Getting Settled (Also How To Get a Great Discount on Roomba 770)

1 Jul

This is the wall between the kitchen and the bedroom. Mouse is quite partial to it.

He walked along the top of the sliding doors, panicked because he couldn’t find his way down, then howled and howled until I dragged the scratching post within jumping distance.

Also here is Kyoto with 2 days’ worth of packages. From memory they are fancy linen sheets, cleaning supplies, a steam mop, kitchen knife, dustpan and brush, modem and router, and a box from Comcast (which has a modem and router they weren’t supposed to send us and that we’ll now have to return on our own time grr).

We have an insane number of things coming in the next few days. Probably in the next few weeks. Buying everything is a fairly involved process, primarily because I feel the need to get the best possible deal on the best-reviewed item. Shopping is kind of my thing. So every purchase involves:

  1. A search on Amazon to find the most highly-reviewed items
  2. Sifting through the reviews to decide which item I’m getting
  3. A web search for the best price for that particular item (James assumed Amazon always had the cheapest price but he is WRONG)
  4. Checking the Bed, Bath and Beyond price because I have 20% off coupons (I started with one, but every time you buy something if you fill out an online survey about your shopping experience you get another 20% off coupon and I’ve been buying one thing at a time)
  5. If another store is cheaper, doing a search for online coupons
  6. Checking that they don’t charge sales tax to WA (a 9.5% difference in the price)
  7. Checking if I can get a cashback via Fatwallet

Sometimes it’s a bit silly – do I really need to find the BEST EVER dustpan and brush? (Yes I do) But other times it really pays off – like when I got $112+ off the price of a Roomba 770 (retail $499.95 plus sales tax – the cheapest I can find it is in the low $480s)A shopping noob like James would just buy it off Amazon and get his 10% staff discount (which has a ceiling and is also negated by the 9.5% tax). Here is what I did:

  • 15% off coupon code for new customers at HSN = $75
  • No sales tax from HSN = $40
  • Unfortunately had to pay shipping = +$15
  • Went through Fatwallet and got 3% cashback = $12ish

And that is how I got a new model Roomba for heaps less than everyone else is selling it for. I have high hopes that the cats will ride around on it like the cats on YouTube. I can imagine Kyoto sailing majestically around the apartment but in reality he’ll probably smack it lots then run away.


2 Responses to “Getting Settled (Also How To Get a Great Discount on Roomba 770)”

  1. Kalo July 3, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

    i want a roomba but Wen says it’s silly 😦

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