look like a weirdo blogger taking photos of food.

But. But!

It turns out that the guys from Red Propeller (the organisers of the evening) have read my blog! (Hello Red Propeller!) I’m not sure how they found it – possibly because of my Rollin St posts? I talked to an Asian chick who said that when she signed in they were like “pampered housewife?” and she was like “huh?” So yeah! Famous!

I actually do get a bunch of hits from people looking for information about the Amazon interview process. Including one guy who googled for “Amazon interview answers“. (For shame) I’ve also had a few Aussies contact me about living in Seattle – Amazon have been aggressively recruiting in Australia – so that’s pretty cool too.

But anyway the night was super fun! We all got to give our opinions about apartments (of which I have many). And it was interesting to hear what other people thought – for instance I don’t really care about stuff like parking cos we don’t have a car, but it’s important to other people. And I care about hardwood floors to the point that carpet anywhere is a dealbreaker, but other people strongly preferred carpet in the bedrooms. Oh, and it turned out that James and I aren’t the only ones bugged by the lack of ceiling lights!

So the first part of the evening we went through stuff that we liked and didn’t like in apartments and what we wanted in terms of amenities. Then we went into more detail about kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and bedrooms. And at the end we filled out a survey at the end that gave a ballpark figure for how much extra we’d pay for X feature. Which I thought was a really good idea because it’s easy to be all like “oh, it totally has to be Italian tile in the bathroom” but then when you think “would I actually pay more for this?” a lot of the time the answer is no. So it’s good that they have some way of calibrating my strong opinions with how much cash I’m willing to part with. Though it’s just hypothetical cash, which is a lot easier to spend than the real thing! Still, I tried to be as honest with myself as possible.

Some of the sample photos they showed us were of the Rollin St kitchens and my focus group did not like them! Which is funny because the kitchen is one of the main things that visitors to our place ooh and aah about. Though the ones they showed were the kitchens without islands, which are admittedly less impressive.

I’m interested in how the building turns out! A lot of apartments claim to be luxury apartments (and certainly charge rent like they are), but the only ones I’ve seen that actually felt high-end were Rollin St and The Olivian* so it will be nice to have some competition in case Rollin St decide to jack up our rent. =D

So anyway, that was my night. I warned James I wouldn’t be home so he stayed late at Amazon and it all worked out very well. And he was equally delighted that I’d been “recognised” from the blog. =) I have already decided to spend my $50 at Lululemon – I have my eye on the black swan cool racerback and also the black swan studio pant (and yes I realise that the total is significantly above $50, shoosh).


* In case anyone is interested, the reason is because those are the two that didn’t try to cram too much into the square footage. Maybe developers try to fit as many rooms as possible so people think it’s good value – then they add granite counters and brand name appliances and call themselves luxury apartments. But IMO what separates the really nice places (aside from a crapload of built-in storage) is not squeezing in that extra bedroom and bathroom.



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  1. Kalo October 3, 2012 at 9:31 pm #

    you are the most famous person i know

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