Seattle, Here We Come

2 Apr

I’ve been posting even more infrequently than normal, but that’s because I’ve been sitting on some exciting news. As you can probably guess based on the title of this post, James has been offered a job with Amazon in Seattle.

image from Wikipedia

I had to hold off posting anything because James wanted to give notice to his boss before having the news out on the web. As with any small company, his leaving will create a hole that needs to be filled (and James is reasonably specialised so it might be a pain to replace him). But he has always wanted to work overseas, and he couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work on cutting edge stuff with some really smart people.

James gets a salary (the same as he’s earning here, though cost of living is lower in Seattle and he pays about $20,000 less tax), a signing bonus, stock options, health care, and potentially a performance bonus. To claim all of his allotted stock James needs to stay at Amazon for at least 4 years. To claim his full signing bonus he needs to stay there for 2 years. What he’s hoping though, is that he enjoys it so much that he could see himself staying there in the medium to long term.

It’s a bit scary leaving Australia – (almost) all of our friends are here, we love where we live, James has a secure, well-paying job with a great boss, and we have a really fantastic life. We’re leaving that to move to a country halfway across the world, to a state where we don’t know anyone. Plus I’m pretty iffy about the US economy and nervous at how rapidly Amazon has expanded. And what if he doesn’t like it? *bites nails* But I think if James hadn’t taken this opportunity he would always wonder what could have been. This is a big step for his career and we’re both really excited.

James will be working in the Kindle group and starts work on May 28.  Which doesn’t give us a lot of time to sell our apartment, the car, and various valuable household items. We’ve managed to give (or throw) away a bunch of stuff,  and we are determined to never accumulate so many possessions again. We’re not bringing a lot of stuff over (even though Amazon pays for it all) but since furniture is cheaper in the US we’ll just re-buy nice versions of things we need – and since it will be forever furniture, we’ll pay to ship them to Australia when we return.

Funnily enough, the one thing I can’t seem to find is a stylish couch set with storage underneath. We’re considering buying the Delta Storage from King Furniture and shipping that to the US.

image from King Furniture

Our friends own it in aqua and it’s awesome. I am supremely jealous. It’s comfortable, attractive, and has enough storage underneath to fit a lot of stuff. I also like that you can join them together to form a bed, which will be handy if people come to visit us (please come to visit us).

The relocation team are calling James tomorrow morning, and we’ll know more about what’s happening then. I’m also waiting on a couple of real estate agents to email me with their fees. Cat is coming by the weekend after next to take some stuff away, and we’re giving a bunch of furniture away to Duncan and Chris as well. Our place will be lovely and clutter-free soon. =)


2 Responses to “Seattle, Here We Come”

  1. Mahesh August 27, 2012 at 1:10 am #

    how nicely you have written the emotions.. !! well.. I have also cleared almost 8 rounds with amazon.. awaiting the last one.. and if i get in.. will also be moving out..! its a little pain to leave the place where you are comfortable.. but its always good to move on.. everyone needs change.. and i think its my turn as well…

    • pamperedhousewife August 27, 2012 at 9:29 am #

      Wow 8 rounds! It is definitely hard to leave all your friends, family, and everything that is familiar, but James enjoys his job so much that it has been worth it. Good luck with your final interview! =)

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