It’s Crabby Time!

23 Jul

Last night we were invited to a get-together at James’ coworker’s new place. James’ team and Luke’s team work side by side, and Luke’s girlfriend works on the top secret Amazon floor that you can’t get to without special clearance. Oooh mysterious!

Anyway they went scuba diving for crabs that day and caught a bunch of Red Rock and Dungeness crabs that they boiled and served us for dinner.

The crabs were so much bigger than the ones we caught at Lake’s Entrance.

Luke’s fishing/crabbing license limits him to 10 crabs. They said they were 30-40 feet below the surface and basically had to chase crabs along the sea bed. The crabs would give them the side-eye when they got close, and would start to run away. Apparently there were only a couple of crabs who outran them. Luke captured and measured the crabs, and Madeline was in charge of holding the crab bag.

Here was their haul.

Into the pot of death! One pot was regular water and the other one was flavoured but I can’t remember what with. In the foreground there’s some garlic butter sauce.

Tada! Super fresh crab. It was soft and meaty and sweet and delicious and got me seriously thinking about getting certified to scuba dive!

Ignore the cherry, that was James mocking me because I added a lemon to my crab photo.

The Canadians brought some ketchup flavoured chips. Apparently these are really popular in Canada – one of the guys bought these on a visit back to Vancouver. They’re very sweet – pretty much like salt and vinegar but sweeter. And redder. Anyway, the Canadians seem very proud of them.

We also tried some Polish vodka (delicious!) and some jalapeno-infused tequila (also delicious!)

We’ve been flat out these past couple of weekends. A lot of the Amazon guys are new to the state as well so I think everyone makes a big effort to socialise. Unfortunately our dining table won’t arrive for another 14-18 weeks so it’ll be awhile before we can invite people over. I was thinking maybe an Aussie-themed sausage sizzle because there’s no way we can top freshly caught crabs.

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