Introducing James’ Work Puppies!

30 Jul

James has a bunch of puppies that he hangs out with because Amazon lets employees bring their dogs to work. It’s nice cos he has some of the fun of dog ownership but none of the hassles like picking up their poop or walking them when you’re sick and it’s raining outside.

Dewey the Corgi

The other day James spilled some beer on the ground (apparently they have leftover beer from an office function and sometimes break it on on Friday afternoons). He went to get a towel but the others were like “don’t bother”, and Dewey came and started licking the carpet. He was so pathetic about it – smushing his face into the floor even after the beer was long gone. Here is Dewey looking guilty probably because he’s drinking beer while he should be at work.

Also his limbs are too short to scratch his face so when he is itchy he puts his face to the carpet and uses that to scratch . James said it’s not uncommon to see Dewey with his face on the ground slowly pushing himself around the room.

Annie the Poodle

Annie has her little fortress and pretty much stays there all day except when she goes out for walks and when she eats her cheeseburgers and mac and cheese. She is also not a big fan of Dewey. Apparently she Dewey comes up and bugs her and she growls at him. James says when she growls she sounds like a cat purring.

Also one time her owner forgot her leash so he had to go buy her a new one so he could take her for a walk at lunch. But Annie got really attached to her new leash and wouldn’t let him take it off when they got back.

Chip the Baby Lab

Chip is the newest addition to the team. James took a photo of him earlier today but it turned out blurry so he interrupted Chip during his nap to take a new one.

Not much is known about Chip yet. He’s not toilet trained and according to James “he has an embarrassing nappy”.

James always keeps me up to date on what the dogs are up to. =) Like the time that Dewey escaped his pen, made a break for it, and got on the elevator like people.

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