Bite of Seattle and Paddleboarding

27 Jul

Last Saturday James and I went to Bite of Seattle with Greg, Harin and Amelia. It was at Seattle Center which is within walking distance from all our apartments. It was a beautiful sunny day – pretty much perfect festival weather.

It was a huge food festival – there were live shows, giveaways (we scored some bags of cinnamon flavoured chips which were tasty but weird – they looked like chips but tasted like cake), and of course heaps of food. I was tempted by these fresh coconuts:

It was a serious smorgasboard of food. Everything you can think of – fried meat on sticks, coffee, slurpees, Thai, popcorn, burgers, Mexican, hot dogs, fairy floss – but we’d come here for The Alley; described as “tastes from both iconic Seattle restaurants and exciting up-and-comers” for just $10.

There was a long queue but it moved pretty fast.

Also I spotted someone handing out free lollipops. It turned out to be for Lytro, which is a camera where you can re-focus the shot after you’ve already taken the photo. I’m on the website. Well I’m actually on it twice because another Lytro person found me when I was halfway through my lollipop and took another photo.

We received a paper plate each, and went to each stall one by one to get our little food samples. This was the start of our food route, and apparently the guy in the hat is a famous Seattle chef called Tom Douglas. We’ve been to one of his restaurants (Serious Pie) which was very good, and from what I can tell he is to Seattle what Bill Granger is to Sydney. I actually have one of his books on my Amazon wishlist.

At the end of our food route this is what we ended up with:

Palace Kitchen
Flat iron steak with tomato salad and blueberry vinaigrette

Al Boccalino
Bruschetta con la Muffoletta with olive salsa

Belltown Pub
German bread dumplings (Semmelknoedel) with rye bread, parsley, onions and garlic

Mini salmon braut with fennel kraut and walla walla onion mustard served in a house made brioche bun

Fremont Fire Pit
Pulled pork sliders

Din Tai Fung
Taiwan’s famous hand-made steamed juicy pork dumplings filled with soup

PinkaBella Cupcakes
Mini strawberry cupcakes

Not bad for $10!

James’ favourite was the steak (they used a Tom Douglas rub for the steak which we’re picking up on our next grocery shop) and my favourite was probably a cross between the pork slider and the german dumpling.

We got an awesome table by a pool and had a lovely, relaxed lunch. Afterwards we tried to work it off by going paddleboarding at Lake Union. We’re fortunate enough to live within walking distance of the lake, so we went home and changed into more paddleboard-appropriate gear.

This is me mucking around in the fountains around the outside of the lake.

I’ve heard paddleboarding in the ocean can be quite challenging because of the waves, but it was really easy on the lake. We just kind of randomly paddled around and went along the edge to look at the houseboats. We also paddled past a bunch of baby ducks following their mum – d’awww!

We actually did fall in the lake a few times, but mainly because we were trying to be tricksy by making each other fall in. James and Greg tried to paddleboard in tandem, which did not work (though I have heard of people going paddleboarding with their dogs), and at the end we tried some one-legged paddleboarding (surprisingly difficult). With the heat and the wind we dried out pretty quickly though.

We spent a little under 2 hours on the water, which came to about $40 a couple. It was so much fun and a really great way to see the lake. Apparently you can go paddleboarding at the beach in Ballard and Greenlake and probably anywhere there’s water in Seattle.

I want to try paddleboarding on the beach to see how we deal with waves (probably quite poorly).


2 Responses to “Bite of Seattle and Paddleboarding”

  1. joanium July 29, 2012 at 5:22 am #

    I had fun playing with your photos on Lytro. Nifty technology.

    We went to Din Tai Fung in Sydney. Probably the best dumplings I’ve had a restaurant.

    • pamperedhousewife July 29, 2012 at 9:31 am #

      Yeah Greg was very taken with the cameras!

      Everyone told us to go to Din Tai Fung in Syd but they also said the wait was really long so we skipped it. I am full of regret.

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