Dining Table Options

15 Jun

I am having first world dilemmas. I’ve wanted these Hans Wegner wishbone chairs for so long.

So when we came to the US, where the chairs are far cheaper, I knew I wanted to pick up a set as my “forever” dining chairs. We sat in them at the store, they were fine, and now I’m just waiting for them to go on sale. I know that the design stores have had them for up to 15% off, so I can wait until that comes along.

I’ve been hunting for a table to go with them. The Hans Wegner ones were like 4k+ and I didn’t love them nearly as much as I did the chairs so they were out. So here are the top contenders:

CB2 Dylan Dining Table ($999 + 9.5% tax = $1094)

image from CB2

From what I can tell from actual photos taken by customers the wood is slightly darker in these pictures than it is in real life. I love the sculptural side view of the table. And here is it lengthwise.

image from CB2

I’m worried that the table doesn’t match the Wegner chairs. Kieren pointed out that the table is quite industrial-looking with straight lines, whereas the Wegner chairs are whatever the opposite of industrial is, and curved.

I think maybe it’s a combination that could work – I mean, people possibly didn’t think Eames chairs and rustic farmhouse tables would work but now that combination is everywhere. But then I think that maybe I’m being blinded by my love of the table and the chairs since everyone I’ve polled doesn’t think the two would go together (though Cat is biased because she just hates the table).

Ikea Tranetorp Table ($339 + 9.5% tax = $371)

As far as I can tell this would work pretty well. It’s also oak so it should match the chairs (though maybe that’s too matchy-matchy). The main advantage of this table is that it’s cheap and it expands to fit extra people. Here it is in expanded form:

image from Ikea

Though I tend to wonder if we’d use it – we very rarely had people round for dinner (due to lack of space and many of our friends being allergic to cats). I do like having the option though.

The main con is that I don’t love the table. It’s everything I want on paper but it has that distinctive Ikea appearance which I’m trying to move away from (though our computer desks will be from Ikea – damn them and their super functional storage options).

Room & Board Ventura Extension Table ($1999 + 9.5% tax = $2189)

Like the Ikea table the Ventura expands to seat extra people. This is a photo of it in walnut with the extension:

image from Room & Board

Conveniently the chairs are Wishbone chairs (though in a yuckier wood that I don’t think works with the walnut) so I can get an idea of how they would look together. It basically seems to be a more expensive, aesthetically nicer alternative to the Ikea table (as is the DWR Bridge Extension table)

The Apartment

We move in on the 27th (possibly earlier if the tenant leaves sooner). Amazon are arranging for furniture rental until our sea shipment arrives. It’s due on July 7, though apparently it will be in customs for 5-10 business days so we’re expecting it towards the end of July.

We could choose what we wanted but we limited ourselves to a bed (and assorted sheets), 2 computer desks, 2 computer chairs, a nightstand and various lamps. (I know the lamps sound weird, but remember – no ceiling lights in the study and bedroom!)

I figured we could eat at our computer desks, and then we have space in the living area to store doubles towards the end of our rental when we buy our permanent furniture. Unfortunately that means you guys will be deprived of photos of our new place until I have everything prettily arranged. But this gives us some time to figure out what kind of furniture we want (and whether there will even be enough room for a big table).

I can’t wait to move to a place with hardwood floors (though I will miss the killer views at our current place).

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