Buying Art For Our New Apartment

13 Jul

I know I’m trying to keep our purchases lean and mean, but I can’t live without stuff on the walls. Unfortunately, an apartment with 11 foot ceilings means the walls are enormous. Even large prints look ridiculously tiny – I know this because I’ve been holding up (OK I’ve been getting James to hold up) appropriately sized pieces of cardboard to gauge size requirements.

AllPosters has a huge variety of prints in various sizes, all very reasonably priced and – best of all – you can get your selection framed and delivered. I definitely didn’t want to be lugging a giant poster around Seattle getting various framing quotes.

Anyway James and I decided on this giclée print in a black frame with polar white matting:

image from AllPosters

Apparently it’s a reproduction of a vintage Seattle travel poster. There were a bunch of Seattle posters, including one that advertised Lake Union, which is where we live, but ultimately we chose this one because it was Seattley (which will be nice and sentimental for when we return to Melbourne) but also monstery (which we can enjoy right now). Originally I was like “huh, Bigfoot?” but it turns out he lives in the Pacific Northwest, so there you go.

It was the second largest size (36 x 48 inches). I would have gone with the largest but AllPosters wouldn’t frame that one. I used a 25% off coupon code and 6% cashback from Fatwallet and including delivery it came to under $300, which I’m happy with for a print and frame that size.

That one was easy to buy because it was reasonably priced James and I (and incidentally, Cat) all liked it. Unfortunately the other piece I want is a bit more contentious. I want a commissioned clay portrait (of either me/James or the cats) in a way that I can’t properly explain. It’s like she gets the major details right but everything else bears little to no resemblance to the original, and that just makes me love it in a completely unironic way. The only thing stopping me is that I worry the portrait won’t be as glorious as I imagine.

James: (patting Kyoto) You’re the good one
Me: *indignant squawk*
James: (still patting Kyoto) You don’t demand any art


Whatever. It will be mine.


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